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Indeed the Wife of Li Sicheng

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Hearing that, Liu Changqing was not convinced. He took his hands off the desk but did not speak.

Su Qianci knew that there was no weight in what she said. If at the moment, Li Sicheng said that, then he must have nothing to say. Knocking on the table with a pen, Su Qianci sounded flat and looked calmly at him. The secretary came in and sent a glass of juice to Su Qianci, hearing what she had said. Dismissively pursing her lips, she quietly went out after putting down the juice.

The door was closed. The secretary quickly walked back to the secretaries’ office. When she saw that Cheng You was absent, she began to gossip, “She thought she is the female president after boss died. I saw her talking to Liu Changqing. ‘Not perfect yet’, please stop pretending!”

Another secretary looked at the computer and was doing a job for Cheng You. When she heard this, she looked up and pushed her glasses up. “No way, she really wants to take over the Li Group?”

“It looks like it. A lot of materials piled up, she looked convincing, but not sure what she actually knows.”

“It’s hard to say… Boss was so knowledgeable, there is no reason his wife knows nothing.”

“Tut. When the big Boss was alive, how many times had she been there? Every time she looked delicate, holding hands or hugging him. It’s like she was afraid that others didn’t know that they were on good terms. In addition, he was too proud to allow her to intervene in his own career.”

“Wow, this is too exciting. It won’t be that this woman deliberately killed boss just to get this company?”

“No, I think it’s impossible. He is her baby’s father. Her belly is so big for four months. It looks like five or six months for carrying twins!”

“It’s hard to say. I don’t think she looks like a newbie. Has she planned it for a long time?”

“No way. Her major is finance, and it’s normal!”

“Let me tell you…”

The huge knock on the door shocked everyone and they quickly stepped back to their seats.

With her face grim, Cheng You stood at the door and bristled. “You have plenty of time, right? That’s why you’re gossiping? It seems that there’s too little work!”

Everyone shrank and was afraid to speak. Cheng You assigned the work with anger and quickly left in high heels. The secretaries glanced at each other and spat out their tongues. Someone said, “I am going to see how well she is pretending.”

“Go, remember to come back to gossip!”


The secretary opened the door and went out. She ran into Liu Changqing who was walking out with his own development plan. The expression on his face was very serious. Liu Changqing didn’t realize that he was stared at. After he went back to his chair a few minutes and digested the words that Su Qianci had just said, he suddenly smiled. “Indeed the wife of Li Sicheng.”

The shareholders’ meeting began on time, and when Su Qianci came in, everyone had arrived. When they saw Su Qianci, many people felt bored. Li Jinnan came in behind Su Qianci. Looking at the shareholders around him, he raised an eyebrow.

“Mrs. Li, everyone has been waiting for a long time. You are too arrogant!”

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