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Till Death Do Them Part

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Swans had the most loyal love. They would be loyal to each other till death do them part. Su Qianci’s eyes were blurred. She did not want to cry. No one would care for her. No one would help her dry her tears. Looking down, she let tears fall on her feet. She discovered that she had forgotten to wear shoes. The floor was really cold…

Li Sicheng, help me bring the shoes over and give me a foot rub, just like this morning, will you?

No one responded. Su Qianci pulled the corner of her lips and only felt a splitting headache. The people around her seemed to be talking, but she couldn’t hear a word. Slowly turning around and walking toward the hospital bed, she said nothing. She was very tired.

Darling, hold me, I will fall…

Her vision was getting darker, and her body was getting weaker. Su Qianci’s legs became limp. She fell straight toward the side.

In the next few days, she was always half asleep. Her appetite was very bad. She was basically relying on infusion to maintain physical functions. And finally on the fourth day, she asked to be checked out. Going back to the old house, she fell asleep again. When she woke up, it was already in the evening. There was no light in the room and it was very dark.

When Su Qianci opened her eyes, she saw a tall figure standing by the bed. Wearing a suit, he seemed to be aware of her wakening. He turned and looked over. He had a chiseled face and calm look. He curled his eyes when seeing her. She could not believe it, freezing for a while.

Li Sicheng had a deep doting look in his eyes. Looking at her, he became tender and gentle. Walking slowly over, he rubbed her hair and smiled. “Getting more and more lazy now.”

Su Qianci’s eyes were filled with tears. She reached out and wanted to touch his hand, but as her hand stretched out, the handsome figure disappeared without a trace.Under the dim light, nothing was there.

Nobody. There was no Li Sicheng. Nothing at all.

“Husband!” Su Qianci sat up and reached for the place where he had just stood, but caught only the air.

No, no, nothing…

Large drops of tears fell. She held the quilt, curling up at the corner of the bed and bursting into tears. The door was knocked on, and she ignored it, covering her head and stayed motionless.

The door was quickly opened. Captain Li walked in with a cane and turned on the light. The luxurious crystal chandelier was up high, illuminating everything with yellow light. He slowly walked up, moved the stool at the vanity over, and sat down next to the bed.

Su Qianci finally became herself, took a tissue to dry her tears and called, “Grandpa.”

Captain Li looked at her in distress, his eyes slightly damp. He nodded and asked her kindly, “Shall we eat? Grandpa hasn’t eaten yet, and old people can’t starve.”

“I am not hungry.” Su Qianci burped and said.

“How is that possible? You didn’t eat last night and have been sleeping the whole day. You have to eat something. The babies must be hungry.” She looked in the direction of her belly under the quilt. “Sicheng is gone. These two children are the only proof that he has lived. You can’t even keep them healthy for him?”

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