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Thought Teleportation

The Continent Zone returned to normal. Zhao Feng’s deeds were soon spread throughout the zone and were widely talked about. Even children only a few years old now knew his name. He wasn’t merely the strongest expert of the Continent Zone, but also its savior!

As for the pseudo-four-star Grand Imperial Hall, it gradually returned control of the Great Gan Dynasty back to the Hall of Gods.

The existence of Zhao Feng made the Hall of Gods a holy ground for the Great Gan Dynasty – for all of the Continent Zone. Every day, numerous factions would come to pay their respects, and numerous top-class experts would desire a meeting with Zhao Feng.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng was focused on cultivating and ignored all this. Now that he had finally comprehended a sliver of a Space Law, he seized the moment to further deepen his understanding.

After spending six years in the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng ended his seclusion. He indeed furthered his understanding of the Space Law.

Besides comprehending the Law, Zhao Feng had also strengthened his other Intents. He had brought his Time Intent to Level Nine and his other Intents to around Level Eight.

“Even if I don’t use the power of the God Eye, I can still defeat a First Heaven God Lord!” Zhao Feng was rather delighted.

The improvement to his Intents and his comprehension of the Space Law had made his Chaos Origin Divine Power so powerful that even the Divine Power of a top-class First Heaven God Lord was inferior.

After ending his seclusion, Zhao Feng went to another part of the Spacetime Robe Dimension. There were nine people, either cross-legged in meditation or cultivating combat skills.

These were the people he had chosen for his Demigod plan.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night was already a Demigod at this time. Three more were at the Sacred King level and needed some more time to become a Demigod.

Besides that, the four Emperors had now reached the Sacred Lord level.

These people were rising very quickly in terms of cultivation, and they were also very strong among cultivators of the same level. This was because the resources they consumed had all been carefully selected by Zhao Feng from the Heaven’s Legacy city. In addition, they could also seek instruction from the Black Destruction Dragon or one of Zhao Feng’s clones.

“The Demigod plan is nearing completion. It’s about time for me to leave!” Zhao Feng left the Spacetime Robe and regarded the vast world before him.

“But how do I even get back to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods?” Zhao Feng suddenly thought of a problem. He had fallen asleep to return to the Continent Zone, so how would he get back?

Although the people from outer dimensions could create a path to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, that chance only came once. Once one had completely merged with the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, they would be considered as a person of that realm. Returning to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods would have to be done through another method.

When major factions sent people to outer dimensions, they would need to expend vast sums to open a passage. When these people wanted to go back, they needed their faction in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods to open a new passage.

But Zhao Feng had inexplicably found his way to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, and he had no means of contacting the Spiritual Race back in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. This also meant that the most common method was implausible for him.

If he wanted to get back to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, Zhao Feng would have to rely on himself.

“Now that I’ve comprehended the Space Law, I might be able to open a passage on my own!” Zhao Feng suddenly had an idea.

But after making several attempts, he realized that this was extremely unsafe. The Continent Zone could not endure this power, and if the passage broke midway, Zhao Feng would suffer a backlash of Space energy. Besides that, the spatial passage would need to cover a vast distance, and since Zhao Feng had no experience in this aspect, a problem was liable to occur.

“Will I have to just fly to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods?” Zhao Feng became rather depressed.

He had no idea how vast this distance was or how long it would take to traverse. Moreover, he had heard that “primal chaos rapids” existed between the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and the outer dimensions. These were so dangerous that even God Lords had an extremely high chance of dying if they carelessly tried to venture into them.

In short, there were only two methods: creating his own path or flying over. However, both of these methods were extremely dangerous.

“Ah, it would be great if I could just go back by going to sleep.” Zhao Feng sighed.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed. Perhaps it really was possible. After all, Zhao Feng fell asleep to return to the Continent Zone in the first place.

The God Eye was in the middle of evolving at the time. Thus, Zhao Feng conjectured that the Dream God Eye was connected to his ability to return. In other words, the Dream God Eye had some sort of ability that could send him back to the Continent Zone.

With this idea in mind, Zhao Feng gave up on the previous two methods and began to explore a third option.

But in researching this ability, Zhao Feng could think of only two crucial points: sleeping and dreaming. Although this was rather unreliable, these were the only things Zhao Feng could work on.

He returned to the Spacetime Robe Dimension, seated himself cross-legged on the ground, and began to sleep.

Cultivators could easily fall asleep and maintain a pseudo-sleeping state. Pseudo-sleeping referred to how one was still able to maintain some consciousness while sleeping, allowing one to watch out for any danger.

Zhao Feng quickly managed to fall asleep. When he didn’t notice anything strange, Zhao Feng immediately mobilized his Origin energy.

A series of images began to appear in Zhao Feng’s mind, all of them covered in a dazzling dreamy light. The contents of these images were all thoughts that were going through Zhao Feng’s mind.

When Zhao Feng thought of the Azure Flower Continent, a place in the Azure Flower Continent would appear before him, and when he thought of the Spiritual Race, the landscape of the Spiritual Race would appear.

These scenes were all incredibly real, just like the scenes in the Dream Dimension. This meant that, as long as he fell asleep, he could easily create all kinds of Dream Dimensions.

At this moment, Zhao Feng could even use Intrusive Dream and pull others into his dream. If he killed an enemy in his dream, they would die in reality.

But now was not the time to research Intrusive Dream. Rather, he needed to research a method to get back to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“I remember that, back then, I was dreaming about returning to the Sky Sacred Qin Palace in the Continent Zone, and then I appeared there!”

Zhao Feng suddenly understood that it was all based on the intense thoughts in his mind. This was very similar to his Realization and Dreamification abilities and used his Thought power.

“Azure Flower Continent, Broken Moon Clan!” In order to prevent any mishaps, Zhao Feng used another place in the Continent Zone for an experiment.

Zhao Feng began to think about the Broken Moon Clan, its buildings and its scenery. Gradually, a dreamy Broken Moon Clan appeared in his Dream Dimension, appearing extremely lifelike.

Zhao Feng then began to think about a strong desire to go to the Broken Moon Clan.


The cross-legged form of Zhao Feng in the Spacetime Robe disappeared Whoosh!

Suddenly, Zhao Feng felt a swelling pain in his head, which jolted him out of his dream.

In a flash, Zhao Feng was stunned and surprised. The landscape before him was clearly that of the Broken Moon Clan.

“I really went to the Broken Moon Clan?” Zhao Feng’s mouth was agape. He just wanted to try it out, never thinking that he would succeed.

By just sleeping, he really had gone to the Broken Moon Clan. This ability was truly absurd and incomprehensible.

“What’s going on?” Several disciples in the Broken Moon Clan realized that the weather had suddenly become rather strange and eerie.


Zhao Feng vanished into the void.

“If all this is real, then I can safely return to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods!” Zhao Feng was extremely excited as he left the Broken Moon Clan.

He went to a deserted area and fell asleep. This ability was too powerful, and Zhao Feng found it rather difficult to believe, so he needed to try a few more times.

The second time he went to sleep, Zhao Feng consumed some Origin energy but failed. It was only on his fifth attempt that he was able to return to the Hall of Gods.

Only then was Zhao Feng sure that this ability was real. He called it Thought Teleportation. If he thought of a place, he could go there.

But this ability was not stable.

Zhao Feng spent the following days continuing his research on Thought Teleportation. In his tests, there were even situations where he went off course. When he was clearly thinking about the Broken Moon Clan, he would end up in a place very far away from it.

But as he made more and more tests and gained a better understanding of the ability, his success rate increased. He could now reach his target eight out of ten times.

In addition, Zhao Feng realized that, if the area he was thinking had undergone a large transformation, the teleportation would fail. For example, Zhao Feng wanted to go to the Great Gan Imperial Palace, but the palace had been rebuilt after the war and was very different from how Zhao Feng remembered it. In this situation, Thought Teleportation was bound to fail.

Three years later, in the Spacetime Robe, all four former Sacred Lords had become Demigods. Together with Supreme Emperor Dark Night, there were five Demigods in total. With this, the Demigod plan was complete.

When five Demigods appeared in the Hall of Gods, the entire Continent Zone was stunned. In just a few years, five Demigods had appeared in the Hall of Gods? Everyone knew without even thinking that this had to do with Zhao Feng.

With these five Demigods, the Hall of Gods became the number one faction of the Continent Zone in both name and reality!

“I am giving these things to you to distribute.” Zhao Feng took out an interspatial dimension and handed it to Bi Qingyue.

There were resources useful from the Sacred Lord level to the Demigod level, all of which he had exchanged for in the Heaven’s Legacy city within the Imperial Tombs.

Bi Qingyue’s abilities had long ago obtained Zhao Feng’s acknowledgment. He trusted that Bi Qingyue would able to distribute these resources well without any specific orders from him.

“Master, are you going to leave?” Bi Qingyue had some understanding of Zhao Feng and could guess at a little.

“Mm. If you are able to enter the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods in the future, you can come and find me.” Zhao Feng nodded.

At the same time, he told Bi Qingyue and the five Demigods that if they were to enter the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, they should do their utmost to go to either the Gulong Zone or the Ziling Zone.

People from outer dimensions would usually end up on the perimeter of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. There was a higher chance of them reaching the Gulong Zone. He could entrust the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race to take care of the people from the Continent Zone.

If they didn’t end up near the Gulong Zone, they could head to the Ziling Zone.

After doing all this, Zhao Feng silently left the Hall of Gods.

After finding a deserted area, Zhao Feng lay down and fell asleep.

“It will definitely work!” Zhao Feng was rather nervous.

After all, he had only been using Thought Teleportation to travel around the Continent Zone. He still wasn’t sure if he could go from the Continent Zone to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“The Ziling Zone is in the center of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, so I’ll try for the Gulong Zone on the edge.” Zhao Feng gradually fell asleep. Dreamy light shimmered in his mind as a set of images gradually took form.

Considering that the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race might have changed, Zhao Feng placed his target as the Exchange Spiritual Hall from back then.

“Blue Ocean Bay, Exchange Spiritual Hall!” This thought emerged in his mind.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng vanished like a popping bubble.

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