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King Of Technology - S01 E191

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 191

–The Royal Barn Palace–


A storm was coming.

Black clouds stretched across the sky, rolling in from the North.

These thick swelling clouds that were carried in by heavy winds, began crying excessively…. as they poured gloomily on the land.

And for a moment …. everything stood still for a while, as even the wind had held it’s breath silently.

The lightning flashed and split the dark horizon, instantly brightening up the streets.

And slowly following the lightning, was an earthshaking thunderous sound from the heavens.


It was just 11 A.M, yet the sky was dark, wet and misty.


“Where is she?”

“My king… my king…. the third queen has locked herself in her chambers again.”

Alec Barn hit the wooden door, instantly smashing it open.

This woman sure knew how to cause trouble for him.

In the room sat a haggard but delicate barefooted woman, who sat on the floor around a pile of clothes and broken ornament pieces.


The lightning illuminated the woman’s sideframe, forming a scary-like appearance.

And when the thunder echoed through, the maids standing behind Alec were scared silly.

At this point, the woman looked like a vengeful ghost here to take the souls of the guilty.

“Just how long are you going to act like this?” Alec asked with a hint of disgust on his face.

It’s been 6 months since their daughter Jennette, had passed away…. and since then, he hadn’t been able to get any action with her.

Amongst his wives, she was the only one who had managed to keep her luscious figure and youthful glow… hence she was the only one who had been pleased him thoroughly.

Sure, there were several harlots and sex-workers around the palace….. but only she knew how to do that thing with her tongue so well, so he had no choice but to pacify her and hope that she would be in the mood.

He had made up his mind that by next month if she wasn’t ready yet, then he would just lock her in a room and force her to have perform her wifely duties.

Who was the boss?

He was, that’s who!!!

He was the man… and he had married her into his family, not the other way around.

It really annoyed him that he had to pamper her, a mere third wife…. for the sake of pleasure.


Truth be told, he wasn’t really sad or angry that his daughter died… after all, women really weren’t important to him.

He had grown to love his sons, but his daughters were a different matter.

They could at best be used to as bait to form political treaties, get powerful men and families under him and so on…. or a way to please and appease powerful empires or continents that want war against Arcadina.

They were just political tools to be used for future purposes, so why should he be sad?

What really annoyed him, was that someone had the guts to insult him by doing such an act under his very nose.

For him, that was the important point to note here.

Argenia…. that was his third wife’s name.

Within this 6 month period, she had stopped taking care of herself, and had slowly started taking the appearance of a savage.

If not for the fact that she was the only one who knew his body so well, would he ever come here to beg or pacify her?

No matter how he explained what he wanted done during his sexual activities, those hatlots could never get it right like Argenia.

She was a pro!!

She had been with him for more than 15 years now, and she knew just what to do, where to touch and how to please him.

Nothing could beat years of experience.

“She’s never coming back, so how long are you going to keep this up?

You kept your window open this entire time?

Can’t you see that the water is seeping in, into the room?

She’s dead for heaven’s sake…. So let it go!!!!” Alec said while trying to endure the foul stench coming out from the bedroom chambers.

Everytime a maid would come in attempts to clean the room, Adrian would throw a fit and start attacking them.

All she wanted was peace and quiet, yet these people kept talking to her and pestering her.

When it was time to eat or take a bath, the maids would knock on the door and relay their message from outside.

No matter what, she had forbidden them to step into her chambers.

She didn’t want anyone in her space… period!

Argenia stared angrily at Alec, as her body trembled from anger.


Let it go?


Wasn’t Janette his daughter as well?

How can he be so heartless?

She knew what he truly wanted.

After so many years together, how could she not know how his mind worked?

In her eyes, he was truly a bastard!!

For these past months, she had turned the city upside down just to find the culprit…. and she had also sent her men to different cities, towns and even villages to see if they could find the culprit, but no one had turned up yet.

6 months of turning round and round with no culprit yet, and this d--n bastard dared to tell her to let it go?

She felt like she was slowly loosing her sanity because of this villain.

If he had assisted her like she had asked, wouldn’t the culprits be dead and buried by now?

Son of a b**ch!!!!

“Don’t come any closer!!!” she yelled out, as she quickly grabbed a broken ornament piece the size of her palm and shot it at him.

Just as she threw it, the lighting flashed and the thunder rang out loud as the piece hit the floor.


Since she didn’t have enough strength, the piece hit the floor and shattered a little distance in front of Alec.

Looking at the tiny pieces in front of him, the anger in his heart doubled.

Did she even realise that he could have her killed for attempting to kill the king?

He looked at her coldly, and quickly but carefully made his way towards her while stepping over the pile of clothes and broken ornaments scattered all over the room.

Once he finally reached her, his eyes almost turned misty due to the pungent smell coming from her body.

How long had it been since she took a bath?

‘Breathe Alec… Breathe….’, he told himself.

Just looking at her appearance, he could see flaky and ashy skin on her arms, neck and face… especially around her nose, eyes and mouth.

Her reddish pink lips were so dry and chapped, that Alec was afraid that if he ever kissed them… then her blade-like lips would slice through his own instantly.


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