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Everyone with Their Own Scheme

Perhaps I can use Swift Wind Gate and Vermillion Bird Pavilion to kill them! Zhao Feng’s mind was whirring with thoughts.

Whether it was God Lord Tyrant Dragon or God Lord Heavenly Solitude, they were incredibly powerful God Lords that Zhao Feng would find rather difficult to kill by himself. But now, many God Lords had gathered to fight over the Ancestral Artifact fragment. Perhaps he could use these people to help remove his two enemies!

“Obediently hand over the fragment of Blazing Hell, or else all of you will die here!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s vicious gaze scanned the area as he exuded a tyrannical aura.

Under God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s gaze, several First Heaven God Lords trembled in fear.

“Hmph, that’s quite the tone you have!” The Swift Wind Gate Master’s body trembled in rage.

The various incidents that took place over this operation to seize the Ancestral Artifact fragment had already pushed him to his limit, and now, another three Second Heaven God Lords arrived, arrogant and despotic, saying that he should obediently hand over the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

The God Lords of Vermillion Bird Pavilion were also extremely displeased by God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s group. They had seen arrogant and domineering figures before, but none who were this arrogant. A mere three people dared to proclaim that they could kill everyone present?

In the distance, Tang Bai’s gaze dimmed as his expression became uncertain. “These people aren’t simple!”

Of course, it wasn’t just Tang Bai who had noticed; the Second Heaven God Lords present had also sensed this. But the words of God Lord Tyrant Dragon had so incensed them that they all chose to take an extremely tough stance.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng spoke; “Swift Wind Gate Master, your Swift Wind Gate can’t hold the Ancestral Artifact fragment. You should just hand it over to avert any grievous losses.”

Zhao Feng had been concealing his appearance and energy this entire time, so no one could make out his face.

“What? You…!” The Swift Wind Gate Master gnashed his teeth, wanting nothing more than to tear Zhao Feng to pieces. If not for Zhao Feng, Swift Wind Gate would have already succeeded in escaping with the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

Now, Zhao Feng was pouring salt on the wound by saying that Swift Wind Gate should hand over the Ancestral Artifact fragment. If Swift Wind Gate did as Zhao Feng said, all of them would be so ashamed that they wouldn’t be able to show their faces in public.

Seeing the expressions on the faces of the Swift Wind Gate Master and God Lord Bloodrain, Zhao Feng quietly chuckled to himself. His words were meant to provoke Swift Wind Gate so that they wouldn’t easily give up.

“Sirs from Vermillion Bird Pavilion, you’re also so incompetent. I helped you just now by stopping Swift Wind Gate, but you still couldn’t succeed, not even managing to touch the Ancestral Artifact fragment. You should hurry and retreat as well rather than continue to make fools of yourselves!” After speaking to Swift Wind Gate, Zhao Feng turned his spear on Vermillion Bird Pavilion.

“What? You brat…! Seeking death!” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master’s eyes went red in fury. The flames of rage seethed behind as he prepared to attack Zhao Feng.

God Lord Vastsoul and the other God Lords of Vermillion Bird Pavilion also turned red in the face, their ruthless eyes surging with a desire to kill Zhao Feng.

You brat, I don’t think you managed to get close to the Ancestral Artifact fragment either, right?” God Lord Vastsoul rolled his eyes at Zhao Feng and jeered.

“Sure, but I’ve already had a very rich harvest this time,” Zhao Feng nonchalantly said. In this struggle for the Ancestral Artifact fragment, Zhao Feng had already killed four God Lords, obtaining from them many spoils.

“All of you talk a lot of nonsense! If you don’t hand over the Ancestral Artifact fragment, don’t blame this god for starting a massacre!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon viciously glared at the Swift Wind Gate group.

The Ancestral Artifact fragment was currently still in God Lord Bloodrain’s possession.

“Hand it over? Don’t even think about it!” the Swift Wind Gate Master bellowed, the flames of rage still burning in his heart. If he handed over the Ancestral Artifact fragment just like that, what dignity would he have left?

“It’s still not decided who the final victor will be!” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master sneered. He absolutely needed to get his hands on the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

“Seeking death!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s eyes turned cold, and he shot forward while cloaked in boundless black draconic flames.

At this moment, his calamitous and Destructive bloodline swept over the world, charging into the blood of all the God Lords.

“Destruction Dragon Race!?” the members of Swift Wind Gate and Vermillion Bird Pavilion all called out in alarm.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The Ancestral Artifact fragment suppressed by God Lord Bloodrain trembled and began to batter against the barrier of bloody light around it.

“Attack together!” the Swift Wind Gate Master hurriedly called out.

When God Lord Tyrant Dragon charged forward, the Swift Wind Gate Master already knew that he was no match. However, Swift Wind Gate had more people.

Swish! Swish!

All the God Lord experts of Swift Wind Gate charged forward. The strongest of them, God Lord Bloodrain and the Swift Wind Gate Master, led the charge.

God Lord Bloodrain pushed with his hand, stirring up a vast wave of surging blood. The Swift Wind Gate Master waved the jade sword in his hand, creating a dense rain of azure swords. From the back, the other members of Swift Wind Gate launched their own powerful attacks.


Divine Power attacks filled the sky as they hurtled toward God Lord Tyrant Dragon.

“Destruction Dragon Breath!” God Lord Tyrant Dragon used his Destruction Dragon Race bloodline, harnessing immense amounts of Origin energy as he spat out a gout of forbidden black flame from his mouth.

Boom! Bang!

The black flame transformed into a black sun that radiated a dreadful aura that could destroy all things.

When these two energies came together, they unleashed a terrifying storm that swept through the region.

“How could this be?” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master was stunned.

God Lord Tyrant Dragon was singlehandedly blocking the attacks of all the experts of Swift Wind Gate. This sort of strength was simply too terrifying!

“If this continues, Swift Wind Gate’s defeat is certain!” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master grimaced.

Swift Wind Gate’s defeat naturally had nothing to do with him, but if the Ancestral Artifact fragment were to fall into the hands of God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s group, Vermillion Bird Pavilion would have zero chance of obtaining it.

The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master communicated with his other members and explained his plan. He immediately received their approval.

“Let this old man play around with you!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude saw what Vermillion Bird Pavilion was up to and immediately shot over.


His eyes began to turn, unleashing a Death Law throughout the world. Even the sea of fire was suppressed, drowned under a sea of black fog.

“Just an Eye of Death descendant!” The Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master’s face chilled as he attacked with his members. A mere Eye of Death descendant was much weaker than a Destruction Dragon Race expert.

“Is that so?” God Lord Heavenly Solitude sneered, and with a flip of his hand, a golden-red feather appeared.

The moment he activated this Ancestral Artifact fragment, the flames of the Burning Heaven Sea began to stir.

“Death Flame Whirlpool!” God Lord Heavenly Solitude used his Eye of Death and the Ancestral Artifact fragment to create a massive black-and-red whirlpool.

Boom! Crash!

The Death and Fire energy within this whirlpool obliterated anything that entered it.

“A Blazing Hell fragment!?” the Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master blurted out in shock.

He hadn’t expected for this Eye of Death descendant to also have a fragment of Blazing Hell. This, together with his Quasi God Eye level Eyes of Death, made God Lord Heavenly Solitude’s strength comparable to a Third Heaven God Lord.

In the distance, Tang Bai was startled. “As expected, they weren’t simple at all!”

The two who were sent out both had the fighting power of a Third Heaven. That cold woman who had yet to move was undoubtedly of a similar level of strength.

At this moment, a soul message suddenly rang out in Tang Bai’s mind; “Tang Bai, they have an Ancestral Artifact fragment. Let’s work together against them. If we succeed, we can each get one Ancestral Artifact fragment.”

The one messaging Tang Bai was the Vermillion Bird Pavilion Master. The Ancestral Artifact fragment that God Lord Heavenly Solitude took out didn’t scare him, it only stimulated his greed.

Tang Bai did not reply. His intuition told him that these three were not people he should provoke.

“Brother Tang, if we join together with Swift Wind Gate and Vermillion Bird Pavilion to defeat those three, we’ll reap a good harvest!” Zhao Feng suddenly messaged Tang Bai as well.

“When will we strike?” God Lord Crazysword’s Sword Intent surged to the heavens.

They had been spectators this entire time. If this continued, the struggle for the Ancestral Artifact fragment might end without them having a chance to attack at all.

“Strike!” Tang Bai clenched his teeth and called out. He was no coward.

“Okay!” Zhao Feng faintly smiled and charged at the cold and indifferent woman who had yet to make a move. Thus, Tang Bai and the others followed him.

“Seeking death!” The cold woman’s red eyes focused.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

The golden-red feather patterns on her body suddenly began to burn, turning into feathers of flame that completely enveloped her. Her two arms turned into massive wings of fire that exuded a scorching bloodline pressure.


The flames of the Burning Heaven Sea went insane. The Blazing Hell fragment in God Lord Bloodrain’s hand shook so fiercely that it almost escaped its bindings.

“Golden Crow Race!” Tang Bai’s eyes flashed.

The other members of his team turned grim and serious.

These three people all have different and powerful bloodlines. Why would they stick together? Zhao Feng inwardly mused.

Unless these three were all part of the same faction? Zhao Feng couldn’t help but speculate that these three were either members of a Sacred Land or a faction on a similar level as a Sacred Land.

“Gate of Sealing!” Tang Bai formed a spell with his hands, releasing a strange energy that surged around the woman. Bzzzz!

White and twisted light formed into a crystal gate. Countless words of the God Sealing Race language began to crawl across the gate, eventually forming into a lock.


A unique energy seeped into the indifferent woman’s body, sealing her power.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng and the other members used this chance to charge in.

If Zhao Feng used his Chaos Origin Divine Power, God Lord Tyrant Dragon might recognize it. After all, the two of them had fought before. Thus, Zhao Feng used ordinary Divine Power attacks, making his fighting power that of an above-average First Heaven God Lord.

Meanwhile, Tang Bai specialized in sealing, and his attack techniques were not that strong. Thus, for a moment, their group assault against this woman was not able to make much headway.

But they still had the advantage in numbers, so if this continued, the Golden Crow Race woman would eventually be defeated.

“Okay!” Zhao Feng rejoiced and turned to see how the other two sides were doing.

God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude might be powerful, but their opponents were no weaklings and outnumbered them.

If this continues, the three of them will all be defeated! Zhao Feng mentally calculated.

Once God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude were defeated, he would reveal his identity without hesitation and use all his trump cards to annihilate them.

The members of Vermillion Bird Pavilion and Swift Wind Gate were also incredibly excited. God Lord Tyrant Dragon and God Lord Heavenly Solitude both had Ancestral Artifact fragments. As long as they could kill those two, there would be three Ancestral Artifact fragments available. When the time came, each party could have one.

God Lord Tyrant Dragon’s group was on the back foot, being pushed back again and again. Zhao Feng was getting impatient, prepared at any time to reveal his full power and kill them.

Suddenly, God Lord Tyrant Dragon, God Lord Heavenly Solitude, and the Golden Crow Race woman all sneered and looked at Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, long time no see. Has your strength fallen this far?” God Lord Heavenly Solitude said in his raspy voice. Zhao Feng immediately paled in shock.

Not good! They already knew who I was!

His three enemies had long ago known that Zhao Feng was present. They had just been feigning ignorance, for which there was undoubtedly a reason. Now that God Lord Heavenly Solitude had finally revealed the truth, Zhao Feng had an ill foreboding.

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