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Thinking of the old days, Su Qianci smiled wider and nodded. “I like it now as well.”

Lu Yihan’s look became softer. But his eyes did not linger on her. He said ambiguously, “It seems that preferences will not change at once.”

“Ahem…” Luo Zhan coughed and said, “Here, here. I don’t think I’m a stranger. Let’s start, uncle and aunt, brothers.”

Li Jinnan smiled. “Luo Zhan, I haven’t seen you in two or three years. Your skin is thicker now!”

“Thanks for the compliment. We are no strangers, so we shouldn’t be so polite.” Luo Zhan’s joke made the atmosphere slightly better.

Captain Li also smiled. He waved at Su Qianci and pointed to the seat next to him. “Qianqian, come and sit here.”

Su Qianci showed Lu Yihan where the bathroom was for him to wash his hands, and then sat next to the captain. Lu Yihan naturally sat in the position next to Luo Zhan.

There were many dishes for dinner. Many of them were what she loved, but what Lu Yihan made was not just spring bamboo shoots. There was also fish-flavored eggplant, fried shiitake shredded pork, fish head tofu soup… A lot of things that she liked. At first glance, she knew that they were made by Lu Yihan, completely different from Liu Sao’s style.

She took a sip of the soup and it was very good. The soup was very fresh, delicious and sweet. Su Qianci’s eyes became wet, but she quickly held back. Picking up the chopsticks, she took a piece of eggplant. It was a familiar taste. But it was clear that Lu Yihan’s cooking was even better than before.

“It’s delicious.” Su Qianci’s voice choked, but she soon smiled.

Lu Yihan looked at her with a smile. There was satisfaction in his eyes. Everyone saw the subtlety, but no one said anything. Her appetite was surprisingly good that day. She drank two bowls of soup and ate a small bowl of white rice. Although most of the food was still untouched, it was much better than the previous days.

After the meal, Captain Li invited Lu Yihan to stay for some tea. Su Qianci sat on the sofa in the living room and listened to Lu Yihan talking about some strange adventures. She was not stupid, so she could tell that the stories were only half true. However, she still listened with gusto. In addition, Luo Zhan was always trying to ruin the story, which was so funny that Su Qianci laughed from time to time. Her mood became better.

Li Jinnan and Li Beixing exchanged a look but did not say anything. Li Xiao and Qin Shuhua also saw all this and felt a sense of crisis, gazing at their father who pushed for this to happen. The captain sighed, “Let’s leave it like this. I can’t let her continue that way. This kid has a good relationship with her, and they have known each other for so long. He should be the one who knows her best.”

“But… Sicheng has just left us.” Qin Shuhua burst into tears. “Dad, you are too unfair to Sicheng.” She didn’t dare to raise her voice, although they were standing far from the living room.

Captain Li looked in the direction of Su Qianci and Lu Yihan and sighed. His voice was full of grief. “Shuhua, this did not hit you the hardest, but Qianqian. You still have a husband and sons, while without him, she has no one.”

Yes, nothing was left. What Su Qianci needed the most now was to lift her spirits, otherwise it still begged the question of whether she could keep the babies. It was most important to keep the babies, right?

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