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There Were Symptoms of Threatened Abortion

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When Liu Sao saw it, she knew she couldn’t keep it a secret. The tears that had finally stopped gathered again. Captain Li collapsed on the sofa. His pair of old eyes turned reddish as he breathed rapidly.

“Captain, don’t be like this. He…”

“How about Qianqian?” His eyes wet, he asked. “Where is she?”

“In the hospital, Sir, Madam, and Jinnan have gone…”

“Hah, excellent. Only I am in the dark!” Liu Sao felt guilty. When she was trying to explain, she heard his powerless voice. “Take me there, Qianqian certainly could not handle this.”

Hearing that, she burst into tears and said, “So pitiful! They are doing so great. They are always holding hands when eating out. Now that Sicheng is gone…”

How could she hold up? As Liu Sao and grandpa said, Su Qianci could not hold up.

Putting her hands on her belly, Su Qianci looked at the ceiling. Her eyes were hollow, but the tears were running like a river. Outside the room, the doctor was speaking to Qin Shuhua and Li Xiao. Su Qianci could hear clearly. “You must take a good rest. She has the symptoms of threatened abortion. They could not afford any turmoil. The possibility of premature birth in twins is very high. It is best to prevent that from happening. We must control the mood of the mother.”

Control the mood of the mother… Su Qianci was suddenly amused. However, she couldn’t smile.


Li Sicheng was a liar, a big liar. They had agreed that she would protect the babies and herself, and he would come right out. However, why didn’t you come out, why didn’t you? How dare he not come out? They had agreed that he would spend each birthday with her. But now… She had had only one birthday. There was also the wedding, the wedding he promised her. Her honeymoon, and the name he would give to the children…

Everything was gone. Everything was swallowed up in that fire.

But… was he not Li Sicheng? Every time she was hurt, he would appear next to her like a god. But how about the future? What should she do without him? The Li Sicheng that was so outstanding, cold and proud. Li Sicheng… How could he lie? How could he die?

The last sentence he said to her. In low and soft voice, weak but sincere. He looked at her, with his pair of eyes carrying a thousand brilliant stars. So breathtaking that it was consuming. However, she could not see them anymore…

She grabbed the blanket and gritted her teeth. Su Qianci wept but did not let herself make a sound. The door of the ward was pushed open and she heard a slight sound. Su Qianci lifted the blanket up to the top of her head, wiping her tears. When Qin Shuhua saw it, she felt even worse. Going forward, she sat next to the bed, holding the hand of Su Qianci. “If you want to cry, cry.”

What was the use of crying? Would that bring he come back? However, the heartache was killing her. What should she do? She did not want to live alone. She wanted to go with him…

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