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Brother, behave yourself. Your wife’s next door

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Li Sicheng also had a bruise on his waist, which burned as she hugged him. He pretended to be calm, whispering, “My phone died.”

“What is going on with you?”

“I slipped.”

“Falling on your face?” Su Qianci looked at the sudden graze on his flawless face, feeling terrible. She reached out and gently stroked it. “Does it hurt? I will put something on it.”

“I have already gone to the hospital for treatment. It doesn’t matter.”

Su Qianci looked at his palm which was all damaged, bloody with skin peeled off. There were some scratches by sand as well. It hurt. Her heart hurt, pulling his sleeve and walking into the room.

Li Jinnan was sitting on the sofa, playing with a car model. He saw who was pulled in by Su Qianci and smirked. “Until all is over, ambition never dies.”

Su Qianci paused and looked at Li Sicheng. “What did you do anyway?” God knows that she had been worried all the morning. Her heart was in her throat.

Luo Zhan said nothing, and Li Jinnan refused to say a word. She thought that Li Jinnan must not know it, but now, it was clear that they were colluding with him!

“Nothing. Don’t worry. Am I not fine?” Li Sicheng gently pinched her palm. His voice was low.

Su Qianci looked up at him angrily and gripped his palm hard. The feeling of excruciating pain immediately made him gasp. “Hey!”

She pushed him hard and looked angry. Then she turned and entered the room, shutting the door with a bang. He was a little bit helpless, seeing the blood oozing out of his palm.

“Well-deserved.” Li Jinnan did not have even a little sympathy. Throwing the car model away, he whispered, “How is the situation?”

“Let’s go to your room. Bring a first aid kit.”

Li Jinnan couldn’t help but smile. He brought the kit and took it to his room. His room looked like it belonged to a soldier. The quilt was neatly stacked into a tofu block. Two hunting air guns were hung on the wall, crisscrossed, next to the national emblem, national flag, and a collection of large photos.

When Li Sicheng entered the door, he began to undress.

Li Jinnan took a step back and looked at him with horror. “Brother, behave yourself. Your wife’s next door.”

Li Sicheng gazed at him coldly and tossed the jacket on his face. “Close the door.” Then he lifted his shirt, revealing the blood-stained skin.

“Hey.” Li Jinnan frowned and took out the ointment. “How did you get it? No wonder you dare not go back to the room with her.”

Li Sicheng told him the truth, his guess and decision. Li Jinnan pressed his finger hard on his wound. Li Sicheng inhaled sharply, turned his head and growled, “What are you doing?”

“Are you crazy, thinking of doing something like this? If grandfather and father know it, won’t they break your leg?”

Li Sicheng also knew the seriousness of the matter. He went over and whispered, “It’s an act. After all, the Li Group’s current influence in Kingstown and the country is significant. If…”

“If you are reported, your company will be ruined, along with our family. Think about your wife and child.”

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