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continuous from the last episode

does it mean that he really changed or

a vice to save his life?

what if he betray us?

what if……….

nothing much but time will trusting

this man named jack já too much..

I knew he could betray my struggles

at anytime ,also he can take my

life , he’s a killer… international assassin but I can’t stop myself

believing and trusting him..

hope am not going the wrong path?

for Tina she’s not trusting him much,

I have to make sure I didn’t disappoint her.

I wish I can mend her shattered heart..


( like Ruquia said they attack but failed woefully since our men already knew there tactics.we took them by surprise… Tina’s team ambushed them…

Tina refused handing them over to the police, instead they took them away in unknown place..Tina suggested this since she doesn’t want the previous incident to repeated..Dana Pura limited didn’t notice that the operation failed… we managed to make them believe via voice calls..we fooled them… thanks to jack for helping us communicate with them via their secret network…her team managed to gather some crucial information . we make arrangements on how to fooled them again by replacing the data they need from Fatima Jinnah office..we called a professional hacker too..)





I remember what Ruquia said about

her thinking of me…I can’t deny the fact that she’s always in my heart even though I

tried to prevent this feelings…

This is the first time am feeling somehow

about a female friend…all

my life all that matters to me is

business only but business..

it prevents me from having that

special spec

but who could fall in love with a

lady that enjoy doing dangerous work

and risky jobs ..

remembering the police from my country makes me sick and cold towards her. anyway am not really

trying to paint her profession

black just that

the stigma from my place have

gotten my sense of reason..

I hate police with all my heart then

back home but my adventures instincts Keep making me feel relaxed around them,

Tina have really changed my mind

about police officer..

I never believed that we still have the

good ones…

it clear now that everything has it good

and bad side…

even the devil?(humourous it may sounds but that’s the facts)

don’t freak out my dear readers..

In the sea of female my

eyes always see Tina…

even through the darkness my eyes sees only but her..

In her absence I feel empty.

it feels like am having some kind of those dreams from

Indian movies and Korean drama

just like that movie CITY HUNTER

city Hunter keep dreaming about

Kim nana… trying everything to stop

the dreams knowing the dangerous adventures involved yet he couldn’t

help keeps happening..

am happy that after so many

storms and tribulations they

have a happy ending..

But me and Tina I didn’t see a happy ending

what I saw is disaster..Am helpless

here.. nothing could stop emotions.

That’s why I must make her hate me..

this can’t could turn to hate,, jealousy could lead to revenge

just then I remembered why

Vivian betray Michael king a man she loved a man that saved her from the kidnappers and rapist.she keep praying and hoping to become Micheal king woman but seeing him loving another woman stir hatred, jealous and revenge..yet she couldn’t find happiness.she ruins the life and a business of the man she truly loved..that I must prevent…what a scaring experience.

I will never date her..

I will choose Fatima Jinnah instead

but she’s not that young..she has a daughter and her ghost daughter wouldn’t

let that happen..

I think that woman is falling in love with

me .I wonder what she intends to

show me in her house that I will love..

I must confess it’s now 8 year’s

that I never have intimacy..

Transactions have really eaten deep in my

love space to love then but now

Tina have cured that disease..

with her around me I feel safe

and comfortable..

I think I need to pray harder

even though here they believe that

prayers is for the weak.

I need a councillor instead….

we make a deal with Jack(my captive)

we trek through the bush

till we reached where Tina left her van.

we hopped in and she drove off not after blind folded Mr Jack..

I keep glancing at Tina at every intervel..

Fatima Jinnah too were interested in

initiating a conversation with me..

I keep distancing myself from her.

which makes Tina smiles..

Fatima Jinnah later slept not after reclining

her head on my shoulder..

this almost run our drive..

Tina couldn’t concentrate on her wheel

she keep looking at her with a murderous

face..women can’t understand situations..

they always makes little things appears difficult and serious…

we’re not married…nor dating yet..

so for now am free to mingle with anyone if

I mother wouldn’t like

the idea of me marrying a white folks

I pretend I didn’t notice her eyes and behaviours..I concentrate on my


shortly we arrived the heart of the city

of Nampula..

She drive through the mierhver expansão road leading to oasas Mazi…

she then head to the Padaria their she stopped jack and remove the veil..

we exchanged contact and fixed a date

to meet..

she did u turned and head to the secondaria de Nampula.

I gently wake Fatima Jinnah..

she was happy to be at home at last .she thanked me and keep staring at my lips

I noticed she wanted to kiss but later changed her mind..

Tina almost draw her gun…(hahahaha)

not’s written all over her.

Fatima Jinnah

“” thank you so much

you have won my heart.. don’t

forget to visit me this weekend I

have a something to show you, something you would like….

“”Ok no probs””

Fatima Jinnah

“is that a promise?”

I looked at Tina who looks away..

I don’t know what to say fortunately for me,

Her daughter interrupted us, her daughter ran to hug her..

The emotional display was really fascinating.. nothing like family.

love is beautiful.

she’s more beautiful but Ruquia most

beautiful..I keep staring at those beautiful creations that I started

hallcinating my daughter looking beautiful like Ruquia and Zita..

I was so engrossed that Tina hit the wheel

interrupting my hullcinations rudely

she said we must leave now that

she needs to buy something from the super market..she apologized for the interruption

then drove off sooner we

arrived at the supermarket..she bought lots

of provision and food stuff that I wonder

if the country is going for quarantine for a year..

I helped her packed those stuffs to the van

after that some police officer arrived

and took João body away..

I was wondering weather his still

breathing,that criminal lost so much blood.

I guess she called them.(I thought she will kept João to the unknown place too.but she swept my foot by her actions.well

this is her job I trust she knew what she’s doing)

Well none of my business..we drove off heading to her place..

we reached and she drove into the

car port. I enlighten and opened the door for her…this brought happiness to her..

it really amazed me why all this is happening.. she grinned and touched my

ear playfully saying I should take all those

stuff in side alone..

like a humble sheep I obliged..

I wonder what am doing?

what’s happening?

I can’t say no to her…in normal circumstances I don’t tolerate women but in her case am hopeless

was this love?

please is this how people love?

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