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king Of Gold's - S01 E1480

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1480

Favorable Treatment

The Heaven Lord was currently offering conditions that anyone would find irresistible: the position of Divine Emissary, God King cultivation that was at the pinnacle of the Third Heaven, and a choice of bloodline from any one of the top ten ancient races!

Although this was extremely costly, all of it was worth it if he could get his hands on the one and only Ninth God Eye. Whoosh!

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath, somewhat calming himself down. If he didn’t have his trump card ability to escape, he really might have been tempted by the Heaven Lord into exchanging his Ninth God Eye for all these things.

Of course, he also couldn’t immediately refuse these things, as this would draw the suspicion of the Heaven Lord. Anyone without a path of retreat would probably not refuse such incentives.

“Give me some time to consider.” Zhao Feng put on an expression of struggle and hesitation.

“That’s fine. Just live here for now. If you need anything, you just need to tell someone.” After hearing Zhao Feng’s answer, the Heaven Lord calmly and unconcernedly replied.

The Heaven Lord left.

“This person isn’t simple….” Zhao Feng softly sighed.

The Heaven Lord clearly needed the Ninth God Eye, but he was neither proud nor rash in front of him. Impulse was a devil, but the Heaven Lord was at any time able to maintain his calm and analyze everything. Zhao Feng had to treat this person with even more caution than usual.

After leaving the secret chamber:

“Your Excellency, how was it?” the Protector softly asked.

“This boy managed to stay rather calm despite being in danger, and he also understands the importance of the Ninth God Eye. He was able to resist all the temptations I laid out before him!” The Heaven Lord’s expression suddenly became wise and farsighted.

“What should we do next?” The Protector requested instruction.

“Prepare the God Eye seizing rite, and then get the Illusory Heaven Array Tool ready. If he won’t agree in the end, we’ll take the Ninth God Eye through force!” the Heaven Lord immediately answered, acting as if he had already planned everything out in his mind.

The Illusory Heaven Array Tool was a special tool created through the fusion of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s arrays and its instruments. It could pull the will of a God Lord into a dream without being detected, depriving them of the ability to resist.

If Zhao Feng was willing to work with them, there would be no need for the Illusory Heaven Array Tool. But if he wasn’t willing, they would use the tool to seize the eye from him. Although the chances of success were low, this was their only method.

The God Eye seizing rite and the Illusory Heaven Array Tool would take two years in total to prepare. At the slowest, they could get the Ninth God Eye in only two years.

Three days later, the Heaven Lord once more visited the secret chamber in which Zhao Feng was being held.

At this time, Zhao Feng was cultivating in the Spacetime Robe, but he still sensed the Heaven Lord’s arrival.

“Your art is rather decent, but it can only last you until the peak of First Heaven. You have many kinds of Intent, but because they are not of the same level, your Divine Power is not the strongest it can be,” the Heaven Lord suddenly said.

Zhao Feng immediately ended his seclusion.

The Heaven Lord, even separated by a dimension, could still see how Zhao Feng was cultivating, and he could even see the strengths and weaknesses of his art and give a few pointers on his current flaws. Zhao Feng was filled with both shock and admiration.

“I cultivate many kinds of Intent and lack the resources for them. Could Your Excellency Heaven Lord provide some?” Zhao Feng probed. Since he had already given him pointers, he would probably agree to this request as well.

“No problem! Just tell me what you need.” The Heaven Lord nodded and directly agreed.

Zhao Feng was dumbfounded. He had believed that the Heaven Lord would bring up the matter of the Ninth God Eye again. Instead, the Heaven Lord agreed without any sort of hassle.

The next day, two people arrived. One of these people was Beiming Hui.

“These are the resources you require.” Beiming Hui took out an interspatial dimension.

Zhao Feng was startled. The Heaven Lord had actually dispatched two Divine Emissaries for such a minor affair.

After taking the interspatial dimension, Zhao Feng scanned it with his Divine Sense. Everything that he needed was there.

“What are the two of you doing?” Zhao Feng looked at the two Divine Emissaries, who had not left after delivering the interspatial dimension.

“His Excellency the Heaven Lord has many matters to deal with as of late. If you require anything, you can just ask us.” Beiming Hui rolled his eyes at Zhao Feng.

If not for the Heaven Lord’s orders, he would never do something like this.

Zhao Feng’s jaw dropped. This sort of treatment was a little too good. Moreover, did that mean that, if the Heaven Lord wasn’t busy, he would have spent every day accompanying him?

“I need some resources that can help me solidify the core of a Divine Kingdom!” Zhao Feng decided that he might as well ask for the things that he needed.

The refinement of the Ancient Dream Realm would be finished soon, but because the Divine Kingdom was simply too large, the core could be unstable.

The two Divine Emissaries looked at each other in surprise. They hadn’t expected for Zhao Feng to be so shameless that he would immediately make a request. Materials to solidify the core of a Divine Kingdom were extremely rare in the outside world. The core of a Divine Kingdom would determine its quality.


Beiming Hui immediately left. Two hours later, he returned with a treasure for solidifying a Divine Kingdom’s core: the Heavenly Embryo Jadespirit Blood.

“Many thanks!” Zhao Feng took the Heavenly Embryo Jadespirit Blood. He then went straight into the Ancient Dream Realm.

Zhao Feng’s sudden disappearance caused the two Divine Emissaries to look at each other in surprise, their eyes twinkling.

“Eh? Is it a Divine Kingdom?” Beiming Hui stared at the secret chamber.

“Relax! Even a God King skilled in a Space Law wouldn’t be able to move out of this dimension.” The other Divine Emissary didn’t care very much.

Within the Ancient Dream Realm, Zhao Feng quickly finished refining and solidifying the core.

He spent the next few days using the batch of resources he had just obtained to cultivate his other Intents.

When he ran out, he would ask for more. The two Divine Emissaries would immediately fulfill his requests.

Half a year passed, with Zhao Feng getting quite stronger in the meantime.

Zhao Feng was now preparing to seek out some information and intelligence before taking his leave. However, the excellent treatment the Heaven Lord gave him truly made him rather unwilling to leave.

“My Intents have made a lot of progress lately. God Lord Beiming, please spar with me a little and offer a few pointers!”

This was the request Zhao Feng made one day.

“You want to fight with me?” Beiming Hui couldn’t help but laugh.

He was a peak Third Heaven expert with the blood of the 6th ranked Heaven Mending Race. Even if Zhao Feng’s many Intents had advanced, Zhao Feng would still be helpless against him. However, since this was Zhao Feng’s request, Beiming Hui could only agree.

Of course, Zhao Feng had also placed a limit; Beiming Hui was not allowed to use his bloodline energy. This was because he was honing his strength, so he did not want to use the power of the Dream God Eye.

“Let’s change places.” Beiming Hui creased his brow and turned to leave.

The two of them went to a room specialized for training. The space here was so tough that even a Third Heaven God Lord would find it difficult to break.

“Begin!” Zhao Feng called out.

“Hmph!” Beiming Hui immediately circulated his dark and chaotic energy and launched an attack.

Beiming Hui was extremely unwilling to fight a meaningless battle, and he was starting to hate Zhao Feng.

“The Divine Power of a Third Heaven God Lord!” Zhao Feng’s pupils constricted. He condensed his Chaos Origin Divine Power into a Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

At present, besides his Space Law, the other Intents in his Chaos Origin Divine Power were at Level Nine. He had filled up the flaw pointed out by the Heaven Lord.

Boom! Bang!

He sent his sword hurtling at Beiming Hui’s Divine Power attack.

He felt his arms tremble and go numb, so he immediately released even more Chaos Origin Divine Power.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Beiming Hui’s Divine Power was shattered by Zhao Feng, but so was the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

“Okay!” Zhao Feng was elated.

Before this, his Chaos Origin Divine Power was at the level of an ordinary Second Heaven God Lord, but after this period of cultivation and research, he could contend against the Divine Power of a Third Heaven God Lord.

Of course, Beiming Hui had only casually attacked just now, using only a little of his power.

In the distance, Beiming Hui was startled.

His Divine Power is actually rather similar to my Primal Chaos Divine Power!” Beiming Hui’s eyes darkened. Although he was rather absent-minded, he still clearly saw what happened just now.

Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power was rather similar in nature to his Primal Chaos Divine Power. Just now, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword had even devoured a little of the Primal Chaos energy, developing a slight resistance toward it.

For this kid to actually be able to cultivate this sort of Divine Power is truly rather extraordinary! Beiming Hui was inwardly rather amazed.

After exchanging ten-some blows, Beiming Hui increased his power. After being defeated, Zhao Feng went back to digest this experience and cultivate.

Even so, Beiming Hui was still flabbergasted. In just half a year, his prisoner had gotten much stronger.

In certain intervals, Zhao Feng would ask Beiming Hui to spar with him.

Beiming Hui found this extremely annoying. For him to be a sparring partner for a brat like this was the greatest shame of his life.

Moreover, Zhao Feng also requested many cultivation resources.

One day, Beiming Hui went to find the Protector.

“Protector, that Zhao Feng is treating this place like his own home, making all sorts of unreasonable requests, causing Brother Dongfang and me to run all around the place. It seems to me like this kid has no intention of handing over the Ninth God Eye!” Beiming Hui began to list out Zhao Feng’s crimes.

“This is His Excellency the Heaven Lord’s order!” the Protector immediately replied.

The two Divine Emissaries fell silent. This massive faction was only able to reach this level through the many plans of the Heaven Lord.

“His Excellency the Heaven Lord has a purpose in doing all this,” the Protector vaguely said.

The Heaven Lord had given Zhao Feng two choices, but he did not explicitly state them. Everything depended on Zhao Feng himself.

If Zhao Feng agreed, the price would be worth it, and when the time came, Zhao Feng would become a member of their faction.

If two years passed without Zhao Feng agreeing, then it would be death. Thus, their actions now would serve to lower Zhao Feng’s guard so that their plan to seize the God Eye would have a higher chance of success.

In short, the Protector wholeheartedly believed in the Heaven Lord.

Beiming Hui and the other Divine Emissary returned to the secret chamber to continue attending on Zhao Hui.

One day, the Heaven Lord paid a visit.

“Your Excellency!” Beiming Hui and the Divine Emissary both bowed.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was still cultivating in the Spacetime Robe.

He had split his mind into parts. One part was cultivating Intents and Laws while the other was researching eye- bloodline techniques.

“Zhao Feng, you’re rather accomplished when it comes to eye-bloodline techniques, but there are still a few small blemishes.” The Heaven Lord’s deep eyes stared into the Spacetime Robe at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s expression flickered, and he ended his seclusion.

At present, Zhao Feng was extremely interested in the Heaven Lord, and he also admired how this man had managed to create such an extraordinary faction.


An obscure and powerful Eye Intent surged out of the Heaven Lord’s eyes.

“An eye-bloodline?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

He had always believed that the Heaven Lord was a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. Did he also have an eye- bloodline? Moreover, why was the Heaven Lord activating his eye-bloodline at a time like this?

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