Dangerous Journey

1 month ago

Dangerous Journey



once upon a time in the village of amororo, a king was throned and his name is oba adeyanju. he’s trying his possible best to rule the people in a good way.

but things change, everything in the community is bad, people dies mysterically, with no one knowing the cause.

king adeyanju married two wifes, adebimpe and adesewa. adebimpe bore two children, sons precisely; adewale and adewole.

adesewa born just a daughter; called ewa.

during this calamities and tribulations, the king losts his sons.

everyone were shocked when they heard.

king adeyanju asked his chief priests:

king adeyanju: haaa, the enemies has overcome our community.

ifayemi, we can’t watch this way. we need a solution.

ifayemi: (sighing) hmm….the gods of our land shall never leaves us

chiefs&king: aseeee…

ifayemi removed his white clothes and six cowries.

“iwaju oponpon, eyin oponpon, olumutun lo…tun, olumutun losi….erin ita orun oooo, tell me what’s going on! don’t tells evil…

Written By: Ekundayo

Dangerous Journey - S01

Dangerous Journey - S01

1 month ago