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Tears [Completed]

Story 1 year ago




©Jessica Duru

“You said you loved me… you promised you’d never leave,” Arabel spoke amidst tears. Her boyfriend, Oliver, had just broken up with her. She wasn’t willing to let go. Not yet. They had come this far, having dated for so long.

She was broken to know he was calling off the relationship. After all they have been through, she couldn’t stop thinking, he wanted to throw everything away and move on just like that. She couldn’t figure out what went wrong, all she knew was that the man standing before her wasn’t her Oliver. “Oliver, this isn’t you,” Part of her wished he wasn’t the one.

“This is me, Arabel,”

Her heart was shattered.

“I don’t want you-”

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Tears - S01
Story | 1 year ago

Tears - S01