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Bandit Baby - S02 E06

Story 1 year ago

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“My son! Oh my son!” I kept calling out loudly as I began to cry.

There is a level of stress you undergo, then all of a sudden you begin feeling drowsy.

I found myself sitting on the floor with my back leaned on the wall.

That was where I slept.

I woke up to see series of missed calls from different people.

Undoubtedly, Enobong was among the callers.

Before the incident, I used to think that as a man – a husband, my wife can never be that stubborn.

I used to boast that I can never beg a woman and that I cannot take any form of shit from any woman, not even my wife.

‘Why should I cry over a woman when I can easily walk into the arms of another lovely woman who must have longed to get a man of her own?’

That is one of the many thoughts I used to have.

But when I was faced with the same issue I used to boast about, I found myself doing the opposite.

I had a friend, he was a barrister.

I would have reached out to him for counsel, but I forgot my phone during the encounter in the bush that night.

I last met him months ago in Port Harcourt.

Had it been he was a social media type, I would have searched him on Facebook, but he was not such.

There was no way to reach out to him.

Besides, traveling to Port Harcourt would have been effort in futility as he was making plans to travel to Abuja. His name was Ufot Etim.

‘Ezekiel you must do something. You cannot afford to lose your marriage. You must do the DNA test. That will be the last resort, after all, you are innocent.’ I muttered.

With that, I got up. Got dressed and went out.

I called Enobong to inform her that I was on my way to her place. She was at home.

“I was worried when you did not answer your calls. If I had known your house, I would have come,” she said immediately she saw me.

“I am fine. No, I am not fine. I am in trouble. How can I be fine?”

“And this is all my fault. I wish it didn’t have to end this way. I will never forgive myself if anything eventually happens to your marriage,” she added.

“Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen,” I assured both of us.

“So what are you going to do now?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I need sometimes to think. My wife left for Port Harcourt this morning with my son. According to her, the boy will be staying there with her brother for the time being until we sort things out. She will be back in three days.”

“I have a suggestion and decision”, she said.

That was strange.

“Suggestion and decision?” I asked.

“I am suggesting that you go for a DNA test. It will be cheaper if you do it now. But if you wait for court’s order, I am afraid it will be too expensive for the four of you. I know that will put an end to this rubbish. I will make the money available anytime you want. You did a very good job for us and only God will repay you bountifully. My children and I will forever be indebted to you. I shall recount our encounter to them. I will transfer to you 20% of every kobo that was given to us in the hospital. But I am the one to pay for the DNA test.”

She paused, looked straight into my eyes and walked to the other side of her sitting room.

“I have decided that you stop visiting us. We will be fine. I shall find their father someday.”

She tried to conceal her tears.

“This is difficult for me. But I cannot be the one to wreck your marriage. God knows I have never had any feelings for you, neither have I ever dreamed of having you. It is well. Let’s go our separate ways. You can return for samples from the kids. Send me your account details.”

She struggled with her tears.

“Please close the door on your way out.”

I left and returned to my house.

That evening, I called my wife and informed her that I was ready for the DNA test.

She told me she was coming back the following day and instructed that the samples will be taken when she is around.

I had no problems with that, after all, my hands were clean.

My wife arrived the following day.

Unmown to her, I had my own conditions.

After welcoming her, we had a short conversation.

“I am doing this because of our son. You have no idea how much it will cost me to run the test for the four of us. It is very expensive. I wish there could be another way to solve this.”

“There is no other way. I know you both have a lot of money. As we speak, there is a GoFundMe account opened for your triplets.”

“I don’t know about that. It is not true.”

“What is not true? Don’t provoke me ooo. Your new wife didn’t inform you?

It was shocked to hear that, but I pretended, because that was not my priority.

“I have my conditions. Number 1….”

“I don’t think you are in the position to give me conditions,” she interrupted. “We do it based on my rules. And let me remind you, should this divorce pull through, you know what you stand to lose. So if I were you, I would not even think of giving any condition.”

“Just listen to yourself. So are you doing all this because of what you perceive to get as your share? What do I even get? You can take them all. But listen to me. When it is proven that the kids are not mine, you shall regret this foolishness.”

“Call it whatever you want, I don’t care. But let the correct thing be done.”

“And your definition of “correct thing” is wasting over half a million on something that could be settled amicably? Is that your “correct thing?””

We began throwing words carelessly at each other and the whole day went like that.

That was the second day out of seven.

© Ezekiel Umoren


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