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“System, I’d like to buy a Capsule for an hour using my Technology points.” Landon said.

He needed to quickly write Baymard’s development plan for the next 3 months, before he left for this mission.

1 hour in the real world, was equivalent to 5 days within the capsule.

“The system has processed the host’s request.

Teleporting host now.”


Landon had appeared in a large white hall.

The entire room resembled those white rooms that one saw in movies.

The floor, ceiling, walls and even the tables, couches and chairs were immaculate white.

Although he had the option of modifying the room, Landon still preferred for it to remain like so.

This way, he could concentrate better.

Having color and other distracting objects will only distract him and slow down his progress and time….. after all, he got this place to concentrate, and not to relax or play.

He walked towards his office table, and pulled open the first 2 drawers which had unused notebooks and pens in them.

For phase 2 and 3 of his plan, Landon had planned to focus on entertainment and food.

There were a lot of unused buildings that had been built around the districts, especially within the entertainment Districts.

Typically… District D should have things like Side Bank branches, Luxury hotels, Luxury villas for guests, amusement parks, Zoo, Car stores, Malls, Main Bus station and so on.

While District G would have Regular hotels for visitors, bank branches, Baymard National park, Bars, stores, and so on.

For the next 3 months, Landon expected the workers to focus on these entertainment centers:

•Go Kart Racing

•National Park


•Trampoline Rooms


•Painting and Sculpting



•Roller skating


•Obstacle Course games houses

•Large indoor adventure playground homes

•Multiple Street shops and stores that focused on food like Pizza, burgers, Body care products, books, plates, clothes, and even plastic toys.


Although the new Mall in the Upper region would be completed and opened by July…. he had to admit that having individual stores within the Central region was still a good business move for Baymard.

The largest Mall was at the Upper region, but those who would stay at District G of the lower region…might need night snacks and other items at knvonvinient times.

Hence it was good to have individual stores scattered around the city.

For entertainment…. even though Landon couldn’t make things like amusement parks, laser tag rooms, planetariums, Aquariums, Zoos, Arcades and other fun activities yet…. he was somewhat confident that the current activities would still be able to capture the heart of their visitors.

For Spas, Landon had already written down a list of oils and lotions, that he needed Alchemy industry to produce.

They also had to build saunas, facial masks, body scrubs and so on.

He needed them done within these 3 months.

At this point, Landon was purely thinking about business.

No matter what era it was, women were always obsessed with beauty and staying forever young.

For beauty, they could even drain all their own money…. as well as their husband’s or boyfriend’s pockets just to buy products that would keep them forever young.

Landon didn’t see anything wrong in capitalizing on that.

Anyway, he was focused on making products and equipments that weren’t high tech…. like laser hair removal treatment machines, scar removal machines and so on.

He only wanted basic things like smooth and polished massaging stones, towels, nail fillers, nail clippers and other basic tools.

Of course, the oils and chemicals would be made available by the Alchemy industry.

For the National Park within the Central region, Landon just needed them to create walkways, benches, staff buildings…. as well as transport trees and flowers to the park.

Like he had said, the area had a Plain terrain… so the grass was already low, but the trees were scarce.

No matter how Landon looked at it, parks were always filled with trees and flowers. Hence they needed to transport them immediately.

The area Landon had chosen was the area were the streams converge, forming a massive pond, which leads back to the Coastal region.

As for the gym, Landon wanted a painted running track within one of the floors…. as well as basic equipments like jump ropes, dumbells, barbell and benches press weights, indoor cycle bikes and machines that worked using pulleys and string systems.

Landon wasn’t going to make that were digitalized like treadmills and so on.

Those would of course be made in the future.

He also wanted the gym to have several multipurpose courts for tennis, squash, badminton, and volleyball.

Of course there would be courts for basketball and indoor soccer as well.

Also, when visitors came, they could also sign up for workout classes…. as well as dance, cycling or yoga classes in one of the empty rooms.

Once Landon came back, he would make sure that he personally picked out instructors and showed them what to do for every class.

He would also teach them what to do if someone wanted to loose weight or gain muscle.

These activities were good for everyone, not just the visitors.

As for things like toy stores, Landon wanted plastic and rubber toys and puzzles for both girls and boys.

He wanted to make simple toys and games that weren’t electronic.

He wanted Lego’s, yoyo’s, baby rattles, hoopla hoops, pogo sticks, and of course toys that look like the princesses and characters from all the fairytale books within Baymard.

He also wanted to make children costumes from all the books that he had made.

He had already written about Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a few more…. as well as sleeping beauty and other popular Disney princesses.

Even though the children didn’t know how their favorite characters looked, the toys would have the character’s name on it.

So with time, he was sure that these girls would want their tiaras, wands and sparkly dresses to look like their favorite characters.

And the boys would also like to be superheroes as well.

There would also be teddy bears, mythical toys like dragons, my little pony and Barbie dolls within the toy stores.

With all the books about Barbie’s adventures out, how could he not make this plastic doll?

For outdoor toy sets, he wanted to make plastic playhouses, plastic slides and swings for children, toy basketball hoops, soccer goal posts, and Sand boxes.

For things like puzzles and board games, Landon was thinking of snakes & Ladders, Scrabble, The game of life, Monopoly, Princess themed board games, Twister, UNO and regular card games.

With all these toys and games in mind, Landon was sure that Baymard could do without things like Xboxes, playstations, game boys, arcade games and the internet for the time being.

For Arts & craft, Paint and sculpting classes, Landon had decided to place them together, and make more games within those buildings so as to call in more people.

Like adding scavenger hunts, house of mirrors, murder mysteries with hired actors and other thought provoking games.

Apart from all these things, the main attraction areas would be the buildings that host things like Trampoline Park, multiple obstacle course, Bowling, Children Game homes with bouncy castles, go-kart racing, roller skating and Skateboarding buildings.

Hence Landon needed the workers to create, bowling boards, roller skates, skateboards and other items needed for these games.

So far, these were all the things that Landon had decided to focus on.

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