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“You mean she said all that to you?”

“No kidding she said everything I just told you and even more”

It was the close of work, and the girls were hurrying out of the office to go catch their usual 5:30pm bus back to their apartment, as Jane told Amaka of her weird encounter with Katherine earlier at the office.

“That babe is crazier than I thought, you remember I told you about not liking the kind of vibe she gave off?” Amaka said, her nose scrunching up.

“Yeah I remember, what am I going to do now?” Jane asked sounding confused and out of breath from trying to keep up with Amaka’s fast pace.


“How do you mean nothing, didn’t you hear what I just told you she said? That girl wants Jeffery and she is ready to kill just to have him”

“And so what? Please tell me something I haven’t heard before” Amaka replied defiantly.

“Have you been listening to anything I have been saying?”

“I think you should listen to yourself, the babe is interested in your man so what? That’s her problem she will sort it out herself please stop worrying yourself”

“I still can’t understand the way you trivialize things”

“That my dear is because I don’t worry about things I can’t control”

“But I can control this particular situation”

“Really? and how exactly do you intend to control it?” she stopped to look at Jane and hear her reply.

“Uhmm…I haven’t figured it out yet”

“That’s what I thought, when you have been able to figure it out do let me know but for now let’s go home I’m hungry”

They were stepping out of the office gate when they met Jeffery’s driver coming out of one of Jeffery’s car. The G wagon to be precise.

“Hello Miss Jane, good evening”

“Good evening Mr. Solomon what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to pick you ma’am”

“And who asked you to do that?”

Amaka nudged Jane with her hips “how can you ask that, isn’t it obvious who sent him? Please Mr. Solomon do forgive my friend she can be like that sometimes, you still remember our address right?”

“Yes of course ma’am”

“Great, let’s go then”

Amaka hopped into the car while Jane stood watching, mouth agape. Sometimes she can’t bring herself to understand how her friend just switches sides like a light bulb.

“Are you coming or not?” Amaka asked from the window, Jane scoffed and joined her in the car.

“I can’t believe you just hopped in, I thought we were going to take a bus?”

“What is it with you and suffering, did you sign contract with it? Because I clearly don’t understand how you would prefer to ride in a public bus instead of riding in a private car not just any private car but a G-wagon. My dear friend you need help”

“You make it seem like I enjoy suffering, which is far from the truth you clearly don’t understand”

“Oh, really? Make me”

“I don’t want it to seem like I agreed to date him because of his money, I don’t want to come off as being materialistic”

Amaka held Jane’s hands in hers “But you didn’t ask him to send his driver to come pick you, he did it on his own initiative, Jane stop trying to sabotage your own happiness, rather enjoy every moment of it before they are priceless and will never come back to you”

“I will try” Jane said with a resigned voice.

“No no no.. you are going to do more than just try, you are going to make a conscious effort okay?”

She waited for Jane’s reply and when none was forthcoming she poked her hard on her ribs.

“Ouch.. what was that for?”

In response, Amaka poked her again this time it was harder.

“Fine, fine I promise I will make a conscious effort at being happy, can you stop poking me already?”


The driver took a different turn from the one leading to where they lived.

“Mr Solomon that’s a wrong turn” Jane pointed out.

“I know ma’am but Mr Jeffery requested I bring you girls to come meet him at Raddison Lounge”

“I don’t understand, what is happening there?”

“Oh God this girl why are you like this?” Amaka asked smacking her hand on her forehead ”Do you need to know what is going on there before you go? It’s Raddison Lounge for God’s sake. What else do people do at the lounge? Mr Solomon please with all pleasure do take us to Raddison Lounge”

The driver was torn between continuing the journey or stopping to explain to Jane, the traffic that evening was free flowing, him stopping will definitely cause the flow to cease and the last thing he wanted was to incur the wrath of the people driving behind him so he opted to explain to her while he drove.

“Ma’am, Mr Jeffery is having drinks with his friends and would like you both to join him”

Just then Jane’s phone rang, she picked it up on the second ring; it was Jeffery calling.

“Hi beautiful, how was your day?”

“It was okay”

“With the tune of your voice I can tell you have seen my driver?”

“Oh so you were the one who sent him? I was actually thinking we were being kidnapped” Jane said with sarcasm in her voice.

“What is the problem? you don’t sound happy”

Jane wanted to give him a piece of her mind but then she didn’t want to appear being rude to him in front of Amaka and Mr Solomon, especially Mr Solomon his employee.

“We will talk about it when we see”

“Alright, are you girls on your way already?”

“Yes, see you when we get there”


Jane turned to look at Amaka who was completely lost typing away on her phone, she didn’t seem to have been listening to Jane’s conversation and neither was Mr Solomon who was completely focused on the road.

Few minutes later, they arrived the Lounge premises. The driver dropped them at the entrance and then went in search of a parking space.

“You know Dele might be here too?” Jane whispered to Amaka as they walked in.

“Well, good for him I couldn’t careless” Amaka replied. Even if she tried to appear nonchalant Jane could sense that she was tensed, this made her smile inwardly, for the first time the fearless Amaka seems tensed about seeing someone. This was an evening Jane was surely looking forward to.

As they walked in, they sighted Jeffery sitting in one of the VIP sessions with his friends, Jane and Amaka walked towards their direction and before they got there; Jeffery who has already seen them, met with them halfway.

“Hey there beautiful” he said as he pulled Jane in for a hug and then proceeded to give her a kiss on the forehead.

“Good evening”

“Good evening, what’s wrong? you don’t look too happy” Jeffery asked as he searched Jane’s face.

“Can we talk in private?”

“Yeah sure let’s go to the pool side” as they were leaving he turned to inform Michael and the others to excuse them “excuse us guys we will be back shortly”

“You can’t wait any longer huh?” Dele asked in between laughs. Anita who was sitting close to him had to smack him on the shoulders.

“Anita, what did you do that for?”

“Why do you always assume the worst about things?”

“How do you mean by that? Anita’s pregnancy is beginning to affect your brain? Why are you always aggressive?”

“It’s your brain that’s not working well, in-fact you—”

“Not now you both” Michael interrupted them, the last thing he wanted to witness was his wife fighting with her brother, he has seen enough fights between those two to last him a lifetime, the only thing he wanted right now was to relax so he turned to Amaka who just joined them.

“Hi dear, you must be Jane’s friend Jeffery told us about, Amaka right?”

“Yeah, you are right”

”Hmmm the famous Amaka” Michael repeated the name with a knowing smile as he looked at Dele who has refused to acknowledge Amaka’s presence.

Amaka wanted to ask what he meant with the look but then decided against it.

“At least offer her a seat before bombarding the girl with questions” Anita scolded as she patted a seat close to her for Amaka to sit. ”please do have a sit Amaka”

”Sorry my bad” Michael apologized “Please have a sit, what would you like to drink?”

“Smirnoff ice will be fine”

“Smirnoff ice it is then” he signaled to the waiter to come take her order.

As they got to the pool side, Jeffery noticed Jane wasn’t smiling whatever it is she wanted to talk about must be important.

“Here have a seat”

“No I would prefer to stand”

“Okay as you wish, so what is that you want to talk about?”

“Why are we here?”

“Excuse me? I don’t understand your question”

“Why did you ask your driver to bring us here?”

“Because I want to take you and your friend out?”

“What about asking me first? You can’t just ask your driver to come fetch me like I’m some commodity you purchased!”

Jeffery was short of words, it seems every direction he turns to please this girl ends up backfiring.

“Well forgive me for wanting to help my girlfriend and her best friend relax after a stressful day, I didn’t know I had to seek your permission first, be rest assured I will never make such mistake next time”

“No Jeffery you are—–”

She was cut short by Dele who ran to meet them at the pool side.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys but we have a situation, Anita’s water just broke”



Michael drove his wife to the hospital while Dele and Jeffery followed behind in their respective cars. Jane and Amaka were with Jeffery in his own car.

On their way to the hospital, Jane tried conversing with Jeffery but he kept giving her cold replies so she gave up.

Amaka could sense the tensed air between Jane and Jeffery but decided to mind her own business and instead think of how she was going to get back her National Identity Card from that crazy player; Dele. Throughout their short stay at the lounge, he kept pretending not to notice her. He wants to play games? she was definitely going to show him how it’s done.

When they all got to the hospital, Anita was placed on a wheel chair and wheeled into one of the wards by the nurses.

Thirty minutes later the obstetrician in charge, came out of the ward to speak to the rest of them including Michael who was nearly pacing a hole into the reception floor.

“Her contractions are fifteen minutes apart, we will still have to wait a little longer before she can go into full labor” He said.

“Thank you doctor can I see her?” Michael asked a bit anxious.

“Of course but you will have to be careful not to upset her, she is a bit sensitive right now”

“Sure doctor, thank you”

Michael went into the ward while the rest of them waited outside to give him some privacy with his wife.

“Hey babe how are you feeling?”

“Weird, there is this pain that comes with the contractions and then there is the feeling that the baby might pop out from in-between my legs any minute”


“What’s funny!” Amaka asked in an angry tune.

“Uhm…” Michael clears his throat “nothing, I’m so sorry that was insensitive”

“You sure are right that was so insensitive of you, I’m about to give birth to our baby and it’s funny to you? I think we should trade places so you can have a feel of what I’m going through!”

“Babe I’m so sorry, you know I didn’t mean it that way, if I can trade places with you, I would without batting an eyelid”

“Yeah right tell me about it”

“Babe I’m sorry, is there anything you would like me to get for you?”

“Yes the bag containing everything I would be needing for my labor and for the baby”

“I asked our housekeeper to get them, I ordered for an Uber to bring her to the hospital, she will be here anytime soon”


“Would you like to eat anything? I could order for some food to be brought to you”

”No Michael, food is the last thing on my mind right now, the only thing I want is to have this over and done with”

”I’m sorry babe, I don’t know what I can do to help”

”You see why I always insisted on you following me to antenatal classes? but you never came for any”

She could sense her husband was confused and scared, she patted the bed for him to sit . He obliged her and held her hands.

“I need you to be strong for us, I’m going into labor to give birth to our baby, you don’t have to be scared, my body was made for this remember?”

“I’m sorry I’m just confused Anita, I have pictured this day several times in my head and now that it’s finally happening, I can’t seem to do anything right”

“But honey you are doing everything just right, I’m sorry I know I haven’t been the best wife since this preg—”

“Shhhhh” Michael shut her up with a place of his index finger on her lips “Babe stop apologizing I understand you’re pregnant and you get the hormones kicking in from time to time”

“I’m sorry”

“Stop apologizing I….”

He was cut short by Anita’s next contraction which had her groaning, this caused Michael to panic. He wanted to go call the doctor but Anita was holding on tightly to his wrist. She dug her finger nails into his skin in the process. After a minute she relaxed her grip on his hands and opened her eyes.

“Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?”

“No it’s fine besides the doctor will here soon, just help me up I need to walk around the room a little bit, the nurse said it help reduce my backache”

He admired her strength, he could see she was in pain but was trying hard not to show it, to avoid scaring him.

“You’re going to be a great mother” He said as he helped her up from the bed.

“You think so? Sometimes I fear I might just mess things up”

“No you won’t, we are in this together remember?”

He placed a kiss on her forehead.

After an hour, Michael came out to meet his friends at the reception. “Thanks guys, but I think you should go home and rest I will call to let you know once she delivers, I don’t want to keep you guys”

“You need not worry about us man, we will stay with you, she is our sister too remember?” Dele replied as he patted Michael on the back.

“You are not getting rid off us that easily man” Jeffery replied and then went to check on Jane who seated with Amaka at the opposite end of the reception, he squatted so he was on same eye level as her, he used his right hand to tuck a stray hair from her face behind her ear.

“Hey, I’m sorry to drag you into this, I have asked my driver to take you girls home”

“It’s fine you don’t have to apologize, how is she?”

“She is doing okay”

“You don’t have to worry we will take a cab home, we don’t want to be a bother”

“Jane….. not again, I thought we’ve had this discussion before now?” Jeffery closed his eyes and kneaded his temple from exhaustion.

“Please allow my driver take you home, it’s getting late and I don’t want you out on your own. Please?”

“Okay, fine”

Jeffery said nothing, he just gave a nod and left.

“What was that about?” Amaka asked as she scooted closer to Jane.

“You know it’s bad manners to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations right?”

“First of all you and Jeffery are not other people and second of all I wasn’t eavesdropping I just happened to hear your discussion, besides it wasn’t like you were having some secret conversation or something”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to come out like that, I’m just tired”

“Of what exactly?”

“This” Jane gesticulated with her hands. “Everything seems so overwhelming, one minute I was running into Jeffery and spilling my smoothie content on him, the next minute I’m in his house discussing business and now I’m his girlfriend” Jane said feeling tired.

“You missed the part where you spent the night at his place and you guys kissed”

“Amaka! How is that supposed to help?”

“I’m sorry, my point is try to see this from this angle” Amaka said making a sign with her fingers.

“What angle are you talking about?”

“This guy is madly in love with you and you clearly like him too”


“So don’t fight it, stop trying to rationalize everything before you can enjoy it. For once you get the opportunity to live and be happy without having to look over your shoulders, Jeffery has sworn to protect you and from the look of things he has been trying to do so. My question is why are you trying to stop him?”

Jane looked at the man whom she has come to like more than she could admit to herself, the sight of him standing with his friends turned family melted Jane’s heart. He stood with his arms folded as he stared into the direction the doctors took Anita to, he had a pensive look on his face. Jane wanted nothing more than to kiss him until that look on his face was replaced with a smile. Why wouldn’t she just let him love her?

“Sometimes I fear if I get used to it, it might all get blown up in my face”

“By whom? And even if it does get blown up, you would know you tried, you gave love a chance, you gave yourself a chance to be happy. Jane sometimes you just need to live for the moment. Stop worrying about what tomorrow holds because you are only guaranteed of this minute”

Jane tried speaking but decided against it, so she nodded instead.

“If it’s not meant to be it’s still going to get blown up, so why not enjoy it now that it’s here? We can’t control or decide what tomorrow brings our way but what we sure can control is this minute that we live in. Live and feel every moment before it escapes”

Few minutes later Jeffrey’s driver walked into the hospital. Jeffery saw him come in, so he signaled him to where he was standing. They spoke for some seconds and he walked up to Jane and Amaka.

“Good evening ma’am, I have been asked to drive you girls home”

Amaka followed him to the car while Jane went to say her goodbyes to the guys. As she was leaving, Jeffery followed her. When they got to where the car was parked, Amaka and the driver were already seated in the car. Jeffery opened the door for Jane and just before she got in she turned and faced him.

“After all these is over perhaps we can sit and talk?”

“Yeah sure” Jeffery responded as he placed a kiss on her forehead. “Goodnight Jane”



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