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The Heaven Lord’s Promise

As Liu Qinxin listened to the conversations of the sages in the tower, her eyes flashed with unease and doubt.

At this moment:

Hummm! Bzzt!

Mysterious starry patterns appeared on the forty-ninth floor, invisible ripples of energy sweeping through the world. A moment later, a figure emerged in the center.

The figure was white-haired elder, his beard reaching to the floor, his figure large and imposing. On his back was a heavy gray shell upon which were carved ancient and cryptic inscriptions that seemed infused with the mysteries of the world. Just by standing there, he exuded a timeworn aura. He seemed like someone who had been there at the beginning of everything and existed until the present day.

“Paying respects to Lord Tianwu!” The powerful sages on the forty-ninth floor all bowed.

“Grandmaster!” Liu Qinxin also stood up.

“Lord Tianwu, the Ninth God Eye-” the wrinkled elder raised his head and immediately said.

“I already know,” Yu Tianwu calmly said, his ancient and timeworn voice seeming to come from another spacetime.

The sages fell silent and turned to Yu Tianwu. Since Lord Tianwu already knew everything, what should they do next? “Qinxin, what have you seen?” Yu Tianwu turned his wise eyes to Liu Qinxin and asked.

The other sages also turned to Liu Qinxin. There was no doubt that Liu Qinxin already knew about what happened to the Ninth God Eye, but she had apparently composed herself.

“Grandmaster, I see many disjointed images and clues….” Liu Qinxin’s eyes began to spin, emanating a strange ripple that surged into Yu Tianwu’s mind.

Liu Qinxin’s grandmaster was the Six Warlock Divine Sage of the Continent Zone.

And the Six Warlock Divine Sage was actually one of Yu Tianwu’s clones. The Six Warlock Divine Sage was the will of Yu Tianwu, so Liu Qinxin still called him Grandmaster.

Yu Tianwu half-closed his eyes, and his aura seemed to completely vanish. The pitch-black tower became absolutely silent. All the sages knew that Lord Tianwu had begun his divinations.

After a long while, Yu Tianwu opened his eyes. “The Ninth God Eye possesses a destiny that is difficult to grasp. Even if he is a situation of certain death, there is still a possibility of turning bane into fortune….”

Upon hearing her grandmaster’s words, Liu Qinxin’s brow slightly relaxed.

The other sages naturally understood what Lord Tianwu was saying, but given the importance of the matter, they found it difficult to relax.

“However, we must also do a little something.” Yu Tianwu stared into the distance, his eyes apparently able to see things that the ordinary person would find very difficult to see.

On the other side, the imprisoned Zhao Feng was suddenly able to see the situation in the palace.

“It seems like their meeting is over.” Zhao Feng stared at the members in the palace.

Although he had not been to many Sacred Lands, he estimated that not even the middle and upper echelon members of a Sacred Land would be able to compare to this mysterious faction.

“Take him away!” the Protector ordered.

Beiming Hui took Zhao Feng and prepared to leave the palace.

But at this moment, the Protector suddenly stood up, his eyes flashing. “His Excellency the Heaven Lord has arrived!”

“Heaven Lord?” When Zhao Feng heard this title, he couldn’t help but inexplicably shiver. His intuition told him that the so-called Heaven Lord was the leader of this faction.

But by this time, Beiming Hui had already left with Zhao Feng.

After making many turns, Beiming Hui arrived at a massive sealed space. After throwing Zhao Feng inside, he left. “Heaven Lord… just what sort of person is he?” Zhao Feng was extremely curious.

Earlier, he was ready to leave using Thought Teleportation, but now, Zhao Feng decided to stay for a little longer.

Zhao Feng proceeded to examine his surroundings, taking in every detail.

Back in the pitch-black palace, an imposing and erect white-robed elder slowly stepped inside. All the people in the palace were focused on this man.

The elder had a calm and flat aura, and his dignified face contained a hint of warmth and affection while his body exuded an indescribable style.

Is this His Excellency the Heaven Lord? Although this elder seemed uninteresting, even ordinary, God Lord Heavenly Solitude felt his entire body go stiff, and he didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

“Your Excellency Heaven Lord, please!” The Protector moved off his own seat and stood to the side.

Only now were the Palace Kings sure that this person was truly the legendary Heaven Lord. The Divine Emissaries on the other hand had expressions of utmost respect and adoration this entire time.

“All of you have done well in successfully capturing the Ninth God Eye!” the Heaven Lord spoke in a warm and magnetic voice.

Beiming Hui slightly raised his head in pride. God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude practically radiated joy from their faces.

The Protector proceeded to report some of the more important matters to the Heaven Lord.

When the conference was over, the Heaven Lord stood back up.

“The Ninth God Eye has been captured. Our goal is not far off….” The Heaven Lord’s eyes stared into the infinite void, apparently able to see what others could not.

When all the Palace Kings had gone, the Protector finally reported, “Based on our current analysis, if we directly seize the Ninth God Eye, the chances of success don’t even reach ten percent!”

“And if we prepare for the seizure rite?” The Heaven Lord was a little perturbed as he asked.

“Less than thirty percent!” the Protector said after some thought.

Thirty percent was still very low. After all, the Ninth God Eye was unique; if they failed, there would be no next time.

“What is the success rate if he hands it over voluntarily?” The Heaven Lord remained calm. This was apparently all within expectations.

“If he hands it over of his own will, the success rate rises to more than sixty percent!”

The Heaven Lord’s eyes flashed at this news.

“I will go and have a chat with him.” After saying this, the Heaven Lord vanished.

Within a spacious metal chamber, Zhao Feng was in the middle of observing how his surroundings were constructed. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the passage in front of him.

“Who’s there?” Zhao Feng turned in alarm to the white-robed figure.

He did not recall seeing such an individual in the pitch-black palace. Moreover, Zhao Feng couldn’t see through this man.

However, this elder had no hostility and even had a smile on his face. Strangely, this smile made Zhao Feng feel an inexplicable affection and intimacy.

“Are you willing to cooperate in handing over the Ninth God Eye?” The white-robed elder got straight to the point.

“Impossible!” Zhao Feng sensed that something was strange, but his reply was swift and firm.

“I advise you to think about it carefully. Although you possess the Ninth God Eye, you have yet to fully mature, and the God Eye is still not whole. With your current level of cultivation, you cannot exert the true power of the God Eye.” The white-robed elder slowly approached, his eyes fixed on Zhao Feng’s left eye as he smiled.

“And what about it?” Zhao Feng was rather surprised. How could such a powerful faction send only an old man like this to persuade him?

In addition, with the Ninth God Eye, he had managed to achieve an astonishing rate of progress. If he was given a little more time, Zhao Feng was confident that there would be few people left who would try and seize the Ninth God Eye from him.

“You’ve also seen it. The faction under my control is comparable to a Sacred Land while you are currently nothing more than meat on the cutting board!” the white-robed elder continued.

Zhao Feng was astonished. This person was the Heaven Lord that the Protector spoke of? Why else would he say that this faction was under his control?

Zhao Feng had never imagined that such an ordinary-looking elder would be the leader of such an immense faction, and that he would be chatting with him so calmly.

“Since that’s the case, why are you wasting time talking with me?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

He truly did not have the strength to contend against this mysterious faction. At least on the surface, he only had two choices: submit or die. But if that was really the case, this old man would have never come here to negotiate.

“I hope that you will voluntarily give the Ninth God Eye to me!” the Heaven Lord declared without hesitation.

In Zhao Feng’s current situation, he theoretically had no other choice, but there was a chance that Zhao Feng was willing to bring down everything with him.

“No, I can never hand over the Ninth God Eye to you!” Zhao Feng immediately refused, his stance unyielding.

The expression in his eyes seemed to tell the Heaven Lord that if he tried to seize the God Eye, Zhao Feng would rather destroy it.

This was Zhao Feng’s betting chip. The Ninth God Eye that the other party needed was currently under his control. By conveying this message, Zhao Feng ensured that the other party would not recklessly attack him.

“Seizing the Ninth God Eye will not threaten your life. In addition, I’ve personally taken a liking to you. If you hand over the Ninth God Eye, you can become a core member with a status on par with a Divine Emissary.” The Heaven Lord was unsurprised and continued to speak.

The Heaven Lord at first explained the reason for his visit and demonstrated his power. Now, he was beginning to offer incentives.

Zhao Feng’s face twitched. The status of a Divine Emissary in this faction was obvious, and this mysterious faction had strength on par with a Sacred Land. To be able to become a member of the upper echelon of such a powerful faction was an incredible opportunity that could only be obtained through luck.

But Zhao Feng’s betting chip was the Ninth God Eye. The incentive the Heaven Lord provided was not very large in comparison.

“Of course, I can also guarantee that your strength will quickly reach the Divine Emissary level, perhaps even reaching the God King level. After all, the Ninth God Eye has been invisibly altering everything about you. Even if you lose the Ninth God Eye at this point, you will still possess the potential to become a God King.” The Heaven Lord spoke in a casual tone as if everything he was describing was exceedingly simple.

“God King?” Zhao Feng’s eyes were dazed.

The offer the Heaven Lord made was truly incredible. By voluntarily handing over the Ninth God Eye, he could become a part of the upper echelon of this faction and even become a top-class expert of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, a God King!

If Zhao Feng was truly in desperate straits with no way of getting out, handing over the Ninth God Eye really would have been the wisest choice.

“As compensation for the loss of the Ninth God Eye bloodline, I can also let you choose from any bloodline among the top ten ancient races!” As Zhao Feng’s mind was still racing, the Heaven Lord offered yet another astonishing incentive.

Any one of the top ten ancient bloodlines!

One had to realize that, in the eyes of the common people, the top ten ancient bloodlines were mythical and supreme bloodlines, incredibly rare. And now, this old man was promising Zhao Feng a bloodline of this level.

If it was really up to Zhao Feng to choose, he would definitely choose the number one Ancient Race!

However, when fusing with a bloodline after birth, the compatibility would be extremely low. Zhao Feng remembered that Yu Heng had only managed to fuse with twenty to thirty percent of the Ancient Race bloodline.

After saying all this, the Heaven Lord calmly stared at Zhao Feng. He was confident that no one was capable of refusing such incentives: the position of Divine Emissary, God King cultivation that was at the pinnacle of the Third Heaven, and a choice of bloodline from any one of the top ten ancient races!

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