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The Dragon Emperor from the Old Days

On the top floor of the library, Zhao Feng studied the secrets of Pure Yang Palace. This included the feats of Pure Yang Palace’s founding ancestor and other events in its development and history that very few people knew about.

The founding ancestor of Pure Yang Palace was a Third Heaven God Lord. Pure Yang Palace at the time was extremely prosperous, but it was on the decline now.

There were also detailed records on why Pure Yang Palace was in decline. It was because an enemy of the person who was the Pure Yang Palace Master at the time came to find him.

Zhao Feng studied every one of these incidents. Perhaps there were clues regarding the Heaven Mending Race concealed within.

Afterward, Zhao Feng studied the major incidents that had taken place around Pure Yang Palace through history, but he discovered nothing suspicious.

“Oh, right, that secret realm from before!” Zhao Feng suddenly recalled that reaction he obtained from the Primal Chaos energy in his God Altar when leaving the Celestial Garden. At that time, he happened to notice a nearby training dimension.

“Information on the training dimensions of Pure Yang Palace…” Zhao Feng quickly found the books containing this information and began to read through them.

Pure Yang Palace had thirteen training dimensions targeted at disciples of different levels. The primary goal of a training dimension was to hone disciples and increase their abilities.

“The Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension, one of the six secret dimensions left behind by Pure Yang Palace’s founding ancestor, targeted at disciples below the Ancient God level…” Zhao Feng quickly found the secret dimension that he saw before.

The Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension was for those below the Ancient God level. It wasn’t very dangerous, but it was recorded that several True God prodigies of Pure Yang Palace had died within.

The upper echelon investigated these incidents. There were many cases where the deaths were just from accidents or fighting, but there were also many cases where the cause was unknown.

Zhao Feng studied the information of all the other secret dimensions and confirmed that the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension was the most suspicious.

But Zhao Feng did not immediately draw his conclusions; he continued to study the information.

The next day, Zhao Feng decided to personally search the grounds of Pure Yang Palace for information. Zhao Feng even decided to question the disciples who had entered the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension before.

Because he was accompanied by the enforcers and elders of Pure Yang Palace, all the disciples answered his questions.

In the inner sect disciple region of Pure Yang Palace, a golden-robed elder saw Zhao Feng’s face. He immediately grimaced and tried to hide.

“How could it be him? And he’s together with the enforcers and elders of Pure Yang Palace!” The golden-robed elder was stunned, his expression rather dazed.

He couldn’t help but think back to his time in the Continent Zone. At the time, he was a dazzling existence, the strongest Demigod of the Continent Zone, Demigod Dragon Emperor. However, his title of strongest was snatched away by Zhao Feng, and the Grand Imperial Hall that he was part of him had its status shaken because of Zhao Feng’s Hall of Gods.

Upon reaching the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, True God Dragon Emperor wasted nearly ten years before finally getting in touch with his ancestor. He entered Pure Yang Palace, where, under the care of his ancestor, he diligently cultivated. He was currently a Rank Four True God.

He expected that Zhao Feng might be stronger than him right now, but he hadn’t expected for even the enforcers and elders of Pure Yang Palace to treat him with such reverence. Even if he used his relationship with his ancestor, he would be incapable of threatening Zhao Feng.

He was unwilling to accept this. That night, True God Dragon Emperor went to find his ancestor. This ancestor had significant status in Pure Yang Palace and was a Rank Eight Ancient God.

“Ancestor, do you remember the Zhao Feng that I mentioned to you before?” True God Dragon Emperor softly asked.

An elder with withered hair seated on a raised platform nodded his head but said nothing. He had heard Dragon Emperor talk about this before, but this was an enemy from the Continent Zone and was of little concern to him.

“I saw him just now in Pure Yang Palace, but he shouldn’t be a member of Pure Yang Palace, and he even seemed to have a good relationship with the enforcers and elders!” True God Dragon Emperor told everything.

“Enforcers and elders? Zhao Feng?” The elder opened his eyes, a hint of confusion on his face.

He recently heard that Pure Yang Palace had received an honored guest called Zhao Wang. Today, he had also seen Zhao Wang.

But his grandson was saying that the person with enforcers and elders was called Zhao Feng. And the mention of Zhao Feng caused the elder to think back to the recent rumors about the Ninth God Eye, Zhao Feng!

“You say that the person with the enforcers and elders today was called Zhao Feng?” The elder suddenly stood up, his eyes flashing with sharp light.

Someone so young with a God Lord cultivation and extraordinary strength was truly very shocking. Even in a Sacred Land, this was a rare sight.

“I can’t be wrong. Although his appearance has changed a little from before, he’s definitely Zhao Feng!” True God Dragon Emperor firmly declared.

Even if he failed to recognize Zhao Feng, he could never fail to recognize that thieving cat at Zhao Feng’s side. True God Dragon Emperor had recently heard that there was a very special cat around Pure Yang Palace, but he never had a chance to see it, so he paid it no attention.

“Starting from now, you must not bring this matter up with anyone!” the elder sternly said.

“Why?” True God Dragon Emperor was rather confused. Was Zhao Feng’s status so unusual that not even his ancestor dared to offend him?

“I have to make a personal trip to the Golden Dragon Sacred Land to inform it of this matter!” A hint of greed appeared in the elder’s eyes.

Even if he told this matter to the Pure Yang Palace Master, Pure Yang Palace would still be incapable of dealing with Zhao Feng. The Pure Yang Palace Master would definitely tell the Sacred Land of this news, and when the time came, it would be the Pure Yang Palace Master that was rewarded by the Sacred Land.

If he personally delivered this information to the Golden Dragon Sacred Land, once the Ninth God Eye was captured, he would be the greatest beneficiary, perhaps even getting a chance to join the Golden Dragon Sacred Land.

“Golden Dragon Sacred Land!?” True God Dragon Emperor was stunned.

Sacred Lands stood at the precipice of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, occupying transcendent and unreachable positions. From his ancestor’s words, it seemed like Zhao Feng had some connection with the Sacred Land.

“Just stay in my residence and cultivate in seclusion. Without my permission, you are not allowed to go out!” The elder with withered hair ordered before vanishing.

True God Dragon Emperor had recognized Zhao Feng, so Zhao Feng would definitely recognize True God Dragon Emperor as well. Thus, he had Dragon Emperor remain inside so that Zhao Feng wouldn’t be alarmed and take flight.

Based on what he knew, Zhao Feng would stay in Pure Yang Palace for some time, so he needed to deliver this news as quickly as possible.

After spending a few days in Pure Yang Palace, Zhao Feng went to find the Pure Yang Palace Master.

You want to take a look around the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension?” The Pure Yang Palace Master was extremely confused.

The Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension was a training secret dimension for disciples of Pure Yang Palace beneath the Ancient God level. No outsiders had been inside before.

Was the matter that Zhao Feng was investigating related to the disciples of Pure Yang Palace? Although he was confused, the Pure Yang Palace Master decided that he would open the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension for Zhao Feng.

After all, Zhao Feng had given him a rather good impression and helped out Pure Yang Palace twice. And the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension was merely a training dimension for True God disciples and wasn’t that valuable to Pure Yang Palace.

Later that day, the Pure Yang Palace Master gathered the other two God Lords and went to the entrance of the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Spatial ripples appeared on the surface of that gloomy dimension.

“Soon!” the Pure Yang Palace Master called out.

Because this was not the time when it was normally opened, there was a great deal of resistance, but nothing unmanageable.

But at this moment, the God Lords suddenly sensed something.

“God Lords are approaching Pure Yang Palace – quite a few of them!” Ao Hongguang grimaced and looked to the east. Outside the boundary of Pure Yang Palace:

“Haha, Pure Yang Palace ends today!” The bull-horned elder heartily laughed.

“Strike!” God Lord Cloudmoon was getting impatient and immediately cried out.


Clouds surged, winds roared, and all of Pure Yang Palace trembled.

The bull-horned elder, God Lord Cloudmoon, and the two other God Lords attacked in unison. Chaotic Divine Power attacks descended upon Pure Yang Palace’s boundary domain.

A few moments later, the domain shattered. The four God Lords led several dozen Ancient Gods charging into Pure Yang Palace.

When they entered Pure Yang Palace, they discovered that the God Lords of Pure Yang Palace were in the middle of opening the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension.

“Shadowstream Peak!” Ao Hongguang gnashed his teeth in anger.

He was now sure that the two God Lords who had ambushed him were from Shadowstream Peak.

“Shadowstream Peak, you’ve gotten quite bold to dare intrude on my Pure Yang Palace!” The Pure Yang Palace Master grimaced as he bellowed.

But the three Shadowstream Peak God Lords were frozen to the spot in shock.

“You… actually know about the secret of the Heaven Mending Race?” The bull-horned elder was flabbergasted.

He was just about to deride Pure Yang Palace as incompetent, sitting on top of the Heaven Mending Race’s treasures while knowing nothing about it. One had to realize that the Heaven Mending Race was the 6th ranked mythical race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Its treasures were undoubtedly extraordinary, and obtaining them would allow an entire faction to rise to a whole new level.

Of course, he had only recently learned of this news. Thus, he made secret plans to attack and occupy Pure Yang Palace. Although the destruction of a five-star faction would draw the ire of the Golden Dragon Sacred Land, once Shadowstream Peak obtained the treasures of the Heaven Mending Race, its strength would soar, making up for the losses that came with the destruction of Pure Yang Palace. At that point, the Golden Dragon Sacred Land would have no objections.

But he hadn’t expected that the moment he arrived at Pure Yang Palace, its God Lords were in the middle of opening the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension.

“Heaven Mending Race? What do you mean?” The three God Lords of Pure Yang Palace were utterly baffled.

It seems like the secret of the Heaven Mending Race is indeed in the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension! Zhao Feng’s eyes dimmed.

The intrusion of the Shadowstream Peak experts had upset the peaceful situation, but Zhao Feng was now completely sure that the Heaven Mending Race’s secrets were inside the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension.

And he was determined to get them.

“Don’t even think about it!” The bull-horned elder charged forward to stop the opening.

God Lord Cloudmoon saw the expression on the bull-horned elder’s face, put it together with his words from just now, and basically understood what was going on. The key to obtaining the Heaven Mending Race’s treasures lay in opening this secret dimension.

“Fight!” The Pure Yang Palace Master gave up on opening the secret dimension and prepared for battle.

But at this moment, Zhao Feng charged forward.


A robe emerged over his body, shrouded in a mysterious silver glow. Spacetime Law energy surged forward into the half-open passage into the secret dimension.

“Brother Zhao, what are you doing?” The Pure Yang Palace Master was stunned.


The passage instantly widened, upon which Zhao Feng, wearing the Spacetime Robe, charged inside.

Although Pure Yang Palace was in danger, Shadowstream Peak already knew that the secret of the Heaven Mending Race was here. Once this matter got out, Pure Yang Palace would probably no longer be willing to open the secret dimension for Zhao Feng. The situation would get even more complicated, and Pure Yang Palace might even become his enemy.

It was far better to use this chance to rush inside, take the secrets of the Heaven Mending Race hidden within, and then leave. After all, Pure Yang Palace had treated him rather well, and Zhao Feng had used Pure Yang Palace to find what he was seeking. This method was the simplest and most direct, and it avoided making an enemy of the God Lords of Pure Yang Palace.

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