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Defeating a God Lord!

At this moment, the Time Law energy that Zhao Feng was using grew even stronger. If he used such formidable Time Law energy only to escape, he would truly be letting down the Ancestral Artifact fragment.


Zhao Feng suddenly turned around, the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword in his hand swelling with power.

“Die!” Gripping the sword with both hands, he slashed.

At this moment, the pursuing God Lord Fire Cloud felt the restriction of the Time Law and began to slow down in every aspect.

“That Time Law is even stronger than before. What’s going on with this kid?” God Lord Fire Cloud’s eyes turned grim as he began to take Zhao Feng more seriously.

As the sword descended with incredible speed, God Lord Fire Cloud hurriedly swung his hammer.


God Lord Fire Cloud succeeded in blocking Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword.

Although Fire Laws were inferior to Time Laws, they were still Laws. Moreover, the Time Law being used by Zhao Feng was not particularly powerful. Thus, God Lord Fire Cloud was still extremely capable of defending himself despite the restraints of the Time Law.

“Junior, even if you can use a bit of a Time Law, you still can’t defeat me!” God Lord Fire Cloud couldn’t help but laugh.

Although his sword had been blocked by God Lord Fire Cloud, Zhao Feng was unperturbed, nor did he take back his sword. Rather, he put all his strength into continuing to press down with the sword.

“Junior, it’s useless… wait! You’re absorbing my energy!” God Lord Fire Cloud chuckled and was preparing to jeer when he suddenly grimaced. He sensed that the bloodline energy and Divine Power that he was exuding was fading away, little by little.

“Heheh!” Zhao Feng smiled and then immediately retreated.

His primary goal just now was to absorb God Lord Fire Cloud’s energy. However, the energy of a God Lord was infused with a Law and was rather difficult to absorb, so there was a stalemate for a few moments.

After Zhao Feng departed:


A pillar of flame passed through the position he had formerly occupied.

“This scoundrel…!” God Lord Fire Cloud’s face darkened. He had never before suffered so much at the hands of a junior.

The Second Elder and Third Elder, who had retreated extremely far away, couldn’t help but be startled by this sight.

“I didn’t think that Zhao Feng alone would be able to clash with a God Lord for a short while!” The Third Elder sighed in shock.

Of course, at his peak, he would have also been capable of fighting against God Lord Fire Cloud for a short time, but he would have never been able to emerge unharmed, much less make God Lord Fire Cloud suffer a loss.

Granted, God Lord Fire Cloud had been through a major battle and was somewhat injured by the Second Elder’s trump card.

“Just where is Zhao Feng getting this Time Law energy from?” The Second Elder was more concerned about this topic. It was already very difficult to believe that such a young junior had comprehended a Time Law, and Zhao Feng hadn’t even broken into the God Lord level yet.

The other four God Lords were also left in disbelief by this sight. It was extremely rare for half-step God Lords to contend against God Lords. A peak Rank Nine exchanging blows with a God Lord was simply unheard of.

“Just what is God Lord Fire Cloud doing?” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch’s face dimmed. The Second Elder and Third Elder had both lost the ability to fight, and even though God Lord Fire Cloud was now facing only Zhao Feng, he was still incapable of instantly killing him?

At this moment:

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng and God Lord Fire Cloud clashed once more.

Because the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword had absorbed some of God Lord Fire Cloud’s Divine Power, it was even stronger and somewhat startled God Lord Fire Cloud.

“Great! The absorption speed is even faster this time!” Zhao Feng was delighted.

His Chaos Origin Divine Power also had Fire Intent. After absorbing the energy of a Fire Law once, the second time became much easier.

“Junior, the energy of a God Lord is very dangerous!” God Lord Fire Cloud growled, a sinister look on his face.


His entire body exploded with Fire energy like an erupting volcano. Even the Second Elder would have to cautiously deal with this dreadful energy.

God Lord Fire Cloud was prepared this time and swiftly launched a counterattack.

The Second Elder and Third Elder felt their hearts leap to their throats at this sight, and they could only hope that Zhao Feng could dodge.

But to their surprise, Zhao Feng did not even try to dodge.

“Spacetime Barrier!” Zhao Feng activated the defensive skill of his Spacetime Robe.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

One barrier after another emerged from the Spacetime Robe. In addition, Zhao Feng had applied some Time Law energy, causing the Spacetime Barrier to be even stronger and more capable of defending against and hindering the attack of a God Lord.

At the same time, Zhao Feng swiftly formed a ring of dark silver around himself.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had three layers of defense: the Spacetime Barrier, the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, and the Spacetime Robe.

Bzzzz! Booom!

The tyrannical flames broke through the Spacetime Barrier.

The Chaos Heaven Void Ring swiftly began to absorb this energy. Upon absorbing this energy, the Chaos Heaven Void Ring was even able to strengthen its defensive capabilities.

“This brat…! He actually blocked my attack!?” God Lord Fire Cloud was stunned.

He originally believed that, even if Zhao Feng tried to dodge, he would have still ended up severely wounded. He never imagined that Zhao Feng would just take the attack head-on.

At this time, the Spacetime Barrier’s energy was almost spent.


A moment later, boundless flames collided against the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, eventually breaking through to strike the Spacetime Robe.

Boom! Bang!

Although the Spacetime Robe was able to block the damage, the impact of these flames still pushed Zhao Feng back some distance.

“This attack will send you to the Yellow Springs!” God Lord Fire Cloud roared as he charged forward, not giving Zhao Feng a chance to catch his breath.

Although Zhao Feng had blocked one attack, he had probably spent all his strength. The second attack would be certain to kill him.

Boom! Bang!

God Lord Fire Cloud swung his golden hammer, releasing a cloud of fire from which several vicious beasts of flame emerged.

“Chaos Origin Conversion!” Unpanicked, Zhao Feng converted the Chaos Heaven Void Ring into several streams of silver that flowed into the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword. The sword became extremely heavy and began to gleam with a fiery radiance.

He had done all he could to resist God Lord Fire Cloud’s attack so that he could absorb more energy and boost the strength of the already-powerful Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword.

Even God Lord Fire Cloud couldn’t help but tremble upon sensing the sword’s power.

Boom! Bang!

With a swing of the sword, the flame beasts were extinguished. The sword then descended upon God Lord Fire Cloud, the endless power contained within it swiftly breaking through God Lord Fire Cloud’s defenses and carrying a gout of golden blood.

“Ah! How could this be?” God Lord Fire Cloud screamed, a stunned look on his face.

But a moment later, God Lord Fire Cloud understood. After repeatedly absorbing his energy, Zhao Feng had built up enough power such that his attack was able to shatter God Lord Fire Cloud’s attack and wound his body.

And wounds inflicted by Tribulation Lightning were not easy to heal.

“Unforgivable!” God Lord Fire Cloud was enraged and immediately began to burn his blood and Divine Power.

The golden hammer unleashed yet another cloud of fire. With a swing of the hammer, this massive cloud of flame transformed into a gigantic beast.

This was God Lord Fire Cloud’s supreme skill, Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast!

“Zhao Feng, you can rest easy now that you will die to the supreme skill with which I made my name!” God Lord Fire Cloud savagely laughed.

Even the Second Elder and Third Elder working together had failed to block the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast. Moreover, Zhao Feng had already spent all the strength of the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword. Even if he used the defensive measure from before, he would find it very difficult to stop this attack.


This flame beast fiercely roared, the sound waves causing the entire world to shake.

But Zhao Feng fearlessly faced this enormous flame beast.


Powerful Time Law energy descended upon the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast.

At the same time, Zhao Feng activated his left eye.

“This bloodline energy…” God Lord Fire Cloud was startled.

At this moment, he sensed an incredibly powerful ancient energy from Zhao Feng’s eyes, close to the top ten ancient races!


The Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast roared, unleashing Fire Law energy to resist the Time Law energy, and then it exploded forward.

The Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast opened its hellish mouth and seemed on the verge of swallowing Zhao Feng whole.

God Eye… Illusory Oblivion!

Zhao Feng’s left eye released dreamy mist that vanished into the surrounding world. The Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast suddenly appeared in his eyes to be made of sparkling and translucent bubbles.

“Extinguish!” His Origin energy surged as he focused his mind. A moment later, the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast simply vanished.

“This… how could this be?” God Lord Fire Cloud almost choked. His supreme skill had simply vanished. This was even more shocking to him than Zhao Feng blocking his attack.

Everyone in the area, including the four battling God Lords, was dumbstruck. Not even the Second Heaven God Lords could comprehend this sight.

At this moment, a dreamy silver eye appeared in the sky, exuding a dreadful soul pressure.

God Eye Duplication: Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast! Zhao Feng called out with his soul, upon which the silver eye began to release a dreamy mist.


A vicious beast made of flames emerged from the mist. Its target was God Lord Fire Cloud.

“No…!” God Lord Fire Cloud stood frozen in place as he was swallowed up by the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast.


The cloud of fire scattered, revealing God Lord Fire Cloud’s scorched and damaged body. Even now, his mind was still rather dazed.

Suddenly, a powerful Soul energy approached, causing God Lord Fire Cloud’s eyes to flash.


A miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword pierced through God Lord Fire Cloud’s soul, causing him to grab his head and howl in pain.

“Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng swiftly followed up with a slash of the enormous sword in his hands.


Another indelible wound was left on God Lord Fire Cloud’s body.

God Lord Fire Cloud’s injuries were now extremely severe. Zhao Feng’s attacks were infused with Tribulation Lightning energy and Time Law energy. Tribulation Lightning energy made the wounds difficult to heal while the Time Law dragged the recovery time into infinity. In addition, Zhao Feng’s strange techniques and bloodline energy that approached the top ten ancient races had left him intimidated and fearful.

“Run!” Without another word, God Lord Fire Cloud transformed into a streak of flame and began to flee.

But Zhao Feng would naturally not let God Lord Fire Cloud go so easily.

Thwish! Thwish!

Two streams of light streaked through the sky, one fleeing and the other pursuing. However, the one fleeing was a God Lord while the pursuer was only a peak Rank Nine!

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