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Once they arrived at the palace gate, Santa and his men were amazed by how majestic the palace looked.

Landon had long requested for the palace to be renovated so as to resemble the iconic Waly Disney Castle logo.

So what Santa and his men were feeling right now, was what he had felt the first time he had visited Disneyland.

Of course during the renovation period, the workers had broken down parts of the floor and walls, so as to connect pipes, electricity and so on.

The soaring majestic castle was bold on the blue beyond, giving off a celestial feel to it.

It stood there as if conjured from a child’s fairytale imagination.

It was simply perfect!!

The towering whitish grey walls, gave a beautiful blend with the bluish cord roofs.

Some of the castle walls had 2 feet tall windows, and several balconies that were positioned at various points around the structure.

There were also 21 buildings other mini-castles and tall glass buildings within the palace premises, that were similar to the main castle in design.

The men had never seen any castle like this.

Although Landon had made sure to retain most of the castle’s features, he had still gone out of his way to renovate it to have a modern touch as well.

This sort of palace could definitely make most of the rulers die from envy.


At the palace gate, there was a huge towering golden colored gate that wrote: ‘The Royal Palace’ on it.

Once they neared the gate, 5 guards walking towards the bus….. while several others remained seated within the left and right office posts of the gate.

The men checked the drivers I.D card and Palace Pass.. and once they were done, the driver drove in.

They passed through several buildings, as well as several fountains, statues, pole thingies (pole lights).

And once they stepped into Landon’s actual castle, Santa felt like he was going to faint from excitement.

“That’s it!!!

Don’t try to change my mind…. I’m staying here forever!!!” He exclaimed frantically.

The floors were decked with beautiful white marble tiles…. and the grayish colored walls, were elegantly decorated with large paintings and several oversized mirrors.

“Bro…. how come I can see my reflection so clearly?” Santa asked in amazement, as he touched his face multiple times while looking at the mirrors on the walls.

This was the first time that he had actually seen his real appearance.

‘Is this what I truly look like?’, he thought.

One should know that what they used, were used polished copper or silver plates that showed just 20 to 30% of their true reflections.

All the crewmen couldn’t help looking at themselves as well.

‘I need to shave my beards!’

‘I need to trim my hair!’

‘I need to grow out my chest hairs!’


Once they were all shown the bathrooms, everyone screamed in excitement.

“So you mean that this thing will let out water when we need it to?”

“And this other thing here is soap?

“Wait…. you said there is heating within the rooms as well?”

“So this toothbrush thing is for keeping our mouths clean?”

“And where is the fire for the light? How come there’s no fire?”


Everyone had immediately forgot that Landon was a king, and literally clamored him with questions here and there.

Of course he didn’t mind, and politely answered them.

And when he showed them their beds and individual rooms, they felt like they didn’t want to go back to Carona anytime soon.

At first, the men were scared to wrinkle such clean and beautiful beddings, but when they finaly succumbed to the temptation before them…. they were utterly shocked.

The beds, pillows, and even the blankets were as soft as a baby’s buttocks.

It was at that moment that they had all made up their minds, to follow their master (Santa) back to Baymard for the grand opening.

How could their master be so shameless as to enjoy these comforts first without them?

Was it really fair?

They had already agreed to keep their mouths shut when they got back…. lest someone else dared to take their spot for the trip.

One should know that their master had over thousands of workers around him.

What if the others got all excited and wanted to take their spot as crew members for that trip?

No way!!!

They would definitely come back for the grand opening.

Once everyone was shown their rooms, Santa immediately pulled him to the side.

“Little bro… I’ll be honest with you, can I buy a house here?” Santa asked curiously.

Actually, it isn’t possible for any visitors to get homes yet.

But… they could still rent out luxury suites and even luxury homes within the visitor based districts when they arrived.

They could rent them for the period of time that they had to stay here.

They could also rent cars, as well as pay for cheffeures and so on.

No one was supposed to drive without passing their drivers lessons, so only cheffeures could drive these visitors around.

“So what you’re saying is that I can only get them when I come back in July?

Can’t I even book it now in advance?

I want my family to have the best options!!” Santa said while pouting.

Landon was really helpless when facing this guy.

He didn’t know why Santa was so worried about people taking the best spot before he did.

Even though Baymard would be accessible to the public in July, who would know the opening date?

He had roughly guessed that people would actually start to coming to the city around October time.

Firstly, it would take time for people to start paying attention to Baymard.

For example, during this mission with Nopline… he had surmised that Nopline would probably receive the news around late July or August.

And even if he wanted to attack, Nopline would need time to organize his soldiers… so there was no way that Nopline’s attack would come anytime soon.

And even if it did, Nopline wasn’t aware of the weapons at the front gates…. so the fool would only be sending more people to their deaths at Baymard’s hands.

Eli’s case was exactly the same as well.

When his men wouldn’t return from war, then he would probably have to send a larger group on a 4 month journey towards Baymard.

In this era, there was literally no better means of communication or transportation… so everything took time to accomplish.

Lastly, even if Santa comes here for a month or 2 and goes back….. it would still take time for news about Baymard to travel around.

So….. Landon knew that Santa and his family would literally be the only ones to come here in July.

Yes Baymard was going to be open to the public in July… but why should he announce it to all his enemies?

Let them bloody hell find out on their own!!

This would also gave him a lot of time to make and perfect weapons around baymard.

So why should he be worried?

Just thinking about it now, Landon speculated that his father would probably get wind of his success around November or December… Who knows.

All in all, Landon was sure that no one would truly give Baymard a hard time this year.

If it were back on earth, people could easily use landlines or phones to pass out information…. but unfortunately within this period, news could travel for several months on horseback before anyone could receive it.


“Bro… I don’t think you don’t have to worry about fighting with others for the best home.” Landon said as he giggled.

“Ahh… that reminds me!!

Bro, you said earlier that only Baymard’s money could be used here….. so what do I do, when I want to anything in July?”

Santa knew that his bro wouldn’t allow him to buy and ship these goods now… so he decided to s--k it up and wait till the grand opening.

He had seen Landon’s wristwatch, and was so fascinated by it.

For heaven’s sake, the thing could tell the time!!!!

This d--n brother of his was truly killing him.

On the bus… Landon had shown him all the currencies within Baymard, which amazed him greatly.

His little bro’s face was actually drawn on money.

How was that even possible?

After entertaining Santa for a while, Landon immediately called for all the overseers…. as well as the high ranking military personnels to come to the palace.

It was time to get serious.

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