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Pure Yang Palace’s Secret

“Palace Master, it’s that cat again….” The elder had a rather unsightly grimace.

The word “cat” had the Pure Yang Palace Master seething with rage, and he immediately got to his feet.

“Palace Master, what’s all this about a cat?” Zhao Feng was now sure that the cat of Pure Yang Palace was the little thieving cat.

“One year ago, a cat of unknown origins arrived. It was rather strange, just wandering around the place. Pure Yang Palace didn’t care about it at first, never expecting that it would sneak into the Celestial Garden and eat quite a few our precious plants!” The Pure Yang Palace Master gave a summary of what had happened.

In truth, when Pure Yang Palace first noticed how unusual this cat was, they tried to capture it, but they had repeatedly failed. As for the Celestial Garden, that was an independent dimension where Pure Yang Palace grew various precious plants. Later on, that thieving cat snuck in and ate quite a few of these plants.

“Palace Master, that cat snuck into the Celestial Garden again!” The elder who had just entered once more spoke.

“Palace Master, this cat is too cunning. It’s simply impossible to capture it. We should either kill it or drive it away so it doesn’t come back!” Ao Hongguang had some understanding of this problem and advised.

“Go!” The Pure Yang Palace Master’s eyes burst with red light as he charged out.

The group soon arrived at the Celestial Garden.

This was a wondrous land brimming with Yuan Qi, and many priceless herbs and plants had been planted here.

Once the God Lords and Ancient Gods entered the garden and sent out their Divine Senses, they soon spotted a silver- gray cat embracing a red crystalline fruit and taking large bites out of it.

Little thieving cat! Zhao Feng faintly smiled. The cat that was helping itself to the delicacies of the Celestial Garden was none other than the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat had gotten a little larger. After getting separated from Zhao Feng, it had probably brought disaster on quite a few people.

“That’s… the Heavenfire True Yang Fruit! A single fruit only ripens every one million years!” The Pure Yang Palace Master spotted the fruit in the hands of the cat and stomped on the ground in fury.


The three God Lords tried to surround the thieving cat from three sides.

But the three God Lords were noticed by the little thieving cat before they could even get close. It swallowed the remainder of the fruit and fled into the distance as a silver streak of light.

“After it!” The three God Lords refused to give up.

Although the little thieving cat was much faster than the three God Lords, if they converged on it from multiple directions, and given that this dimension wasn’t that big, the little thieving cat wouldn’t be able to avoid them forever.

But in a direct battle, the little thieving cat didn’t fear even a First Heaven God Lord.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The little thieving cat extended its claws. Mysterious characters began to flow across them, and white frost slowly began to congeal.

The little thieving cat suddenly appeared next to Ao Hongguang and lashed out with its claws.

“Careful! That’s the power of the Icedeep Race!” The Pure Yang Palace Master cautioned.

They had briefly clashed with the thieving cat before and had some understanding of its abilities.

“Hmph!” Ao Hongguang coldly snorted, and his entire body erupted with fierce red flames as he threw a punch.

Boom! Hissss!

In this clash, it was actually the little thieving cat’s Icedeep Race power that was stronger. That frigid energy was constantly assailing the Yang Fire, even directly freezing some of it.

But at this moment, the other two God Lords approached the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat left a blur behind as it vanished.

“Alas, you’re wounded, or else you might have been able to keep that thieving cat busy for a while longer!” The Pure Yang Palace Master sighed.

Ao Hongguang had just returned and had yet to recover from his injuries.

“Junior Brother, you seem to be injured as well?” Ao Hongguang turned to the middle-aged man, who was the third God Lord of Pure Yang Palace.

“There are things that you don’t know. Not long ago, I was ambushed as well. Fortunately, I noticed beforehand, so I was able to escape with his life!” The middle-aged man resentfully spat.

His injuries were actually more serious, such that even after such a long time, he had still not completely recovered.

Could it be Shadowstream Peak? Ao Hongguang inwardly speculated.

Shadowstream Peak was also a five-star faction of the Tongtai Zone, and it had never been on good terms with Pure Yang Palace.

“Kill it!” the Pure Yang Palace Master angrily grunted.

The other two God Lords of Pure Yang Palace had been ambushed, which had already left the Pure Yang Palace Master fuming. And now, this thieving cat was testing the limits of his patience. At this moment, the Pure Yang Palace Master had completely given up on capturing the thieving cat and decided to just kill it.


The three God Lords charged right at the thieving cat. Meooow!

The little thieving cat looked at the three God Lords and then made an obscene gesture. This infuriated the three God Lords of Pure Yang Palace even more.


The little thieving cat vanished in a streak of light.

“How did this thieving cat suddenly get faster!?” The Pure Yang Palace Master was startled.

The thieving cat had gotten much faster than before.

After chasing it for half a day, the three God Lords only managed to keep up with the cat, but they failed to injure it. The Celestial Garden, on the other hand, was devastated.

Of course, the three God Lords had done their utmost to reduce this damage, but the little thieving cat had intentionally fled to the ground, leaving them with no other option.

“Everyone, why don’t you let me deal with this thieving cat?” At this time, the distant Zhao Feng finally spoke.

“Brother Zhao, how could we ask this of you?” The Pure Yang Palace Master dryly laughed, his face instantly turning red.

A mighty five-star faction had been lowered to this level by a single cat, and they had made themselves a laughingstock in front of Zhao Feng.

“I’m a beast tamer, so I happen to be an expert at dealing with little rascals like this!” Zhao Feng added.

If the Pure Yang Palace Master still didn’t agree after hearing this, then he was being rather unreasonable.

“Okay! I must trouble Brother Zhao then!” The astonished The Pure Yang Palace Master agreed.

They had tried to have beast tamers tame this thieving cat before, but sub-God Lord beast tamers were not able to do anything to the thieving cat while God Lord beast tamers were so rare that it was extremely difficult to request their services.

They hadn’t expected for someone as young as Zhao Feng to also be a beast tamer.


Zhao Feng immediately flew toward the little thieving cat.

“Brother Zhao, do you need our help?” the Pure Yang Palace Master asked.

In truth, he really didn’t want to help. A God Lord beast tamer with the help of the three of them would definitely be able to tame the cat, but if that happened, the cat would be Zhao Feng’s and Zhao Feng would also get the impression that they were incompetent. They actually hoped that Zhao Feng would fail to tame the thieving cat; all they wanted him to do was drive it away.

“No need.” Zhao Feng refused, and then his speed suddenly increased, his position becoming ever-changing and hard to pin down.

The Pure Yang Palace Master smiled. Inwardly, he mused that the young always were rather proud.

But a moment later, his face froze.

“What incredible speed!” Ao Hongguang’s eyes flashed.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s speed was practically on par with the little thieving cat’s.


The little thieving cat called out in alarm and hastily tried to flee.

Zhao Feng closely pursued, his left eye thrumming with Eye Intent.


A heaven-shaking Lightning soul energy shot forward.

The little thieving cat was struck by the ripples of soul energy. Its body went stiff as it plunged to the ground.


Before it hit the ground, the little thieving cat stabilized itself and once more fled, its face stricken with panic.

But Zhao Feng was even faster. He once more approached the thieving cat, his left eye unleashing Illusion Dao energy that engulfed the cat.

The three God Lords looked on in shock, speechless.


The Illusion energy Zhao Feng released engulfed the little thieving cat’s soul, gradually bringing it under his control. Zhao Feng walked up to the little thieving cat and poured his Soul Intent into its body.

Of course, all this was just a play he and the little thieving cat were performing. In order to make the other God Lords believe it was real, he had the little thieving cat struggle a little.

After a little while, the little thieving cat opened its eyes, appearing much more obedient as it sat down at Zhao Feng’s side.

“As expected of a beast tamer! They always have a way of dealing with such rare and precious beasts!” The Pure Yang Palace Master dryly coughed before breaking out in laughter.

“Brother Zhao truly has extraordinary skill in beast taming!” Ao Hongguang couldn’t help but sigh in wonder.

“This cat doesn’t have a violent nature, so taming it was not difficult.” Zhao Feng smiled and explained.


The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and made a cunning smile.

“Brother Zhao, you’ve helped Pure Yang Palace resolve yet another problem. For what reason has Brother Zhao come to this place? Pure Yang Palace will do all it can to help!” the Pure Yang Palace Master declared.

Zhao Feng had rendered service for Pure Yang Palace twice, and he was a God Lord of the Life Sacred Land. Thus, Pure Yang Palace planned to form a good relationship with Zhao Feng by fulfilling any request he desired.

“I’ve come to investigate a few things. As for the exact details, please forgive me, as it’s not convenient for me to talk about them,” Zhao Feng very mysteriously said.

Pure Yang Palace members nodded their heads, taking Zhao Feng to be in the middle of some secret mission for the Life Sacred Land.

The group took their leave of the Celestial Garden.

The Pure Yang Palace Master immediately told the others to keep the matter just now a secret. The three of them had failed to take care of the cat while an outsider had succeeded. If this matter got out, it would damage the prestige of Pure Yang Palace.

Upon leaving the Celestial Garden, Zhao Feng felt the Primal Chaos energy in his God Altar inexplicably tremble.

Zhao Feng was surprised and stopped for a moment. It seems like the secret of the Heaven Mending Race really is around Pure Yang Palace!

He scanned the area, his gaze ultimately pausing on a gloomy region across from him. With his Divine Sense and his Space Law, Zhao Feng discovered that a dimension was hidden within.

“Palace Master, what’s that up ahead?” Zhao Feng inquired.

“Oh, that’s one of Pure Yang Palace’s many training grounds. It’s for disciples beneath the Ancient God level, and it’s opened once every one hundred years.” The Pure Yang Palace Master was rather confused as to why Zhao Feng would ask such a question, but he still replied truthfully.

Afterward, Zhao Feng asked to enter Pure Yang Palace’s library to gather some information. The Pure Yang Palace Master immediately agreed, opening all the books of the library to him without condition.

The ambush of two of Pure Yang Palace’s God Lords recently had left the Palace Master incredibly uneasy. When he learned that Zhao Feng planned to stay for a while, he was only too happy to accept. After all, Zhao Feng was rather strong, and even if Pure Yang Palace encountered some danger, he might be able to assist in resolving it.

“Thieving cat, why did you come all the way here?” Zhao Feng messaged the little thieving cat.

It was apparent that the little thieving cat hadn’t been slacking around after being separated. It had probably terrorized many people, or else it wouldn’t have gotten so much stronger.

Of course, the little thieving cat’s appearance and the act it had played out with Zhao Feng inadvertently made Pure Yang Palace trust Zhao Feng more.

Far to the east of Pure Yang Palace, a group of people who had concealed their energies was silently advancing.

“Hmph, you tried an ambush twice, but neither one of them succeeded!” the leader, a bull-horned elder, coldly said.

The two God Lords next to him lowered their heads.

“We only failed when pursuing Ao Hongguang because another God Lord suddenly appeared,” the middle-aged man muttered.

“That youth is still within Pure Yang Palace!” A black elder frowned.

The two of them were none other than the two God Lords who had first pursued Ao Hongguang.

“Hmph, this time, with the help of God Lord Cloudmoon, Pure Yang Palace will be helpless. We can also use the chance to remove that brat!” The bull-horned elder grunted.

They had tried twice to ambush God Lords of Pure Yang Palace, and though they had not killed their targets, they had heavily injured them. Pure Yang Palace was at its weakest point.

“If you’ve been deceiving my Shadowstream Peak about the treasures of the Heaven Mending Race, don’t even think about getting off easy!” Behind the bull-horned elder was a graceful woman dressed in white and engulfed in a white fog, and it was she who had issued this stern warning.

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