Chronicles of Ruquia - S01 E14

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my adventures with the dead


continuous from the last episode.

Ruquia said there’s danger and the

two women is not helping matters..

both looking angry..I don’t know how

to evacuate them from that room..

but I have to try anyway..

I can’t loose them..I valued both


it became a hard nut to crack..

just then an Idea pop in..

I was about to use my idea until

we’re rudely interrupted

a phone was ringing it happens to be

no other than my captive…

at once I goes for the phone

I picked it at once

putting it in loud speaker mode…

the caller

“”evacuate the building now

come to our usual place…

João is not responding earlier

we’re coming to get him…

don’t forget to get the

key to the office from Fatima Jinnah

we need to copy a file from her system..

I have already disabled security

system be fast…

but why are you not saying anything

tell us the situation over there..



the phone went died immediately

the caller suspect something is not


without much ado Tina handcuffed him

and we make it quickly as possible..

Tina used the GPS location system to

trick them she put it inside the bathroom..

I drove Fatima Jinnah while Tina lead with

her new bullet proof off road Van…

after like few minutes away from the hotel

she motion me to stop…

I obliged and cleared..

she transferred us to the van and left her car at shopping mall..

we drove down the City of Nampula

in a remote area I never heard

nor noticed exists in Nampula..

how she managed to know this

place amazed me making me

fear her courageous nature.

She pull over a place that looks like

a cave she brought my captive GPS location system and hung it there

in a midst of her team…, heavily armed

then she drow down

a place that looks like a grave yard..

she parked there due to no more accessible ways to drive through..

we trekked like about 20 minutes before

we arrived a cave alike looking room..

made out of a rock…

it could be well described as an artificial


inside looks like a torture chamber..

there was five iron poles and no chair..

it looks so unkempt and dusty..

she told me to help her carry João

(João is really unconscious..I doubt if he survived this time..)

and the other guy..

she hung their hands up with a handcuffed..

it must be painful…

she used a chain to hold their waist..then used paid lock to lock it…

it restricted there movement making it hard for them to breath..

she built a fire because the cold is really

much…she brought out a knife and put it on the fire at first it never occurred to me what she intends to do with it until when it got pure red almost melting point

she brought it and decided to torture my


I enjoyed watching him trembling with fear..

I wonder how long he will endure..

he groan in pain ,I can understand her


yet he refused given us a useful information…

then an I Idea pop into my brain…

I begged Tina to allow me

handle him,at first she refused but obliged when she discovered am not ready to give up..

“” my friend I do admire your

courage and loyalty…

but trust me your boss have abondoned you..

you mean nothing to him..

just a tool ,

did I say a tool .you worth nothing to them

after all years

working with them..yet they will refused to safe


what manner of boss is that…

he’s not worthy of your loyalty..

you have a family and

people that loves you.

you may have a wife and a kid too..

will your boss looks after them?

all your days you did a risky job for

him now it’s his turn to be loyal to you..

like I said before I will prove to

you now that your loyalty is worthless

to your Dana Pura?

His is a self centered man..

very selfish…””

I noticed that am toying with his emotions

I then stopped to enable him struggles with

his emotions..I laughed inwardly

watching the beautiful site..

my captive

“”shot up you foreigner!

who told you Dana Pura is a self centered man…

He will do everything possible to rescue me..

we’re more than you think…

our team is over the law..

you’re helpless here…

you can’t win a sitting government..

if you arrest me I will came out same day..

stop beating around the bush..

don’t dare talk about my boss any more..

stay out of this game…

that thing you’re planning you will

never achieve…we own this country…””

” wait I will prove you worth nothing to

them..but you can collaborate with us

you can choose to work for the light..

were history and humanities will remember you…how happy your offspring we

be if you write your name in a history..

you turn to good …

you stand for what’s right…

let me call him now ..

I promised you he will dissapoint you..

but am giving you opportunity to alliance with me who will value you

also to work for the light, humanity and


the guilty supposed to be punished..

innocent man deserves freedom, flexibility

, democracy, and right to live…;;

I left him and makes a move to meet Tina

and Fatima Jinnah..

“” see I want us use him get what

we want…

Fatima Jinnah

” event planner,you want to

stage another vices to manipulate him..

perhaps for good this time””

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