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Like usual I was waiting for him to come home after work and we’ll have dinner together but he’s already an hour late from his usual time, might got caught in some work

or he is with Laiba?? My heart asked. I quickly dismissed such thoughts from my mind. I had already called him ten time but it always goes in voicemail.

I was watching tv when I heard the screeching sound of his car. I quickly opened the door for him before he could ring the doorbell. He was shocked but quickly regain his posture. “Assalamualikum” I greeted him with a smile. He just nodded and started walking towards the stairs. “Come fast dinner is waiting” I shouted at him. He looked back at me..but something was wrong when he was staring at me..what is it I’m not able to make out.

After a while he came down after freshening up. “Lots of work??” I asked raising my eyebrows at him as I was warming up the food. He only nodded. God..I guess he’s again back to his previous mode!! Well you’ll must be thinking that after what he did yesterday I should treat him the same or should stand up..well personally I also want to do that..but now is not the right time.

I am not weak not at all…like he thinks and I’m happy with the way he thinks about me. Later today I had a talk with Sani she was very much angry with Arhaan that I had to almost beg her to not to say anything to mom and dad, they think that I’m very much happy with this relationship so let them be that only. It’s not as if they would make Arhaan love me back???

I was quiet and all patience just because of my parents and because I have promised that I’ll put my heart and soul in this marriage and I’ll not break that promise no matter what happens between us. I don’t respond to his nonsense just because I don’t want anyone to raise a finger also to me and question on my upbringing. And I know he’ll be the first person to question. I could handle if he says anything to me but I won’t be able to handle if he says anything to my parents.

I know he is testing my patience that till when I can tolerate his nonsense..and deep down I know that he has already crossed his limits but still I’m keeping myself patience just because I know that all this will end soon.

“Mahira I’m hungry” suddenly Arhaan’s voice brought me back to reality from my chain of thoughts.

“Two minutes” I told him.

I quickly arrange the dining table and called him. Today he was very quiet. “Arhaan I was thinking to do something as in job?? I know I haven’t completed my studies but I was in my last year before I married to you. And I don’t have anything to do practically. I get bored all day alone” I told him honestly.

He was silently eating. “Mahira I know you want to study or do job and I totally understand but in this I can’t help” he said while eating.

“I don’t want your help I’m just saying..I just want to know what you think about this?? If you think that if I’ll start doing some thing then I’ll neglect my house duties then I assure you I won’t and after that also if you’re not happy then I can always quit??” I said.

“It’s not about my think or any other thing. It’s about our marriage..you know that everyone knows about our marriage media and everyone. And personally I don’t mind you working but remember you’re not anyone else’s wife you’re name has been linked to mine and I’ll have to answer everyone and has to introduce to everyone as my wife which I don’t want and you also know this. So why talking about this??” He snapped.

After snapping at me he washed his hand and mouth and went away. I sighed. It hurted me that he indirectly wasn’t allowing me to pursue my carrier but still I told him. I’m such a fool I slapped my forehead.

I cleaned the kitchen and washed the dishes. After doing everything I made coffee for him. I know something is bothering him up and a cup of coffee can help him in cheering up his mood. I quickly poured the coffee in mug and went up to his room. He was standing on the balcony frustratedly running his hands over his hair. I smiled at his childish behavior.

“Here take this” I handed him the mug. He was surprised. “I know something is disturbing you so I thought why not making you a cup of coffee??” I told him smiling. He stared at me before he looked away sipping away his coffee.

“Had a fight with Laiba??” I asked. I know I should be happy if they had fought but I was not because he was upset and due to that I was upset.


“Then what is it??”

“Why does it bother you so much Mahira??” He asked calmly. I can sense that he’s totally off.

“You’ll be happy if you’ll see Laiba upset??” I asked.

“No..not at all..it will kill me from inside too..seeing her upset” he replied immediately.

I smiled..”so how can I??”

He was shocked. “You know you are mad???”

Yes madly crazily in love with you.

But of course I didn’t told him. I only smiled.

“Shabba khair” I said and turned.

“Please stay” he said suddenly

“Arhaan please..don’t” I know if I’ll stay then eventually I won’t be able to control myself and end up confessing him, which I didn’t wanted.

“Mahira” he held my hand and took a step closer.

“Shh..please Arhaan. It’s difficult for me to understand you, your behavior towards me. Sometimes your so soft and on the other hand you’re back to being rude. I just don’t understand what you want from me??” I said and I was now on the verge of tears.

“I know…” I cut him off mid sentence.

“No..you don’t know a thing Arhaan..you just don’t know. If you would have known you wouldn’t have insulted me like that..sometimes I feel that you actually like me or at least see me as a human but right at the next moment you throw me on the floor. You know what I just wouldn’t have given a d--n about this marriage but I actually am after knowing that I won’t get anything in return.” I looked at him.

“Arhaan for once also I didn’t even think about my carrier, my life…I just said yes to this marriage because my parents simply informed me to do so. They didn’t even asked once also for my permission. I had just came that day from my college when I was told about this marriage..and look what my decision has gotten myself into. You know what Arhaan I DON’T NEED YOU …you’re actually lucky to have me as your wife otherwise if someone else would have been in my place. She would have given you divorce right next day.” He was shocked. Personally I was also shocked that I was actually telling him what I had locked in my heart from when!!

“Arhaan I know, you don’t want to live with me and want to part away from me but let me remind you I’m not that weak that I’ll back off so easily. I’ll fight for you which belong to me and to nobody else but I’ll never ever try to make you fall for me. I seriously have given up on that issue. I only want to make you realize that I’m your wife and I know In Sha Allah one day you will and after that whatever your decision will be I’ll accept but till then I’m not going to leave your side. And dare you think of acting..or playing because I’ll catch you.”

“And Arhaan I know that you still hate me and didn’t want to be seen with me you just have to stop pretending in front of me from now. Lets be real to each other. You do your way to kick me out from your life while I’ll do my way to kick you in back in my life…stop planning and plotting behind my back. It doesn’t suit someone like you” I said as I wiped my tears.

He was shocked totally. His mouth was opened and was staring at me like I’ve caught him red handed doing illegal things. His expression made me chuckle

“Wait..how do you know no…I mean what are you talking about??” He stuttered but managed to ask.

“You actually thought that I am a foolish girl right?? who’ll easily come in your trap?? Well if you thought that way then you’re wrong absolutely utterly wrong!!” I said and looked at him.

“Mahira explain” he was eager.

“Arhaan may be I’ve never been in a relationship before but I know how boys are!! First you were d--n arrogant with me and then suddenly you’re sweet isn’t it a bit fishy?? And then you actually started caring for me, talking to me nicely..as if we are a fabulous couple. What made me more doubt at you was our almost kiss that you did it. Well no doubt I was actually happy that you atleast took the initiative for us but this made me question myself that are you doing this for real??

Then suddenly you held me and carried to the pool..remember?? That time I again had a doubt because you hated me soo much that you didn’t even wanted to see my face and that day you almost kissed me and was actually having a gala time with me in the pool and that too carrying me in a bridal way?? That was beyond my belief!! And then you did something when actually my suspicion got confirmed. It was that when you returned back to me from halfway only and that too without meeting Laiba whom you claim to be the love of your life???

That was your totally dumb idea to do that stupidity!! No matter how much you spend time with me or may b it’s the most happiest time of your life but still you’ll not leave meeting Laiba and that to just because I you meant I, Mahira whom you say that she is your maid..told you to not to go and you actually listened to her?? You practically chose your maid over your Laiba the love of your life..were you kidding???” I actually laughed at his foolishness!!

Arhaan was open mouthed staring at me as if someone has told him that I’m pregnant with his child!!! No offense I want to be a mother but not until he accepts me as his wife.

“Arhaan when you actually started behaving rudely once again and what you announced yesterday, making out with Laiba..all these actually were proof against you. I didn’t wanted to confront you but I guess fate has decided this way only!! But what made me to think was that.. that why you actually came to my rescue when that John guy was forcing himself on me?? What did it have to do with you?? I’m just your maid so why sudden concern?? It was just because I was a normal girl na?? Not because I’m your wife na???” I said and looked at him.

“Yes..you’re right” he said straight looking into my eyes. “But what about all that crying and acting hurt??”

“Well If you can play well then I also have to be stand high. But I didn’t have to act Arhaan all my concerns and emotions were real and nothing fake!!” I said glaring at him.

He smirked.

“Fine then lets play this then face to face if you know all this very well?? Let see who wins I send you back to your place or you have me..which is so not going to happen..I actually am relieved that you know all this because it was kind of getting boring without some challenge!!” He said.

“Okay..” I told him sternly.

“And yeah don’t think that Rehan told me all this. He has no hand in this it was your stupidity that made me complete the puzzle and when the puzzle was completed I got my answer. And please from next time try to be straight with your emotions rather than playing foul!! I smirked and walked back towards my room without giving him a second glance.

I quickly went to my room and locked the door instantly. I then let it out all from my heart in tears. I only knew that how I was keeping all these things inside me. Every night it hurted me by thinking that he actually is using me against his own evil plan. And I was also, so foolish that for once I actually thought that he had started caring for me. But no matter what I thank Allah for opening my eyes at the right time and I actually put the missing puzzle to complete my doubt.

In reality I wasn’t even that 100% confirmed about his evil plan..I just played oh so confidently in front of him and his confession made me confirmed my doubts. Ya Allah this hurts a lot more than him calling or insulting me by saying MAID.This behavior of him made me think that Am I Even His Maid as he calls every time???

To be continue…

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