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Jeffery wanted badly to hear the remaining part of the story but seeing Jane cry the way she just did; broke his heart and he couldn’t stand to see her cry.

Jeffery stood up and before Jane could do same; he scooped her up in his arms and started to walk towards the stairs.

“Oh not again Jeffery; I can walk”

“No one said you couldn’t I don’t just want you hurting yourself”

“Seriously I’m good, you can’t continue doing this”

“Who says I can’t?”

“Well I’m just saying I weigh a lot and I don’t want you coming down with a back ache or something before I leave your house”

“Hahahahahaha, I think you should be more worried about getting better, I can take care of myself”

When they entered his bedroom; Jeffery placed her carefully on the bed, examined her injured knee and the bandage on her head.

“The doctor said I could take off the bandage on my head tomorrow and replace it with another one”

“Yeah we will do that tomorrow and if need be we will apply another one”

“We? You speak as if you can do it?

“Yes I can, I was part of the Red Cross Society while I was in Uni.”

“Really? I didn’t know that”

“Yeah, there are so many things you don’t know about me”

“Are you sure about that? Because I have read a lot about you on blogs”

“Trust me when I say, you shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media platforms, most of those bloggers blow things out of proportion just so they can generate traffic on their website”

“Yeah true I remember when you were in coma; one of them wrote that you were poisoned, if I didn’t know better I would have believed it”

“You can imagine, I take every information I see on social media with a pinch of salt”

“You have a point, so tell me about yourself Jeffery Ademola”

“Hahahahahahaha I like it when you call my name like that”

“Really? Then I will say it again; Jeffery Ademola”

“Hmmmmmm, let me see.. if you call it just one more time I might just tell you a little about myself”

“Little? No you will tell me everything about yourself”

“In exchange for what?”

“How do you mean?”

“Well what will you give in exchange for information about Jeffery Ademola? I don’t come cheap you know”


“I give you nothing then”

“Okay fine a peck?”

“What is that supposed to do for me?”

“My peck is very refreshing you know?”

“Nice try but I will pass”

“Okay how about I help you with your laundry?”

“Very funny I have someone who is paid to do that, besides there is no way I’m letting you do any chores in this house”

“How about a kiss?”

“Hmmmm let me see, that could work but it has to be a french kiss though?”

“I guess it’s good night then, good night Jeffery Ademola”

Jane started to cover herself with the duvet.

“Okay fine, I will tell you about myself but first let’s get you changed into your night wear”

Jeffery stood up, went to the wardrobe and brought out the bags containing the things he had bought earlier.

“Excuse me who are we?”

“Oh sorry, I forgot you can change into your night wear yourself”

“Better and please wipe that smile off your face”

Jane took the bags from him and proceeded to examine their contents. She discovered Jeffery bought everything she wrote on the list and even went further to get other things he felt she would be needing and didn’t write on the list.

“How come you got me a face cleanser? Because I didn’t put it on the list, you even got me a face moisturizer”

“Well I noticed you were being conservative with the list when you were writing it, so I decided ask the salesgirl at the shop what she would have needed that wasn’t on the list if she was spending the weekend at a friend’s place.

“Wait you what? Tell me you are joking”

“No I’m not, she told me everything I bought that wasn’t on the list”

“But why would you do that?”

“I want you to have everything you need to be comfortable babe, stop being conservative and tell me whatever it is that you need”

“Thanks and I wasn’t being conservative with the list”

“Of course you were, with the way you were writing and cancelling the things written”

Jane picked up a lacy material, it was a lacy lingerie.

“Why so sexy?”

“I don’t understand, you wear something different from this?”

“Well…. not this sexy and revealing”

“Oh no”


“Don’t tell me you wear boring lingeries?”

“No I don’t, besides there is no such thing as a boring lingerie”

“You just confirmed it yourself, you wear boring lingeries, okay fine prove me wrong”

“What? No”

“Well I will just take it that you wear boring lingeries then”

“Jeffery stop it!”

“I’m very sure they look like the ones my grandma used to put on”


“I’m very sure they will be boring and…..”

Before he could finish his statement Jane hit him with a pillow, he started to laugh and picked up another pillow and hit her with it, they started a pillow fight both forgetting about Jane’s injury.

Just then Jane shouted and fell on the bed; Jeffery panicked.

“Jane are you okay?”

No response.

“Oh my God, Jane.. Jane?

He leaned closer to her and Jane started laughing.

“What the hell Jane you scared me”

“That’s for calling my lingeries boring”

“You almost gave me a heart attack”

“Awwnnn I’m sorry”

Jane sat up and pecked him on the cheek.

“It’s almost twelve in the morning, I suggest we go to bed”

“But you haven’t told me about yourself like you said you would”

“Baby it’s twelve midnight, I know I’m charming and all but you need to get some sleep”

“Charming, whoever said anything about being charming?”

“I’m charming and you know it”

“You wish you were”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Absolutely sure”

“Okay then”

Jeffery started to take off his shirt.

“Jeffery what are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

“Please put your shirt back on”

“Why would I do that”

“Jeffery please, okay fine you are charming”

“Funny how I only had to take off my shirt to make you admit it”

“My wanting you to put your shirt back on can mean either your body isn’t appealing or it is”

“What, which is it?”

“I’m not telling”

“Are you sure or should I take off my short?”

“Fine it’s appealing”

Finally they decided to get some sleep, after Jane had changed into one of the night wears he bought for her. Jane asked him to sleep with her on the bed as she was scared of being alone.


Ten Years Earlier

When they were done eating, Jane joined them in washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. By 10 pm; they were done cleaning and doing every other chore that needed to be done, so the girls retired for the night.

Jane was happy to finally have some time to rest. It has been a very hectic day and she couldn’t wait for it to be over.

As she laid down on the bed she remembered their matron at the orphanage and how both of them used to sit up late at night, picking out possible universities Jane will attend after writing her jamb. Now that dream will never materialize; it’s going to remain just a dream. Tomorrow she is going to become a salesgirl who would never know the four walls of a university.

“Jane you can’t start crying now, you need to be strong tears will take you no where” she advised herself and decided to be hopeful. Who knows things might turn around for the better tomorrow.

Jane hasn’t slept for long when she heard the door to her room open; she sat up to see it was Mr Okakor coming into the room. She used the back of her palm to wipe her eyes so she can be fully awake, what could Mr Okafor be looking for in her room at this time of the night?

“Good evening sir”

“My sweet Jane; how are you?”

“I’m fine sir, is there something you would like me to do for you?”

“Oh yes my sweet Jane there are lots of things you are going to be doing for me”

“Okay, what are they sir?”

“Let’s start with you taking off your clothes, they are getting in the way of things”

Jane sat still; confused not truly understanding what Mr Okafor actually meant.

“Sir I don’t understand what you mean”

“Which part? take your clothes off because I want to see beneath them”

“Mr Okafor I don’t understand what you are doing in my room by this time, please turn around and leave my room now”

“Hehehehehehehe, you have a smart mouth; we will put it to good use later but for now take off your clothes you are wasting time”


“Stubborn, I like that”

Mr Okafor turned and locked the door; when Jane noticed this; she jumped off the bed and ran to the door but she wasn’t quick enough; Mr Okafor had locked the door already and had the key in his hands.

“Not so fast little one, now for the last time take off your clothes. Don’t make me do it because you won’t like it”

“Mr Okafor please I beg you don’t do this, I’m old enough to be your daughter”

“But you are not my daughter, stop acting like you haven’t done it before”

“I haven’t, please I promise not to disobey you or question your authority on any other thing but please don’t do this”

“You are doing exactly that my sweet Jane, you are disobeying me, take off your clothes and I promise to be gentle with you”

“Please don’t do this”

“You are going to love it I promise, you will thank me later for this”

Mr Okafor pushed Jane to the bed, covered her body with his; she screamed at the top of her lungs hopefully Mrs Okafor or one of the girls might hear and come to her rescue; she screamed all she could but no one seemed to hear her.

Mr Okafor over powered her; tore her clothes and raped her. When he was done; he stood up from the bed, put his clothes back on and left the room without saying a word to her.

Jane laid on the bed crying, she cried till she had no more strength to cry.

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