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Odewale time is going for now only one creature can overcome agada and oki, that’s ife. he lives on that mountain” akete said. “thank you akete but how long will it take me to get to that mountain ” he asked to know.


Odewale’s point of view from the last scene.

i can’t believ it again am going to go on mountain again to get one spirit or the other . well i don’t have choice that’s what we chose. Yes, because we’re seven but i can’t felt any other single soul in this forest than me. are they dead or what?? no o they can’t just die like that i thought ifayemi told us we’re fortified then what’s really going on.

“see wale, it’s just one day journey because you have the power to appear and disappear then what else can delay you?” akete asked more like explanation but thanks to him if not the spirits will have done wonder on my body with their beast teeth.

“wale, mind you. IFE is a very tricky old man becareful of the words you will be using with him. although he’s someone you know ” he added and mind wasn’t at rest any longer where did i know someone bearing that name. i totally went lost am i to sacrifice myself for them? it’s can’t possible.

i don’t know when it all started how i to stop those calamities self. i just couldn’t help the whole situation any more.

“wale, i have to go now. i am a good spirit and i hate seeing good people dying at river IYE.” akete said and disappeared. my spirit jerked up and i don’t just know why i was once told that river is a river that when person wat die in kingdom used to passed. once they crossed, their breath stopped.

who’s is to die?



princess ewa’s point of view.

i found myself and i couldn’t just remember everything i was undergoing. the joy and happiness i desire from almighty god. is he ready to give me or he’s just going to take me away from my parent and my lover odewale. my joy came when i get to a river. the river was just too d--n wonderful, pleasant and streaming cold. wow, i jumped into it. i started washing myself and was about getting to a boundary when someone appeared.

“young lady go back to where you are coming from because it’s not yet time for you” the man said and i charged toward him.

“who are you to confront me?” i asked and he smiled it’s not my fault it’s the hand work of the spirit giving me joy. he held my hand, i felt different and i was at peace again and my heart beats faster than the rain from the sky.

“my daughter this is river iye. once you passed it you’re gone. you have to go back to that kingdom you came from that is where you belong until when lord descend” he said as i was accepting to him. i don’t know why but a force was pushing me back then i started crying loud.

“i can’t go back let me die this way let me go in peace. i thougt i could live without odewale but i can’t. he’s the one i got he’s my life, body and heart. please let me just die since wale is no more” i said with my heart out of speed i was crying so much.

“i’m akete and i am with wale he’s not dead go go back” he said and the spirit pushing back to my world.

” he’s still alive…..” was all i could say.



abike’s point of view.

everyone were crying and worried. i couldn’t eat, walk or do anything at all. my mind are not at rest. ewa must not die, she must not. she treat me like her own sister. she’s not rude, she’s good girl with a good heart. she deserve to live long. she deserve a new life, she deserve a wonderful life, she don’t have to die. i held her hand as i was crying hard. off course, i wasn’t feeling myself before.

“he’s still alive…….” were all she said and jumped up. everyone glance at her. she talks, yes i want her. olori ran to her side. king adeyanju was so happy.

“oh my daughter. i was really scared on how i am going to continue being alive if you die. you deserve the best life. we couldn’t think straight we don’t know what is going to happen. untill you talk ” olori said and hug her.

“i love you mom” she hug her and part after. she looked at me and saw tears.

“i know now you love me so much, not conditions love . you love me whole hearted, from now on you’re no more maid you’re my sister” she said and hug me. i couldn’t believe my ear. but i have secret to tell her .

should i?

to be continues.

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