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I woke up got freshen up and did my ablution…Allah when this guy will learn to wake up by himself??? I went to his room…”Assalamualaikum..get up Arhaan..it’s fajr time..” I called out to him while I was picking up his trash that was lying messily everywhere. I guess he was working late. +

“Arhaan, I can tell by seeing the mess that you were working late but please get up and pray…it won’t take long to pray…after that, sleep as much as you want..okay??” I was continuously speaking and he isn’t giving any response today?? He often groaned or shouts at me..but today no response???

“Arhaan get up na…Ya Allah” I gasped as I touched him. His whole body was burning from fever. “Arhaan get up, Arhaan open your eyes” why he’s not opening his eyes?? I quickly rushed to the washroom got first aid kit and ran back towards him. I sprayed some water on him he opened his eyes. Allah ka Shukar.

“What is wrong with you?? Is this the way to wake someone up?? Where are your manners??” He was shouting. Yeaahhh…yipieeee…he is shouting that means he is conscious!!! Yahooo…I know I’m mad but can’t help it.

“Stop shouting..you were unconscious that’s why I sprayed some water on you” I told him. He furrowed his eyebrows..and I rolled my eyes.

“Here put this in your mouth” I said as I gave him the thermometer.

“No..and why will I put that sick thing??”

“Because you’re sick”

He glared at me +

“I mean you’re having high fever and I need to check the temperature” I told him as a matter of fact. He groaned.

After one minute I took out the thermometer and it says 104°. Wait 104°?????? I was shocked. My eyes were now as big as saucers..and I was continuously checking..to double check that it was right or wrong I quickly washed the thermometer and shove it in his mouth again. He was fuming in anger. I made my best puppy face and requested him to please let me recheck.

Again after one minute I took out and it says the same reading. I sighed!!

“Give me your doctor’s number fast” I asked him.

“No..” He denied

“Arhaan this is not the time. You’re have 104°, you’re body is burning from fever, you’re eyes are red and you’re saying no???” I glared at him as I shouted.

God during sickness also he has to show his male ego.

“It’s not that much okay?? And it’s not the first time before also I had gotten sick. No need to call the doctor I’ll take medicines and it’ll be okay..besides today I have an important meeting” he said and started getting up. +

I quickly caught him by his shoulders and made him lie down on the bed and covered him with the duvet.

“I just don’t care whether you had fallen sick before or not?? And I don’t give a d--n about your important meeting. You’re going to give me your doctor’s number and without doctor’s consent you’re not going to take any medicines and this I will make sure of it” I told him confidently and with all my seriousness.

He was staring at me.

“I know I’m beautiful and you can check me out whole day because we both are here. Now number please” I asked him with my eyebrows raised. Again he was trying to get up. Ya Allah why is he so stubborn???

“Mr. Arhaan Sheikh dare you put one leg also on the floor and I’ll right away call mom and dad..” I threatened him.

He gulped down and quietly laid down back on the bed again. He sighed and I smirked. He gave me the number and I quickly called the doctor and asked him to come and check upon him.

After calling the doctor I called his secretary and informed her that he will not be able to come to office today. As I was doing all these works, whole time he was glaring at me. +

“Assalamualaikum doctor I’m Arhaan’s wife Mahira” I introduced my self as doctor came.

“Walekumasalam and Nice meeting you Mrs. Sheikh, I’m Zeeshan Hassan” he smiled. I quickly lead the way to him towards his bedroom.

“Hi Arhaan..what are you upto this time huh??” Doc asked. +

“Nothing doc, down with a fever but she’s creating a fuss of such a small thing”

“Doctor when I checked his temperature it said 104° and I don’t think that 104° is a normal temperature???” I crossed my hands and told the doctor.

“Mrs. Sheikh is correct Arhaan still now your temperature is 104°. Don’t worry its just viral..and I guess you have overloaded yourself with work. So In Sha Allah by the end of the evening you’ll be absolutely fine..and no work today. Only bed rest” doctor said to Arhaan.

I gave him my very good sly smile and he glared. +

“Mrs. Sheikh I’ve written down some medicines give him from time to time and In Sha Allah he’ll be okay. But take good care of him because he need total bed rest in order to recover fast.” Doctor told me as he handed over me the prescription. I nodded at him. After greeting each other he went.

I gave prescription to one of the guards and told him to get me the medicines ASAP. I went back to his room only to see he is sleeping. I covered him fully with the duvet and closed his room door.

Due to all this I missed my fajr prayer. I sighed and went back to my room and prayed nafl namaz. I prayed for his health.

Around noon I went to his room to gave him soup. He was watching t.v. I checked his temperature and Allah ka Shukar the fever has subsided down. Not full but better from before. +

“Good you’re temperature has gone down a bit” I smiled and told him. He gave me a bored look to which I rolled my eyes.

“Do you even know that how much that meeting was important for me?? D--n I’ve lost the deal” he was angry.

“Listen how are you so sure that you’ve lost the deal?? I had told Leena that you’re sick so she must’ve told those important people. And what if those people have gotten sick then how come this meeting would’ve happen??? And what if you had gone to that meeting but because of your fever you couldn’t have concentrated then what have you done?? Trust on Allah and believe in yourself that nothing bad will happen In Sha Allah.” I assured him smilingly.

“You do know that you’re more wise than me???” He asked. “Of course one has to be if the other person decide to be a four year old kid” I said and laughed. He also started laughing. His cell began ringing and I glared at him. “It’s Leena” he said and picked up the call.

I was cooling down the soup and I was looking at him. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but all I could make out was whatever she was saying was good news only because his expression was clearly speaking out his happiness. Soon he hang up and hugged me tightly. I froze.

“You were right I never lost the deal. They understood that I was not well and they postponed the meeting. They had even send me their wishes to get well soon.” He was so happy as he said.

“Allah ka shukar” I thanked Allah. “Okay now eat your soup I have work” I said as I gave him the bowl. I got up but he quickly grabbed my wrist and made me sit down. “What Arhaan??” I asked him smiling.

“I’m in no mood of eating this if you want me to eat then you have to feed me” he pouted as he said. This made me laugh.

“Now you do know about which four year old kid I was talking about??” I asked him. He quickly nodded his head in a no way!! +

He opened his mouth in order to feed him. I sighed..I was about to feed him but I heard a shrill voice. I guess I’ve gone deaf!!! “O my poor baby…Arhaan I heard from Leena that you’re sick..is it too much??” That p---k asked so sweetly. Isn’t she overacting a bit??? I so badly wanted to kick her head with my heels and knock down some sense to her.

She quickly ran towards us and hugged him very tightly. It pained me alot to see him hugging someone else but what pained me alot was that he left my wrist. He didn’t even noticed it. He was so engrossed in talking with her that he didn’t even saw I got up from the bed.

As I was about to leave I turned back. Our gaze met and I couldn’t help but tears escaped from my eyes. I composed myself quickly and went away from there.

I came to the poolside and was crying. I know it’s useless to cry but I don’t know why and how I start crying. I’m mad I know that!!! I guess he truely loves her very much that’s why no matter how much I try or do something he never smile or look at me the way he looks at Laiba. I failed in becoming a good wife. I know he’ll never love me back..but still I always hurt myself. Now..I won’t hurt myself..I’ll do my duties and will leave everything else to Allah.

Enough is enough now…I had gotten hurt multiple times. I am his MAID and will always be!! Now let the fate decide my future.

To be continued…

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