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Li Sicheng Should Laugh Until the End

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Su Qianci shuddered under the blanket. The heavy and rapid breathing revealed her mood.

Qin Shuhua covered her mouth, released Su Qianci’s hand, got up, and walked out of the ward. When she went out to see Li Xiao, she could not hold back and cried, “What should we do? Our son, our son…”

Li Xiao could not help but become red-eyed, taking out a tissue to wipe his tears.

Qin Shuhua squatted and burst into tears.

When Li Beixing came back, he was still wearing a military-green uniform, but he didn’t get to see the body of Li Sicheng. Panting and seeing his parents and brother standing at the door of the ward, he looked incredulous. Walking up to them, he touched Li Jinnan’s shoulder.

Li Jinnan took a deep breath and his eyes were already red. When he saw Li Beixing coming over, he turned and gave him a big hug. Li Beixing had never seen his brother do this. His heart felt empty. Looking at the room, he asked, “Is Su Qianci inside?”

“Yeah.” Li Jinnan let go of him, his eyes slightly moist. “I never even heard a whimper. She’s been crying secretly.”

Li Beixing took a step back and looked at them. The straight and tall military green figure was majestic. He asked, “Have you seen his body?”

“No.” Li Jinnan covered his face in pain, sitting on the stool. His voice slightly choked, he sobbed with strong self-blame. “In that kind of explosion, how can the body be found?”

“How could there be no body? There was a body, right?” Li Beixing did not want to believe that Li Sicheng, who was so proud and outstanding, was gone like this. What a joke! Any one of them could die first, but Li Sicheng… he should definitely laugh until the end! He was shameless, resilient, and tenacious, determined to be extraordinary. How could he die? “Without seeing his body, I absolutely do not believe that he is dead!” Li Beixing sounded powerful, looking at Li Jinnan. “Have you looked for it? Are you sure?”

Li Jinnan did not speak or take his hands down. He sat there quietly, covering his face. Suddenly, a group of people wearing police uniforms came over.

When seeing them, one of the police force asked, “You are the family of Li Sicheng? I am the police officer in charge of this case. My last name is Li.” Li Jinnan finally looked up and gazed at the police officer. “We found the something at the scene that’s likely to belong to Mr. Li. Would you confirm…”


The ward door suddenly opened, hit the wall, and bounced back. A slender figure ran over with bare feet. Su Qianci was pale, her eyes red and swollen and her hair messy. She looked at what was in the police officer’s hand.

The thing was packed in a plastic bag, it was blackened and completely deformed by the fire. But the shape and the small diamonds and gems that were burned gray showed it was a bird-like thing. Su Qianci saw this thing, and her lips trembled. She reached out and took the plastic bag. Touching her own neck, she felt a noble and elegant swan. The lines were smooth, soft and delicate. Judging by the gems and the diamonds, these two should have been a pair. This was a pair of swans, symbolizing the most loyal love. They would love each other till death do them apart.

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