How network spoil my relationship - S01 E33

1 month ago

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30 mins later

Mr starch was done with his usual boring teachings.

”That subject Agric how i hate it eeeh.

Who even tell them say am intrested in farming.Hiss

The ugly man left the

class and i felt like a heavy burden have been lifted from my head.

Break time….

And people started going out for break.

Those that have a girlfriend started walking out holding hands together.

”Hmmn,Oluwa go provide my spec.”

i said in my mind

Dont feel like going out for break sef

Ha!,i still miss Rexxie

if to say he’s here

he would have dragged

me out.

He has been disturbing me to find a

girlfriend for myself.

But am always shy and nervous around girls.

I hardly stare at them

At 18 fa

Dont know why

And now Rexxie the playboy is not here anymore.

I was sitting at my desk when Faith came and sat beside me.

Faith is my classmate and she is such an epitome of beauty.

She has curves similar to DESTINY ETIKO

and her face like BEYONCE

she can make any man fall for her with just her voice.

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