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Divine Emissary

At this moment, God Lord Heavenly Solitude was wickedly smiling as he announced Zhao Feng’s true identity.

“Zhao Feng?” Tang Bai froze. He found this name rather familiar.

“Zhao Feng? This is the name of that rumored holder of the Ninth God Eye!” God Lord Crazysword’s eyes twinkled with sharp light, and he turned in disbelief to Zhao Feng.

“Right!” Tang Bai fiercely nodded and stared in shock at Zhao Feng.

The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master and the Swift Wind Gate Master also stared in disbelief. They never would have imagined that the mysterious God Lord who had ruined their plans again and again was the rumored holder of the Ninth God Eye.

If they had known that this was the case, they would have abandoned the Ancestral Artifact fragment and made capturing Zhao Feng their first priority. The Ninth God Eye could make one a God Eye Deity. What was a trifling Ancestral Artifact fragment in comparison?

“Run!” This thought immediately occurred to Zhao Feng.

God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s group definitely had some sort of scheme. Moreover, with his identity exposed, the others might give up on the Ancestral Artifact fragment and attack him instead.

“Too late now!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon sinisterly smiled.

“Mm?” Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s Ninth God Eye felt a powerful bloodline energy approaching.

“Not good! There’s another expert! Is this their secret move?” Zhao Feng finally realized why God Lord Tyrant Dragon and the others had been feigning ignorance; their goal was only to delay Zhao Feng until the true expert arrived.

At this moment, God Lord Heavenly Solitude, God Lord Tyrant Dragon, and the Golden Crow Race woman erupted with bloodline and Divine Power, breaking free of the constraints around them.


The three of them got behind Zhao Feng to prevent him from escaping.

“What’s going on?” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master looked into the distance and trembled.

As a Second Heaven God Lord, he could sense that a great danger was approaching.

*Oh no!” The Swift Wind Gate Master’s face darkened as he began to retreat.

Tang Bai’s God Sealing Race bloodline also shivered as if in warning. Nearby, a spatial vortex appeared.


An imposing white-robed man surrounded in dazzling divine light descended upon the world. Kaboom!

The entire world fiercely shuddered and groaned under this immense pressure. Even the flames of the Burning Heaven Sea were suppressed down to the ground.

All the living beings within a range of millions of li came under this pressure. Those God Lords of lower cultivation immediately dropped to the ground, their bodies shaking all over.

“Third Heaven!” Zhao Feng was startled.

Although he had never seen a Third Heaven God Lord before, he was sure that this person who just appeared was definitely at the Third Heaven, or perhaps an even higher level.


Zhao Feng used his Space Law and transformed into a streak of light as he tried to flee. At this moment, Zhao Feng had reached an unprecedented speed.

“Don’t even think about it!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon, the Golden Crow Race woman, and God Lord Heavenly Solitude all unleashed their Divine Power and bloodlines, forming a massive barrier. Although the Divine Emissary had appeared, making any attempt by Zhao Feng to escape meaningless, this was exactly the time for them to do something, even if it was pointless.

“Scram!” Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword fired off several hundred waves of energy.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The vast majority of these waves struck the Golden Crow Race woman, leaving many open wounds.

However, golden-red flames surged out of these wounds, slowly healing them. The 7th ranked Golden Crow Race possessed the Inextinguishable Flame Body, so no matter how great the injury they received, they would rapidly recover. It was rumored that, even if their entire body was destroyed, they could be reborn from the flames.

“So what if it’s the Inextinguishable Flame Body?” Zhao Feng heedlessly charged forward, surrounded by the Chaos Heaven Lightning Vortex. As he charged forward, all the Golden Crow Flames he ran into were twisted and devoured by the Chaos Heaven Lightning Vortex.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was displaying his fastest speed and greatest strength.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng charged into the Golden Crow Race woman, his Chaos Heaven Lightning Vortex’s power swiftly assailing her. Even the recovery speed of the Inextinguishable Flame Body could not match the rate at which Zhao Feng inflicted damage.

Zhao Feng also took out a white crystal mirror fragment. The Ancestral Artifact fragment instantly covered the Golden Crow Race woman in Time Law energy. This further decreased the Golden Crow Race woman’s ability to resist and recover.

“Time Execution!” Zhao Feng used the Ancestral Artifact fragment and unleashed massive blades of white light.

The Golden Crow Race woman screamed, the flames on her body weakening and revealing her bloodied and battered body. The other God Lords present all trembled in shock.

“He actually had an Ancestral Artifact fragment!?” The Swift Wind Gate Master and the Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master were both extremely furious. Neither of them had Ancestral Artifact fragments and were willing to fight to the death over one, but the First Heaven Zhao Feng had a Time-type Ancestral Artifact fragment.

But what use was any of this?

Tang Bai couldn’t help but sigh. He could naturally tell that the Third Heaven God Lord had appeared here to capture Zhao Feng.

“Hmph!” The Divine Emissary frowned and extended a hand. Immediately supreme Law Divine Power descended on Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s Chaos Heaven Lightning Vortex came under such immense pressure that even its shape deformed.

“No, there’s still a chance!” Zhao Feng focused his gaze, mobilizing the Origin energy of his Dream God Eye. “Dreamification!” Dreamy mist spiraled out of his left eye and fused into the world.

Zhao Feng’s left eye became a dreamy ball of light. The world before him became like that of a multicolored dream. The Golden Crow Race woman before him and the flames on her body were covered in a rainbow of colors.

“Break!” Zhao Feng thrust out a figure as he circulated Thought power.

“What’s going on?” The Golden Crow Race woman widened her eyes as she sensed death approaching.


The flames on her body suddenly vanished, and then her arm began to disappear, bit by bit.

With her life in danger, the Golden Crow Race woman tried every type of energy to resist. In the end, she discovered that only Law energy could resist this inexplicable disappearance.

In the distance, the Divine Emissary’s eyes flashed.

“This is the power of the Ninth God Eye?” Not even he could understand why the Golden Crow Race woman’s body was vanishing.

“The legends say that God Eye bloodlines are comparable to the ancestors of the top ten ancient races!” A hint of yearning appeared on the Divine Emissary’s face, and then he focused his gaze on Zhao Feng.


At this moment, he harnessed his bloodline power, erupting with an ancient energy of primal chaos. Although the Ninth God Eye was only a First Heaven God Lord, he would not be careless, so he immediately used his bloodline power.


The bloodline energy soared into the heavens, throwing the entire Burning Heaven Sea into chaos. His body gradually darkened, his lower half completely disappearing and turning into a dark and chaotic fog. The Divine Emissary’s body also grew to a height of one hundred feet.


Primal Origin energy exploded from the Divine Emissary and swept through the world.

At this moment, all living beings in the world born from bloodlines screamed in fear. Countless fire birds in the Burning Heaven Sea felt their bodies twist and writhe under this bloodline energy, some of them even exploding.


The several God Lords closest to the Divine Emissary groaned and vomited blood.

“This bloodline, could it be the 6th ranked…?” Even Tang Bai’s bloodline was surging and roiling.

The distant Zhao Feng was also somewhat affected.


The Divine Emissary circulated his Divine Power and thrust out a palm. A twisted and dark energy howled forth. Kabooom!

The world quaked as all the energy in the air was absorbed by this twisted and dark Divine Power. The devouring attribute of this Divine Power was somewhat similar to that of Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin, but it was even more domineering.

“What formidable Divine Power!” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master felt the Divine Power inside himself tremble.

Those God Lords beneath Second Heaven felt their Divine Power freeze and became unusable.

The twisted and dark power descended upon Zhao Feng.

Boom! Bang!

The Chaos Heaven Lightning Vortex was twisted and shattered to pieces.

“Die!” Zhao Feng clenched his teeth, his Dream Origin energy going into a frenzy. His Dream God Eye’s power and his Thought power instantly shot up to a whole new level.


The rate at which the Golden Crow Race woman’s body was disappearing suddenly increased.

“Eh?” The Divine Emissary was startled. Although he had captured Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique and his Time Law’s power had not stopped.

At this moment, more than half of the Golden Crow Race woman’s soul had disappeared, and she was incredibly weak. “Die!” Zhao Feng unleashed a powerful Time attack from his Ancestral Artifact fragment.


The heavily injured Golden Crow Race woman was struck by the white crystal blade, and her body instantly crumbled. Time energy was also incredibly damaging to the soul, so her soul was extinguished as well.


After killing one, Zhao Feng circulated all his power and fled.

“Dead?” God Lord Heavenly Solitude and God Lord Tyrant Dragon were stunned. They had believed that, with the Divine Emissary present, nothing could go wrong. This was definitely not what they expected.

“What?” The Divine Emissary was astonished, rage building up in his body. Zhao Feng had actually killed one of his subordinates right before his eyes.

“Chaos Origin Lock!” The Divine Emissary brought his hands together and began to harness that twisted and gloomy Divine Power.


The Divine Power exuded a powerful suction, even forming a vortex. This Divine Power swiftly flew toward Zhao Feng, and the powerful suction hindered Zhao Feng’s movements.


In a flash, the gloomy and chaotic Divine Power had formed a unique spherical space around Zhao Feng.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng circulated his Divine Power and attempted to get out. However, he discovered that his Chaos Origin Divine Power had no effect on the Divine Power of a Third Heaven God Lord. The moment his Chaos Origin Divine Power surged out, it was absorbed by his enemy’s Divine Power.

“What Divine Power is this that even my Chaos Origin Divine Power is no use against it?” Zhao Feng was amazed.

But even so, he still had a way to deal with it: the Dream God Eye. He was confident that God Eye Illusory Oblivion would be effective.

“Pointless struggle!” The Divine Emissary coldly snorted, extending a hand and releasing even more Divine Power. This Divine Power fused with the sealing sphere around Zhao Feng.

A powerful energy immediately constricted around Zhao Feng’s entire body, not only absorbing his Divine Power but also constantly grinding away at him so that he could not maintain focus.


The Divine Emissary instantly shot over to Zhao Feng’s side.

The dark sphere around Zhao Feng slowly contracted until it became a small ball that could be held in the Divine Emissary’s hand. The Divine Emissary chanted several more spells, adding several more seals onto the ball.

“Congratulations, honored Divine Emissary, on smoothly capturing the Ninth God Eye!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon and Heavenly Solitude kneeled down, expressions of complete respect on their faces.

Those who could become Divine Emissaries had to be top-class Third Heaven God Lords. Whether it was their fighting power, techniques, or bloodline compatibility level, they were immensely powerful.

“Honored Divine Emissary, what should be done with these people?” God Lord Tyrant Dragon looked around him.

At this moment, all the other God Lords had terrified looks on their faces. Some of the First Heaven God Lords could hardly stand, their legs were shaking so badly.

“Kill them all,” the Divine Emissary emotionlessly declared.

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