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Deep into the Tiger’s Cave

“Kill them all.” The Divine Emissary’s face was devoid of emotion as if the deaths of these God Lords was a trifling matter.

The Divine Emissary’s words caused the hearts of everyone else present to shudder.

“No… you wouldn’t dare to kill us! We’re two five-star factions of the Tianhe Zone!” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master’s face was brimming with fear. He never would have imagined that this Third Heaven God Lord would say such a thing, ordering all their deaths.

One had to realize that there were two five-star factions of the Tianhe Zone represented here. If they were all to die, the overall strength of the Tianhe Zone would be significantly affected. The Tianhe Zone’s Sacred Land would definitely lash out in rage.

Were these people not afraid of the Sacred Land?

“Yes.” God Lords Tyrant Dragon and Heavenly Solitude were unsurprised, apparently expecting this answer.

The Ninth God Eye was of utmost importance.

Temporarily ensuring that the news of them capturing the Ninth God Eye remained a secret was far more important than not provoking a Sacred Land. Thus, everyone who had witnessed this had to die!

“The situation is bad…” God Lord Crazysword felt fear welling up in his heart.

At this moment, even the two five-star factions of the Tianhe Zone were afraid, let alone someone like him, a God Lord who didn’t belong to any faction.

Not good…

The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master, the Swift Wind Gate Master, and all the other God Lords sensed the invisible killing intent of these people. They were sure that this Third Heaven God Lord truly did intend to kill all of them.

“Run!” The Swift Wind Gate Master instantly began to bum his blood and Divine Power, his body erupting with wind as he prepared to flee.

The other experts also began to use their life-saving measures. The sight of the Third Heaven God Lord taking action just now had been deeply carved into their minds. Even if all the Second Heaven God Lords present worked together, they would still be no match for the Divine Emissary. Moreover, this Third Heaven God Lord also had the powerful God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude at his side.

The chances of victory were zero.

“No one can leave!” The Divine Emissary’s eyes chilled. He spread apart his arms, unleashing primal and chaotic Divine Power that set into motion all the other energy in the world.


All the energy for a radius of one million li trembled as the Divine Emissary took control over it. In this situation, everyone else lost the support of the world’s energy and plunged in strength.

Of course, it wasn’t over yet; the Divine Emissary condensed all this energy into a gloomy barrier that sealed off the area for one million li around himself. At this moment, everyone was sealed in the center of the Burning Heaven Sea.

“Break!” The Swift Wind Gate Master arrived at the barrier first. He circulated his Wind Law and Divine Power and sent a storm of azure swords at it.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The powerful attack of a Second Heaven God Lord howled toward the barrier created by the Divine Emissary. However, before the Swift Wind Gate Master’s attack could even get close, the energy of the barrier managed to devour some of its power.

The storm of azure swords exploded against the barrier, but the Swift Wind Gate Master sensed that part of the storm’s power had been absorbed by the gloomy barrier. The remaining power in the attack was not enough to break open the barrier.

“Damn! This energy that can devour and encompass all things… Primal Chaos energy!” The Swift Wind Gate Master’s face was fraught with worry.

At this moment, he was finally sure that the Third Heaven God Lord belonged to the 6th ranked race of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, the Heaven Mending Race. In terms of Origin energy, the Heaven Mending Race was said to possess Primal Chaos energy, one of the strongest kinds of energy in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, ranked in the top three.

“As expected of a Divine Emissary who has fused with the bloodline of the Heaven Mending Race. This strength is simply too powerful!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude sighed in wonder.

The Heaven Mending Race was an ancient bloodline that was extremely difficult to fuse with. This Divine Emissary had managed to achieve fifty percent fusion with the Heaven Mending Race bloodline, which allowed him to become a Divine Emissary.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

God Lord Heavenly Solitude and God Lord Tyrant Dragon swiftly went to work. Now that the Divine Emissary had stopped everyone from leaving, they just needed to finish everyone off.

As they fled, everyone scattered. Now that they were separated, none of them had the ability to fight against experts like God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude.

Of course, the Divine Emissary could harness the energy in this sealed area to attack whenever he wanted.

As explosion after explosion rang out, one God Lord after another was slain.

“Hmph, you really think someone like you deserves an Ancestral Artifact fragment?” God Lord Tyrant Dragon fired off a black dragon of flames that devoured God Lord Bloodrain.


He charged out, snatching the Blazing Hell fragment from God Lord Bloodrain’s hand.

“No…!” God Lord Bloodrain was scorched black as he screeched in pain. The Ancestral Artifact fragment that had been obtained with so much difficulty was lost, and he had lost his life with it as well. He felt immense regret.

But everything was already settled!

On the other end:

“Heheh, God Sealing Race, obediently come with me!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude focused his Eyes of Death on Tang Bai.

“Haaa…” Tang Bai gave a sorrowful sigh. He never expected for the struggle over the Ancestral Artifact fragment to turn out like this.

The Ninth God Eye, the Golden Crow Race, the Destruction Dragon Race, and even a Third Heaven expert of the Heaven Mending Race had appeared. Even someone like him who had spent his entire life in a Sacred Land found this extremely thrilling.

“Hmph, since you know that you can’t fight back, just submit!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude sneered. In his view, Tang Bai was sighing because he knew that he was powerless.

“I’ll take my leave. I don’t have time to play around with you!” Tang Bai’s expression suddenly changed as a talisman of white gold appeared in his hand.

He was only sighing because he was forced to use this trump card of his. God Lord Heavenly Solitude had completely misunderstood.


The talisman flashed with golden light, and then a gigantic white hand bursting with golden light suddenly emerged.

“Oh no!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude paled and immediately backed up.

The energy exuded by this talisman filled him with fear. Boom! Whoosh!

The giant hand, infused with immense power, thrust out a finger.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

In a flash, a hole had been made in the gloomy barrier. At the same time, the entire barrier was affected by this Sealing energy and weakened somewhat.


Tang Bai’s body was wrapped in crystalline white Divine Power, raising his strength to a whole new level. But he knew that he was not an expert in fighting and was still no match for the Divine Emissary.


He vanished into the distance as a streak of light. After fleeing a certain distance, Tang Bai sensed that no one had followed, and he used Spatial Shift to swiftly escape.

“Why would the Heaven Mending Race be interested in the Ninth God Eye?” Tang Bai was extremely confused.

Based on what he knew during the Ancient Era, the Heaven Mending Race was a pacifistic race. This race rarely took part in conflicts over resources. Rather, it wandered around the Fan Universe and repaired the hole in space, maintaining the normal operation of the entire Fan Universe. He never would’ve expected for this race to actually appear and capture the Ninth God Eye.

However, that holder of the Heaven Mending Race bloodline gave him a very strange feeling. Perhaps there was something else going on.

Back in the center of the Burning Heaven Sea, near the gap in the gloomy barrier:

“My lord, your subordinate was incapable and let him escape….” God Lord Heavenly Solitude nervously said.

“It’s fine.” The Divine Emissary was indifferent and turned to leave.

Tang Bai’s sudden use of his trump card broke the Divine Emissary’s spatial seal and affected the strength of the entire barrier. He could have gone after Tang Bai just now, but if he did, all the other people in the sealed space would have been able to escape. Letting the many go for the sake of capturing one was clearly not a worthwhile trade.


The Divine Emissary swiftly moved elsewhere to kill off the survivors, one by one.

“Go!” After all this was done, the trio used Spatial Shift to leave.

The struggle over the Ancestral Artifact fragment in the Burning Heaven Sea henceforth became a mystery. It was rumored that all the God Lords who went after that fragment had died within. This matter even alarmed the Tianhe Zone’s Sacred Land, which sent over God Lords to investigate.

Meanwhile, the captured Zhao Feng was taken by the trio to an unknown place.

“They actually killed everyone!” Zhao Feng sighed.

Although the Divine Emissary had sealed him with a special art, he was still able to sense what was going on outside.

God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s group was simply fearless. They even killed off all the upper echelon members of two five- star factions.

In addition, once he was captured by the Divine Emissary, Zhao Feng could sense that all his energy was being absorbed by the gloomy sphere that was his prison. It was precisely because of this that the Divine Emissary had relaxed his guard around Zhao Feng.

Of course, even though Zhao Feng had been captured and sucked dry of Divine Power, he did not panic. This was because Zhao Feng had a way to escape: Thought Teleportation. This was the unique ability of the Dream God Eye. Only Dream energy and Thought power were required to use it.

“There’s no rush for now. Let’s take a look at their faction and gather some information!” Zhao Feng was in no rush to leave.

The faction behind God Lord Tyrant Dragon was immensely powerful and was seemingly dead set on obtaining the Ninth God Eye. Such a faction coming after Zhao Feng would make it difficult for him to rest easy.

Crucially, he knew nothing about this faction. Thus, Zhao Feng planned to venture deep into the tiger’s cave and see what was going on. Even a small bit of understanding of this faction would make it easier to deal with.

One day later, the trio arrived at a deserted place.

“They’re laying down an array.” Within the gloomy ball, Zhao Feng observed the outside world.

Three days later, the array was finished and opened a mysterious passage. Zhao Feng was taken by them into another place.

“Where is this?” Zhao Feng observed all the strange things around him.

This was an ethereal world, the sky dotted with white clouds. Three massive mountains floated in the boundless sky.

Countless buildings could be seen on these vast mountains. At a glance, it seemed like the mountain was made from that dense collection of buildings.

“Buildings of the Heaven’s Legacy Race!” Zhao Feng was startled.

Yes, these three massive mountains were covered in buildings of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

These buildings were even more grand and exquisite than the buildings he had seen in the Heaven’s Legacy Race city, and all of them were pleasing to the eye, exuding various kinds of style.

“Such massive and complete Heaven’s Legacy Race buildings! Could it be…?” Zhao Feng suddenly had an absurd thought.


There were several dozen small squads of warships patrolling around these three mountains. All of these ships were manned by automatons, with the weakest of them comparable to Rank Seven Ancient Gods.

“Respectfully welcoming the Divine Emissary!” All the automatons got down on one knee and called out.

The Divine Emissary flew straight toward the mountain in the middle.

This mountain was enormous. As they approached, even Zhao Feng’s Dream God Eye couldn’t see the edge of this peak.

A few moments later, the Divine Emissary entered a black palace at the summit of the mountain.

“You’ve returned.” Moments after arriving, an ethereal voice rang out.

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