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Controlling the Entire Situation

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Zhao Feng followed Ancient God Resplendence’s team to the center of the Scorching Underworld.

The poisonous flame mist here was something that even Rank Eight Ancient Gods would find difficult to resist. Ancient God Resplendence’s team were able to get out under the protection of the array created by the Heaven’s Legacy array plate, but with Zhao Feng with them this time, they did not need to use the array.

Buzz! Bzzz!

After they communicated with the Giant God Race’s Divine Kingdom, spatial ripples appeared in front of them, forming a dark yellow passage.

Swish! Swish!

Within the Divine Kingdom, countless experts flew out from the buildings, including Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder. There were also some half-step God Lords and peak Rank Nines that Zhao Feng had never seen before.

It seems like the Giant God Race is developing rather well. They just need another one thousand years to be able to directly confront Ancient Soul Hall, Zhao Feng analyzed.

But did his arrival necessitate all of the Giant God Race coming out to welcome him?

“Zhao Feng, you’re here!” Xin Wuheng was the first to step forward.

Although Zhao Feng had come alone, he originally imagined that, if the Spiritual Race wasn’t sending anyone, Zhao Feng wouldn’t be coming either. Seeing Zhao Feng coming to help him again was of great comfort to Xin Wuheng.

And when he sensed Zhao Feng’s cultivation, he was both stunned and elated. He remembered that Zhao Feng was constantly able to challenge existences that were a level above him. Now that Zhao Feng was a half-step God Lord, he probably had the strength to fight against a typical God Lord.

For the Giant God Race, a fighting power that could contend against a God Lord was extremely important.

“He’s the reinforcements Lord Wuheng requested?”

“Why is it only one person?”

The other upper echelon members did not share the same view. They had mostly entered Giant God Hall afterward and did not know about Zhao Feng, much less that the Spiritual Race had just been through a major war.

They originally held great hopes in the reinforcements that Xin Wuheng had spoken of. For only one person to show up was undoubtedly an immense psychological blow.

“Lord Wuheng, your reinforcements consist of only one person. Even if we defend this place, we have no chance of victory!” The bull-headed middle-aged man glanced at Zhao Feng, shook his head, and sighed.

“Ancient God Giant Devil is right! Our chances aren’t good!” Those who had joined Giant God Hall afterward all showed expressions of disappointment.

“This friend of mine isn’t as simple as he seems. If he’s willing to help us, we don’t need any other reinforcements!” Xin Wuheng stood straight, his expression confident and unperturbed.

He knew that Zhao Feng had powerful clones and an expert of the Destruction Dragon Race. Zhao Feng himself was also incredibly powerful.

“Oh?” A strange light flashed in Ancient God Giant Devil’s eyes as he stared at Zhao Feng.

Now that he looked carefully, he truly did notice that this person was unusual.

However, he was still just one person. This was a war between two large factions. For a single person to have a large effect, one would have to be a top-class expert.

“The Giant God Race is currently facing a problem, so why don’t we have Lord Wuheng’s good friend let us experience his capabilities!” a broad-faced elder immediately said, an expectant look on his face.

“Zhao Feng, what do you think?” Xin Wuheng had a somewhat helpless expression.

Zhao Feng had barely arrived, and some of the upper echelon members of Giant God Hall were already compelling him to join the battle. It was truly rather inappropriate.

But the factions these upper echelon members belonged were bearing enormous risks in helping the Giant God Race. At this moment, if everyone believed that they were doomed, these factions who had joined late would probably surrender to Ancient Soul Hall. It was precisely because they cared about themselves and the survival of their factions that they would target Zhao Feng.

“It’s fine. Just a trifling matter.” Zhao Feng calmly agreed.

After his previous experience in a war, Zhao Feng had come to regard war as an excellent opportunity for gathering resources.

“Good! Then we will see how Good Sir does!” The group led by Ancient God Giant Devil couldn’t help but smile.

In the face of a gruesome and cruel war, Zhao Feng had actually claimed that this was just a trifling matter.

In their view, Zhao Feng was definitely a descendant of some Spiritual Race Elder, raised in and accustomed to luxury, all of his problems resolved by his seniors. This was the only explanation for such a brash statement.

“Ancient Soul Hall has sent members into the Scorching Underworld, making their discovery of Giant God Hall only a matter of time. What Good Sir needs to do is to command the members of Giant God Hall to ambush and impede Ancient Soul Hall members within the Scorching Underworld.” Ancient God Giant Devil explained the current situation and the mission to Zhao Feng.

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded.

In truth, he had observed with his God’s Spiritual Eye while coming here the current situation and had already guessed at the Giant God Race’s current battle strategy: protect the Divine Kingdom and use the hostile environment to fight back against Ancient Soul Hall.

This could weaken the Ancient Soul Hall while buying Giant God Hall time. If this continued for a long period of time, Giant God Hall might be able to fight properly against Ancient Soul Hall.

This is a special message token of the Giant God Race. If you send your mind into it, you will be able to sense all the nearby Giant God Hall members holding tokens and also send them orders.” The Grand Elder took out a simple dark yellow token and added, “If an enemy God Lord appears, notify me immediately!”

“Brother Zhao, I will have to trouble you with this, but with the abilities of your eye-bloodline, this shouldn’t be hard.” Xin Wuheng patted Zhao Feng’s soldiers. He had far more understanding of Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline than anyone else in Giant God Hall.

After receiving this mission, Zhao Feng left the Divine Kingdom.

“Heh, what’s so difficult about this?” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

Even without the special message token, he could sense the situation over a vast area.

What he could see were mostly Rank Seven to Rank Nine Ancient Gods. There were a few peak Rank Nines and only three half-step God Lords.

“Just some small skirmishes. I’ll leave it to you guys.” Zhao Feng couldn’t build up any interest, so he called Zhao Kong, Zhao Wang, and Zhao Wan.

Zhao Kong and Zhao Wan were both at almost peak Rank Nine while Zhao Wang was still at Rank Nine. Having the three of them move out would be enough for now.

Moreover, Zhao Feng could share his vision with his clones and use them to increase his ability to command and control the situation.

“I am currently your highest commander. These three clones are the same as me. Obey all their orders!” Zhao Feng used the special message token to transmit his own situation and his plan to all the Giant God Hall members in the Scorching Underworld.

At a certain place, a buxom Giant God Race woman and two others were concealing themselves. The three of them received a message at the same time.

“Who is this person? Why have I never seen him before?” The leader of the team of three was confused.

“Zhao Feng!” the buxom woman called out.

She was none other than the person who had gone with Ancient God Sundermount to find Zhao Feng at Black Devil Peak, Ancient God Stillmoon.

“Who is Zhao Feng?” The team leader had entered Giant God Hall afterward and had never heard the name before.

“He’s a good friend of Lord Wuheng. It seems like Lord Wuheng asked for his help.” Ancient God Stillmoon messaged an explanation.

At this moment, they heard a strange voice; “I found some members of Giant God Hall! Capture them alive!”

“Strike!” the Giant God Hall team leader called out.

Their idle conversation had caused them to be discovered by the enemy first.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The two sides swiftly began to battle.

Alas, the Ancient Soul Hall team had four people. Although they weren’t used to this area, they still had more fighting power than the three Giant God Hall members.

At this moment, a faint Death energy began to rapidly approach.

“Not good! Is it another Ancient Soul Hall member?” The team leader grimaced.

“No, it’s one of the three people Zhao Feng mentioned just now!” Ancient God Stillmoon saw the newcomer’s face and rejoiced.


Zhao Wang’s eyes surged with sinister Death energy, and in the blink of an eye, he unleashed several Death Spears.

Zhao Wang’s entry in the battlefield immediately turned the tides, his Death Intent causing the enemies to tremble in fear. In the end, two members of Ancient Soul Hall were slain while the other two fled with heavy injuries.

“Change the ambush point!” Zhao Wang ordered, upon which he led Ancient God Stillmoon’s team away.

The forces of the two factions frequently clashed within the Scorching Underworld. Anyone who got close to the Divine Kingdom would be marked by Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye.

If any battle appeared to be going poorly, he would send Zhao Kong, Zhao Wan, or Zhao Wang as reinforcements. The three of them each had a supreme-quality divine artifact. As long as a half-step God Lord wasn’t present, they could turn the tides of battle and even take one or two lives.

On this day, Ancient Soul Hall’s search operation was massively impeded, with their members sustaining heavy losses. T11 leave this place to you for the moment.” Zhao Feng handed the mission to his three clones.

He found a separate place to enter the Spacetime Robe and cultivate.


A dark gray stone appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand, covered in feather carvings and thrumming with energy.

This was the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone that he had won at the Divine Kingdom Auction. It could purify and strengthen the soul, even cause it to evolve.

The Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone had the greatest effect on Rank Eight and Rank Nine Ancient Gods, capable of raising their souls by a whole level. But even if it could not increase the Soul Intent of half-step God Lords by a whole level, it could still provide a major boost.

Zhao Feng’s Soul Intent was already incredibly condensed and pure, far above that of an ordinary half-step God Lord. Once he used this stone, he was rather confident that he could raise his Soul Intent to the God Lord level. At that time, Zhao Feng’s Soul eye-bloodline techniques would be a major threat to even First Heaven God Lords.

Buzz! Bzzz!

This thought made Zhao Feng circulate his soul energy and begin absorbing the essence of the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone.

Besides the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone, Zhao Feng also had three Heaven Void God Origin Ginsengs. He had left one for himself, the second for Zhao Yufei, and the third for the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch.

Long before that, the patriarch had already reached Level Nine in Fire Intent using the precious resources obtained from the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, becoming a half-step God Lord. This Heaven Void God Origin Ginseng could increase the chances of becoming a God Lord, but whether or not the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch could actually become a God Lord depended on him alone.

He began to absorb the energy of the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone and focus his Soul Intent. During this process, Zhao Feng could still see what was going on outside through the message token or his three clones.

Although he was no longer directly controlling the battlefield and the situation wasn’t as good as it was at the start, Giant God Hall still had an enormous advantage.

At certain intervals, the situation in the Scorching Underworld would be relayed back to the Divine Kingdom.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Giant Devil was flabbergasted. Even if Zhao Feng truly was somewhat capable, he couldn’t have possibly produced such astonishing results.

Over the last few days, Ancient Soul Hall had suffered terrible losses. Even though more reinforcements had arrived from the rear, they still failed to penetrate into the heart of the Scorching Underworld.

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