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Mysterious Faction

“You’ve returned.” Moments after entering the hall, an ethereal voice rang out.

“Mm!” The Divine Emissary grunted.


Suddenly, white ripples appeared in front of him, slowly forming a circular passage. The Divine Emissary brought Zhao Feng, God Lord Tyrant Dragon, and God Lord Heavenly Solitude into the palace.

The palace was dimly lit, and there was only a black-robed elder within who seemed rather ordinary.

“Honored Divine Emissary!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude respectfully called out.

As it turned out, this black-robed elder was also a Divine Emissary.

But the elder didn’t even glance at the pair, seemingly ignoring their existence.

“It seems like Brother Beiming succeeded in capturing the Ninth God Eye!” The black-robed elder smiled.

The person who had captured Zhao Feng was called Beiming Hui. Divine Emissary was only a title.

“A mere First Heaven. With this god taking action, it was only natural that he was captured,” Beiming Hui flatly replied. In reality, however, he was rather unhappy. While capturing Zhao Feng, he had actually lost a powerful subordinate. “Let me take a look at this Ninth God Eye!” The elder’s eyes focused on the dark sphere next to Beiming Hui.


With a thought from Beiming Hui, the seal around Zhao Feng gradually dispersed. Zhao Feng appeared in the pitch- black palace.

Although Beiming Hui had just removed the seal, Zhao Feng had no intention of escaping. He was deep in the enemy base. On the way in, he had sensed no less than ten God Lord auras. In addition, this black-robed elder was even more unfathomable to Zhao Feng than Beiming Hui.

In front of these two “Divine Emissaries,” he did not struggle or resist. He squinted as he tried to remember every possible detail. Since he was inside the tiger’s cave, he naturally needed to find out the true face of this mysterious faction.

“Heheh, there’s no need to be afraid. You’re safe for now.” The elder smiled as he affectionately said.

Zhao Feng was instantly astonished. This was not how one treated a prisoner. It felt to him like this elder was treating him like an acquaintance that he had already met a few times. If he didn’t know that this man was after the Ninth God Eye, Zhao Feng might have indeed felt like he was completely safe.

After saying those words, the black-robed elder stared with his deep eyes at Zhao Feng’s left eye as if trying to see its secrets.

Zhao Feng was also observing the elder. Through his Dream God Eye’s see-through ability, Zhao Feng discovered that there was an extremely terrifying energy hidden within the black-robed elder’s body. Moreover, this energy was extremely complex; even when seeing through it, Zhao Feng still couldn’t make any sense of it.

The black-robed elder seemed to sense that Zhao Feng had discovered something about him.

“As expected of the Ninth God Eye!” The elder profoundly smiled before turning to leave.


Beiming Hui immediately took action, unleashing dark and chaotic energy that sealed Zhao Feng once more.

“Let’s wait for now. The other Palace Kings, Divine Emissaries, and even the Protector are coming.” The black-robed elder looked at Beiming Hui and his subordinates.

“Other Divine Emissaries?” Zhao Feng was shocked. From the elder’s words just now, there were still more Divine Emissaries besides these two.

One had to realize that Divine Emissaries were top-class Third Heaven God Lords. There were several such individuals here?

Half a day later, a person shrouded in red light arrived in the hall. More and more members gradually began to come in. “So many experts!” Zhao Feng was stunned.

At this time, fifteen God Lords had arrived at this palace. And besides the black-robed elder, there were four others at Beiming Hui’s level!

Almost all of these people had asked Beiming Hui if they could see the Ninth God Eye, but they were all refused. From this, one could see that the black-robed elder had a somewhat special status.

In this period of time, Zhao Feng was able to listen in on the conversations carried out between the experts inside the palace.

He discovered that individuals like God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude were the Palace Kings the black-robed elder had spoken of. These Palace Kings resided in factions known as Defying Palaces. There were nine of these factions, with the Demon-Defying Palace of God Lord Tyrant Dragon being one of them.

Further down were the Heaven Halls, of which there were eighteen. The Heavenly Demon Hall that Zhao Feng had gone to before was one of these.

The more he understood, the more shocked Zhao Feng was. “Just how big is this faction?”

If his guess was correct, the eighteen Heaven Halls were probably distributed across the eighteen zones of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods!

He had never imagined that there would be a faction that had spread across the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. This was simply too terrifying. The eighteen Heaven Halls were equivalent to eighteen peak four-star factions while the nine Defying Palaces were like nine five-star factions!

Suddenly, all the members in the palace stood up and looked outward.


A large and imposing elder suddenly appeared in the palace. He was bowed and hunchbacked, his skin as rough as the bark of a thousand-year tree and covered in strange and simple tattoos. Although it was hard to make them out, one glance was enough to be entranced, and it felt like one could see all kinds of strange and mystical things within them. The elder had deep and boundless eyes, and his white beard extended to the ground.

“Respectfully welcoming the Lord Protector!” All the God Lord experts in the palace bowed.

Zhao Feng could tell that the vast majority of the people in the palace felt sincere respect for this Protector.

“Protector?” Zhao Feng was startled. It was apparent that this Protector had an even higher status than the Divine Emissaries.

Divine Emissaries were already outstanding Third Heaven God Lords, so what sort of strength did this Protector possess?

The Protector’s gaze rested on the dark sphere containing Zhao Feng. When Zhao Feng looked into his eyes, he felt somewhat hypnotized. At the same time, he felt as if quite a few of his secrets had been exposed.

“How could this be?” Zhao Feng was alarmed.

He rarely had this kind of feeling. One had to realize that even an Eye of Destiny of the same level could not see any of his secrets.

“Most of the members have arrived. Several people among the nine Palace Kings and the Divine Emissaries cannot make it.”

The Protector’s body flashed, and he appeared on the raised platform of the palace. He thrust out a finger, sending a ball of Heaven’s Legacy Race characters descending on the small sphere containing Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng discovered that he could neither see nor hear anything.

The Ninth God Eye has been captured. We have made further progress in our objective!” The Protector seemed rather excited.

At this moment, all the members in the palace had looks of yearning on their faces.

“However, our frequent operations to find information on the Ninth God Eye have caused quite a few Sacred Lands and secret factions to take notice….” The black-robed elder began his report.

It was naturally impossible for such an immense faction to operate in complete secrecy.

However, Zhao Feng was truly stunned that such a massive faction was able to remain so well-hidden. This was truly incredible.

“With regards to the Ninth God Eye, the Heaven Lord will be making a personal visit. For now, we will first resolve other matters….” The Protector smiled.

“His Excellency the Heaven Lord?” Everyone was surprised, their expressions turning serious.

“I didn’t think that I would live long enough to see His Excellency the Heaven Lord.” God Lord Heavenly Solitude was incredibly excited.

Within this faction, he had been constantly hearing about this Heaven Lord, but he had never met him. And now, because of his connection to the Ninth God Eye, he was about to see the Heaven Lord.

Very few people should have known that the Ninth God Eye had been captured. Even Tang Bai, who had managed to escape that day, had not yet revealed this news. This was because he was sure that the faction behind God Lord Tyrant Dragon was now watching out for him. Thus, he did not recklessly expose his identity and decided to wait at least until he returned to the Sacred Land before speaking about this matter.

However, in a secluded place in the west of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, quite a few people knew of this and were shocked.

This secluded and secretive place was a land of verdant hills and clear waters, shrouded in lingering fog. Deep within this fog-shrouded land were many six-sided towers.

If Zhao Feng or Zhao Yufei were here, they would have definitely felt that these six-sided towers were somewhat similar to the Six Warlock Divine Tower of the Azure Flower Continent. However, in size alone, these towers were a hundred times larger than the Six Warlock Divine Tower.

And within these towers, the walls were covered in Heaven’s Legacy Race characters and extremely enigmatic drawings that were bursting with profound and exquisite meanings.

Among these six-sided towers was an abnormally vast and imposing one, a pitch-black tower that seemed to be at the center of the world.

Swish! Swish!

Many middle-aged and old people in black robes were flying around these six-sided towers. They all had anxious looks on their faces as they rushed toward that pitch-black tower at the center.

“What do we do now? They’ve already captured the Ninth God Eye!”

“This is terrible!”

“Lord Tianwu, your subordinate has a matter to report!” Several elders of powerful aura stood on the highest floor of the pitch-black tower.


A silver light shone on the center of the floor. The hazy white figure of a woman emerged. This woman had a face of calm and absolute beauty, her deep and serene white eyes seemingly able to see all things in the world.

Merely by standing there, the woman exuded an unfathomable and ethereal aura. The many sages present were all taken aback.

A large silver-black cat was lazing away on the woman’s shoulder.


The lazy cat suddenly cracked open its eyes, yawned, stretched its body, and let out a long and strange cry. “Qinxin, where is Lord Tianwu?” A wrinkled elder stepped forward and slowly asked.

“Grandmaster will be here soon,” the white-clothed woman calmly replied, and then she walked to the side and sat down.

But this matter was simply too important for anyone else to relax.

“Haaa, we miscalculated. They managed to capture the Ninth God Eye!”

“We have to take action…”

They worriedly conversed with each other.

“If we allow Yu Tianshu to fuse with the Ninth God Eye, the consequences will be unthinkable!”

The mention of Yu Tianshu caused everyone in the room to pause, various expressions on their faces: hatred, admiration, fear…

“’We can only make a decision once Lord Tianwu arrives!” the wrinkled elder declared.

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