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With entertainment taken care of, Landon began to focus on Phase 3.


Within these 3 months, he wanted the Food industry, as well as the chefs to produce:

•Sugar (from the 6 month grown sugar beets)



•Pretzel sticks

•Pretzel buns




•Waffles and Pancakes

•Fried wings with different seasonings.

•And lastly, icecream.

Processed Sugar was absolutely a must.

Right now, the people just crushed sweet foods and fruits and used the juices as sugar…. since honey was somewhat expensive for the average household to afford.

Foods like sugar beets, strawberries, and so on…were used daily by the people.

For drinks, he wanted lemonade, smoothies and milkshakes.

If the workers followed his instructions, and the cooks followed his recipes…. then with time, he was sure that they would perfect the taste before these 3 months were up.

For the first month, he expected these goods to not be all that good… but with time, he was sure that it would be even tastier.

After all, the chefs had to make these everyday for the next 3 months… that’s 90 days doing the same thing over and over again.

No matter what, they were sure to get it right within this time frame.

Since he was making these foods, Landon had also decided to make electric cookers, fridges/freezers and blenders.

The ice cream and and drinks needed to be cooled for the customers, and the workers needed reliable cookers for fast pace customer service.

Also…. since he couldn’t make things like fanta, coke, wine or other beverages…. things like smoothies were a perfect choice…. hence he had to make blenders.

And because he was going to make hotels, Landon had also made up his mind to make washing and drying machines.

With phase 2 and 3 out of the way, Landon continued with development.

There were just 4 things that Landon wanted done within this period.

First, he needed a Seaport constructed.

So in essence, he needed a proper harbor for ships to dock and sail within District I.

He also needed another large building which was similar to the Landport or airport.

And of course at the back of the building, there would be a car park for the buses to carry these visitors to and from Baymard.

Landon decided to call this building ‘The Coastal Port’.

The building would be a little distance away from the harbor and the beachy sand.

In general, Landon decided that he would basically bar the entire coastal area.

So he would have the men put 4 meters tall iron fences and gates around the area.

For this, they just had to dig up the ground in a straight horizontal line all around the coastal region using those heavy machines.

From there, they would place the iron fences into the ground, and place cement around it.

Landon wanted them to do this a 4 meters away from the sand.

Back on earth, there were a lot of fences beach areas that spanned for miles away… especially those around Navy bases or other military bases.

Blocking and controlling the crowd was paramount for safety.

Of course, the fences would have barbed wires…. as well as gates and doors at certain points, so as to let visitors or officers in and out of Baymard.

There would also be guard tower posts at particular points around the fence, for safety.

So when people arrive at the harbor, they would have to proceed to the gates, and from there, they would walk into Station 1 for check in services.

In future when Landon made a beach resort, the gates within District J will open up at particular times for the guests to swim if they wanted to.

Within District I, Landon also wanted to construct another building for storing goods that were meant to be shipped out or transported into Baymard.

This place was basically a storage facility.

Up next, Landon wanted the workers to focus on upgrading the various industries.

So far, they had already began modifying the Military, School, Government buildings and Hospital.

In short, they had primarily focused on making the estates within the upper region have a blend between modern and ancient architecture.

But right now, Landon needed then to focus and expand the industries within the lower region.

He wanted them to have water, heat and electricity….as well as for them to have proper structures, gates and so on.

Also, he needed the lower region areas that were facing the Central region to be fenced off as well.

Only those who work within these regions can have access to them.

Moving on, Landon had wanted the men to start building several gas stations around Baymard as well.

They had built numerous buildings, but only one gas station had actually been built.

Landon needed at least 3 stations in each District, so they needed to get that done immediately.

So with all this happening, he had decided to make fire extinguishers as well….. One could never be too sure.

Finally, Landon needed the men to build a proper Police Headquarters… as well as a Prison Facility.


Once he was done, he quickly left the time Capsule and immediately sent for the overseers.

And after dealing with them, he sent for Lucius and all the major military personnels.

As arrived, Landon ushered them toward his study.

The study was broad with a large table at the front… as well as several couches, book shelves and side tables neatly positioned within it.

“Please…. have a seat!!” Landon said while gesturing towards the grayish colored couches.

Everyone was puzzled by Landons actions.

Usually, Landon would head on towards the military base to see them…. this was the first time that they had been called in to his study.

Somehow, they all felt extremely nervous… as if Baymard was currently in attack.

They could feel butterflies churning in their bellies.

10 minutes passed by, and all the men had gotten the gist of it.

Landon then spoke in Private with Lucius and came out with a detailed Military plan.

“Gary!!…. you and 500 soldiers will follow me to Carona.

When you get back, make a list of those who you want to work with… and briefly them on the mission.

We set out in 2 day’s time, so I expect you all to be prepared by then.

“Yes your majesty!” Gary answered.

“Mark…. you will take 6 soldiers and head on towards Riverdale City for 2 and a half months.

During this mission… you are to leave all Baymard products here, and head out with only a dagger and enough money to keep you fed and housed there.

I need you to pick both female and male companions for this journey.

Your identity is that of a married man, so I expect another female to act as your wife.

Stay there and keep your eyes and ears to the ground!!!

Take note about new on City Lord Shannon… as well as the royal family or anyone that plans to target Baymard.

Although Shannon is dead, we need to know if we are being suspected or not.

You have 2 days to get ready as well!”

“Yes your majesty!”

“Josh… you will stay here with Army General Lucius and protect Baymard.

Within this time, I expect any and every threat to be properly dealt with.

Don’t fail me!!”

“Yes your majesty!”

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