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Law of Space

“Can the Imperial Tombs be opened right now?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

“What does Brother Zhao want to do in the Imperial Tombs? Besides, the Imperial Tombs are extremely repellent to Sacred Lords, let alone an expert of Brother Zhao’s level!” The Sacred Emperor voiced his doubts.

“True God Spirit Demon escaped from the Imperial Tombs,” Zhao Feng directly said.

He wanted to head into the Imperial Tombs to see if there weren’t any other hidden dangers of this sort. Once he left the Continent Zone this time, Zhao Feng had no idea when he would be back, or if there would even be a next time. He could only hope that his home would remain safe and peaceful.

“What?” The Sacred Emperor grimaced. He had no idea that this was the case.

“Open the Imperial Tombs and I’ll try to get in. If I fail, then forget it,” Zhao Feng said after some thought.

The dimension in which the Imperial Tombs resided was not complete, and so it was abnormally weak. Trying to force his way in would undoubtedly deal a destructive blow to the dimension.

But Zhao Feng still wanted to try.

“Okay.” The Sacred Emperor agreed.

The Sacred Emperor followed Zhao Feng to the forbidden grounds of the Hall of Gods.

Buzz! Bzzz!

A silver light shot out of the center of the stone plate, releasing powerful spatial ripples. Gradually, a barrier of twisted silver light took form.

“Brother Zhao, be careful!” the Sacred Emperor warned. No matter how strong Zhao Feng was, if he tried to force his way, the spatial backlash would probably still kill him.

But the Sacred Emperor was unaware that not even spatial fissures could wound Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng nodded and approached the passage. He was not worried about the spatial backlash, but of the possibility that he might accidentally destroy the Imperial Tombs.

Perhaps the God Eye’s abilities will let me safely enter, Zhao Feng muttered to himself.

His God Eye abilities were usable in the Continent Zone and also had no effect on the Continent Zone’s dimensional stability. This meant that his God Eye powers were probably usable in the Imperial Tombs as well.


Within the God Eye Dimension, the dreamy silver ball began to exude large amounts of Origin energy. Gradually, Zhao Feng’s body became covered in a light dreamy mist. The entire hall was lit up by this dazzling dreamy mist.

Zhao Feng slowly began to approach the spatial passage.


Zhao Feng entered and vanished.

“He really did get in, and without any signs of repulsion!” The Sacred Emperor was startled.


Zhao Feng appeared in an ancient forest.

The weak suppression of the ancient energy around him had no effect on Zhao Feng. On the contrary, this ancient energy made him feel a hint of warmth.

With a scan of his Divine Sense, Zhao Feng was able to get a clear understanding of the situation in the Imperial Tombs. Other than the escaped True God Spirit Demon in Black Wind Canyon, Zhao Feng discovered another hidden danger. Thus, he disposed of it.

With this done, Zhao Feng took a stroll through the Imperial Tombs.

Back then, he had assisted the Ninth Prince in this place in his clash with the other princes. And it was also here that he had once more killed the Emperor of Death and seized the Eye of Death.

There was fighting and killing in this place, but also many opportunities.

“Why don’t I leave my own legacy in this place?” Zhao Feng found this idea rather interesting.

The Imperial Tombs contained many legacies, big and small. If Zhao Feng left behind a legacy, it would definitely be of a higher level than any other legacy in this place, but obtaining it would also be unimaginably difficult.

However, Zhao Feng realized that he didn’t have any low-level resources. In the end, he left behind some arts and skills going from Sacred Lord to True God as well as some profound ancient Origin energy.

“Let’s take a look around the Heaven’s Legacy city!” Zhao Feng went to the center of the Imperial Tombs to the Heaven’s Legacy city.

After strolling around the Heaven’s Legacy city once, Zhao Feng swiftly departed.

“As expected, this low-level Heaven’s Legacy city doesn’t have what I need.” Zhao Feng had long ago expected this.

He was already a half-step God Lord. Just how could the Heaven’s Legacy city of a low-level dimension like this possibly have anything a half-step God Lord would need?

Take, for example, the Ten Thousand Blood Palace, which could strengthen and transplant ancient bloodlines. But these were all extremely low-level bloodlines. The highest was only on the level of a True God bloodline.

Bloodlines didn’t just have ranks, but levels as well. For example, the drop of blood Zhao Feng had obtained from the Demigod Forgotten Garden that had come from Demigod Kun Yun’s last life was a priceless treasure. This was because this drop of blood was at the Demigod level while the person it was used on was much lower than that level.

But at this point in time, even if it was a True God level bloodline, when fused into Zhao Feng’s half-step God Lord divine body, it would simply end up being devoured by Zhao Feng’s bloodline. Even if he fused with it, it wouldn’t do anything.

“With the God Eye awakened, this is my strongest bloodline!” Zhao Feng smiled.

In the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, the Eight Great God Eyes were comparable to the mythical top ten ancient bloodlines. And Zhao Feng conjectured that even experts of the same level as him from the top ten ancient races would be no match for him!

Once he finished his stroll, Zhao Feng left the Imperial Tombs and returned to the Hall of Gods.

“Although the Hall of Gods has a sturdy foundation, it doesn’t have an expert to oversee it.” Zhao Feng keenly understood the state of the Hall of Gods.

Fortunately, before he left last time, he allied the Hall of Gods with many powerful factions of the Great Gan Dynasty. Otherwise, after Kun Yun and Nan Gongsheng left, the Hall of Gods would have immediately been destroyed by all its enemies.

“If there are no Demigods, I’ll just make Demigods!” Zhao Feng spread out his Divine Sense throughout the Hall of Gods. Through careful inspection, he discovered several cultivators with incredible potential.

“If you are willing to swear an oath of eternal loyalty to the Hall of Gods, I will give you a chance to become Demigods!” Zhao Feng’s voice resounded in the minds of these people.

“Grand Elder!” These words had these people either terrified or excited.

No one could refuse the conditions Zhao Feng offered. In the end, eight members came to Zhao Feng’s residence. Four of these were Sacred Lords and four of these were in the Void God Realm.

Zhao Feng’s current plan was to raise these four Sacred Lords into Demigods. The Void God Realm experts would be somewhat nurtured so that they would have an extremely high chance of becoming Demigods in the future.

In addition, Zhao Feng also went to find Supreme Emperor Dark Night. Supreme Emperor Dark Night was already a Sacred King and had excellent potential.

Although he was creating Demigods, Zhao Feng did not resort to forceful methods. He had these people enter his Spacetime Robe.

At this moment, the time ratio in the Spacetime Robe was 100 to 1. This meant that for every 100 days inside the robe, only one day would pass in the outside world.

While creating Demigods, Zhao Feng entered seclusion.

“Level Nine Space Intent! The next step is the Space Law!” Zhao Feng’s heart was as bright as a mirror.

Once he comprehended a law, it meant that he could begin to try for the God Lord level.

But Laws were not that easy to comprehend. He spent thirty years in the Spacetime Robe, but he only achieved very minor progress with his Space Intent. In contrast, the Demigod plan was more than halfway complete.

Zhao Feng spent the following period traveling around the Continent Zone. When his mood was good, he would find a place and go into seclusion.

While traveling the Continent Zone, Zhao Feng would look up some old acquaintances, like the Cold Moon King of the Pirate Sacred Land. In the battle against the Emperor of Death, the Pirate Sacred Land’s Cold Moon King and other experts had risked their lives to help Zhao Feng.

After conversing a little and gifting a few things, Zhao Feng bid farewell to the Cold Moon King and continued his travels.

On his journeys, Zhao Feng went to the birthplace of “Zhao Feng,” the person he possessed in order to recultivate, and he also went to the Duanmu Family and accompanied Duanmu Qing for a time, even occasionally chatting about how Zhao Yufei was doing in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Zhao Feng also went to the Tie Family, the Ji Family, the Yu Family, the Imperial Palace, the Sky Suspension Palace, the Sky Sword Pavilion, and many other places. This journey was a sort of experience, a way to hone and improve his mind.

When Zhao Feng returned to the Hall of Gods, he realized that there were many aspects on which he could improve. He entered seclusion, continuing to create Demigods while cultivating.

Zhao Feng placed his primary focus on the Dream God Eye while putting his many Intents as his second priority.

While cultivating Intents this time, Zhao Feng discovered that his Space Intent was showing signs of improvement.

This made Zhao Feng shift his focus to his Space Intent.

Ten years in the Spacetime Robe went by in the blink of an eye.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The space around Zhao Feng was chaotic and distorted, apparently on the verge of shattering. Suddenly, the spatial distortion expanded.

When the Black Destruction Dragon saw this, it immediately took everyone else in the Spacetime Robe into its Destruction Origin Dimension.


A ripple of distorted space swept over the Black Destruction Dragon’s body. A scale on the Black Destruction Dragon’s body inexplicably shattered and vanished.

“Master is actually comprehending a Law here!? That’s far too dangerous!” The Black Destruction Dragon was shocked and worried.


Suddenly, a fissure appeared in the distorted space, forbidden spatial winds blowing through it. The entire Spacetime Robe Dimension began to sway.

The spatial fissure gradually extended, shattering everything in its path. The spatial fissure was even creeping toward Zhao Feng.

“If this continues, the Spacetime Robe might be damaged, and Master might be affected as well!” The Black Destruction Dragon became even more worried.

The spatial fissure was just about to reach Zhao Feng’s body.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng opened his eyes, invisible Space energy rising from his body.

Zhao Feng extended a palm.


Gradually, the distorted Space energy gathered in Zhao Feng’s palm. At this moment, Zhao Feng grasped destructive Space energy in his hand.

“Master, did you succeed?” The Black Destruction Dragon was stunned. Only someone who had comprehended the Law of Space could play around with Space energy like this.

“Correct!” Zhao Feng’s lips curled into a smile.

The energy in his hand had been produced by a Space Law. This energy could tear apart space and probably even the divine body of a typical half-step God Lord.


Zhao Feng waved his hand, and this Space energy slowly disappeared. At the same time, powerful Space energy began to spread throughout the Spacetime Robe. A few moments later, the damaged dimension was completely stabilized.

“Now that I have a basic understanding of this Space Law, I can start my breakthrough into the God Lord level at any time!”

Although this was the case, the chance of success was not great. In addition, he couldn’t become a God Lord in the Continent Zone, not even within the Spacetime Robe. If he did, the entire Continent Zone would be destroyed. Thus, Zhao Feng only needed to comprehend the Space Law for now. Once he returned to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, he could make his breakthrough!

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