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Fighting Against a God Lord

“Kill him!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch’s eyes turned harsh.

Now that the Second Elder’s strength was declining, this was the perfect opportunity to eliminate him. As long as they got rid of one God Lord, the outcome of the war would be decided.

Not good…. The three Spiritual Race God Lords turned grim as they tried to think of countermeasures.

But the Blazing Gold Race would not give them the time.


In a flash, an endless sea of golden flames surged toward the three Spiritual Race God Lords.

Boom! Bang!

The three Spiritual Race God Lords worked together to defend, but they were still pushed back by the Blazing Gold Race.

The Second Elder clearly had the worst grimace. He had discovered that every time he used energy, the speed at which his strength declined would accelerate.

The massive shift on the God Lord battlefield naturally drew attention from down below now.

“The Blazing Gold Race God Lords have pushed back the Spiritual Race God Lords!”

“The Spiritual Race’s Second Elder appears to be extremely weak!”

The Blazing Gold Race members who were on the verge of despair suddenly saw a ray of hope.

In contrast, the Spiritual Race members were frozen in shock.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Origin Jade was flabbergasted.

Just when the Spiritual Race believed that victory was theirs, the Blazing Gold Race God Lords used some unknown method to push back the Spiritual Race God Lords. From the look of it, the Second Elder had severe wounds and was seemingly no longer a match for the Blazing Gold Race God Lords.

“Let’s go and help out the Second Elder!” the Third Elder firmly said.

The outcome of the God Lord battle was far too important to this battle. Once the Second Elder was defeated, it would all be over.

The Third Elder’s decision received the approval of the other Spiritual Race members. A defeat could not be permitted on the God Lord battlefield. Moreover, now that the battle of upper echelon members was decided, it was no problem at all to transfer a portion of their forces to the God Lord battlefield. In particular, an expert like Zhao Feng could naturally lend some aid against a God Lord.

“A bunch of ants sending themselves to their deaths!” God Lord Fire Cloud couldn’t help but sneer.

“Second Elder, we’ve come to help you!” The Third Elder led ten-some people to the Second Elder’s side.

Besides the Third Elder, there was another half-step God Lord, and both of them were outstanding half-step God Lords of the Spiritual Race. The rest of the team was made up of peak Rank Nines.

“Okay!” The Second Elder had a bitter expression.

“Fire Cloud, kill that brat!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch messaged.

The killing spree Zhao Feng had engaged in down below had alarmed even the God Lords. The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch even wanted to personally kill Zhao Feng. Now that Zhao Feng was participating in the God Lord battle of his own will, this was the perfect chance to kill him.

“I would have known that even without you telling me.” God Lord Fire Cloud wickedly chuckled.


In a flash, God Lord Fire Cloud’s body began to blaze with light, and he appeared like a golden sun, exuding endless waves of heat. These golden flames swiftly transformed into giant hands that rushed forward.

The mountain-crushing pressure they exuded made the peak Rank Nines feel like it was difficult to breathe – that their bodies were about to melt.

The Second Elder and Third Elder stepped forward, exuding weak Law energy to diminish the God Lord pressure.

“Celestial Spirit Crystal Sword!”

With the Third Elder as the center, the other members of the Spiritual Race activated their bloodlines. Crystalline blood of various colors came together into the air, forming a multicolored crystal sword.


The crystal sword thrust forward under the control of the Third Elder.

This was yet another secret bloodline art of the Spiritual Race. By crystallizing the air using their bloodline, the Spiritual Race could not only use defensive techniques like the Celestial Spirit Crystal Fortress, but also offensive techniques like the Celestial Spirit Crystal Sword.

Boom! Whoosh!

The multicolored crystal sword, imbued with incredible bloodline energy and Divine Power, stabbed forward, destroying all the giant hands of flame in its path.

“As expected of secret Spiritual Race bloodline art! Truly unusual.” Zhao Feng’s eyes turned solemn.

The Celestial Spirit Crystal Sword used by the Third Elder could instantly slay a half-step God Lord and pose a threat to a God Lord.

“Hmph, just an unorganized mob!” God Lord Fire Cloud smiled as a dazzling golden hammer appeared in his hand. The images of beasts had been carved upon it and it exuded a dreadfully oppressive aura.

Circulating Divine Power, he swung the hammer at the Third Elder’s Celestial Spirit Crystal Sword.

Ding! Crack!

A moment later, the multicolored sword was sent flying away, cracking mid-flight.

“So strong!” The Third Elder’s body trembled as a trickle of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

The bloodline secret arts of the Spiritual Race were powerful, but to use them against a Blazing Gold Race God Lord was still a difficult proposition.

As God Lord Fire Cloud fended off the combined attack from the Third Elder’s group, the Second Elder and Zhao Feng launched their own attacks.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A white scimitar appeared in the Second Elder’s hand, and lightly waving it would create countless fierce gales.

“Crystal Whirlwind!” The Second Elder gathered his bloodline energy and Divine Power into an enormous crystalline blade, which he fired at God Lord Fire Cloud.

At the same time, the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword in Zhao Feng’s hand swelled with power as he fired off a sword bolt.

“Hah, a God Lord of greatly reduced strength and a peak Rank Nine think they can do anything to me?” God Lord Fire Cloud waved his golden hammer.

Waves of flame surged forward, transforming into two enormous beasts that crushed the Second Elder’s blade of white crystal.

“Time Law!” Zhao Feng immediately got in touch with the Ancestral Artifact fragment so that he could borrow a sliver of Time Law energy.

Time Intent was extremely powerful among the Intents, and Time Laws were Laws that countered many other Laws.

Zhao Feng fused the Time Law energy with his Time Intent and sent it off. A moment later, the enormous flame beast charging at him suddenly slowed down.

Using this chance, Zhao Feng swung around the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword, firing off several more sword bolts.


The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning sword bolts moved with incredible speed, bolstered by the Time Law energy.

God Lord Fire Cloud never would’ve imagined that Zhao Feng would be able to block his attack. By the time he realized what happened, Zhao Feng’s attack had arrived.

Ding! Plush!

The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning sword bolt landed on God Lord Fire Cloud’s divine body, leaving a pitch-black scorch mark on his dazzling and perfect golden body.

“Seeking death!” God Lord Fire Cloud’s shame turned into rage, and flames exploded out of his body like he was an erupting volcano.

Even Zhao Feng wearing the Spacetime Robe felt like his skin was burning.


After landing his attack, Zhao Feng began to retreat.

“This old man will kill you first!” Provoked by Zhao Feng, God Lord Fire Cloud charged toward him.

Upon seeing this, the Second Elder began to swing his white scimitar again and again. Zhao Feng played an incredibly important role in this battle. He could not be allowed to die like this.

On the other end:

“Oh no!” the Third Elder cried out in alarm as he madly circulated his Spiritual Race bloodline. Even more white crystals began to form in the surrounding space. These new crystals flew toward the multicolored crystal sword, repairing the cracks and making it even stronger than before.


The sword once more shot toward God Lord Fire Cloud.

“Damn!” Upon sensing the powerful attacks behind him, God Lord Fire Cloud was forced to stop.

Although the Second Elder’s strength had declined, he could still use strength far above that of a typical half-step God Lord. And the secret bloodline art used by the Third Elder’s team was even stronger than the attacks of the weakened Second Elder.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll kill you first!” God Lord Fire Cloud’s face twisted in rage.

In terms of speed, Zhao Feng was faster than the weakened Second Elder, and the Third Elder’s team was using a secret bloodline art and found it even more difficult to move around.

“Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast!” God Lord Fire Cloud placed both hands on the golden hammer, pouring in immense amounts of blood and Divine Power. The golden hammer immediately erupted with a roiling cloud of flame.

As the hammer swung, this massive cloud of flame transformed into a vicious beast of gigantic size.


This flame beast fiercely roared, the sound waves causing the entire world to shake. They even managed to shatter a few of the Second Elder’s attacks.


After giving its roar, the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast lunged forward, revealing its fiery teeth as it collided with the attacks of the Second Elder and Third Elder’s team.

The white blades of energy unleashed by the Second Elder instantly weakened while crystal flakes began to shear off of the multicolored sword.

In contrast, the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast only got larger and more powerful.


With a heaven-shaking roar, the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast shattered all these attacks and continued to charge at the Second Elder and Third Elder.

“Oh no!” The Third Elder vomited blood, his face paling.

He was already wounded, and after excessively using the bloodline secret art, his injuries had worsened.

At this perilous moment, the Second Elder extended a hand, revealing a white pearl, within which was a frozen crystalline vortex.

Cling! Crack!

The Second Elder shattered the white pearl.

At this moment, a mighty Wind Law was mobilized. This caused even the other four God Lords battling in the distance to shoot a glance over.


An enormous tornado of white crystal appeared, possessing such strength that even the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast was affected.


The enormous white tornado swept forward, colliding with the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast, grinding it down with immense Divine Power and Wind Law energy. A moment later, the Fire Cloud Heaven-Shattering Beast was crushed into pieces.

God Lord Fire Cloud grimaced. Although the Second Elder had been weakened, he was still a God Lord, possessing a few trump cards.

In the face of such a vicious attack, God Lord Fire Cloud was forced to take defensive measures. The flame tattoos on his golden body began to even more brightly dazzle, and his body began to exude a searing pressure.

Boom! Bang!

As God Lord Fire Cloud exerted his physical defenses, he also activated his golden hammer. At this moment, his defenses reached their peak.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The tornado arrived, the collision of fire and wind shaking the world. A moment later, a searing flame energy shot into the sky, scattering the Wind Law energy.

God Lord Fire Cloud emerged. Although there were a few bloodstains on his body, he did not seem severely wounded.

In the distance, the Second Elder, a trickle of blood flowing from his lips, was compelled to retreat. By activating one of his trump cards in his weakened state, he had caused the weakening to accelerate. He no longer had the strength to fight in a God Lord battle.

The Third Elder’s team was also extremely weak from using the Spiritual Race bloodline art.

“Kid, who can save you now?” God Lord Fire Cloud put aside the Second Elder and Third Elder for the moment, setting his eyes on Zhao Feng. After all, the Second Elder and Third Elder were temporarily incapable of fighting.


The searing energy in the air gradually caused all other kinds of Intent energy to vanish. As Wind, Metal, and Lightning Intents became unusable, Zhao Feng’s speed plunged.


Wreathed in boundless flame, God Lord Fire Cloud charged out from the rear.

Both the Second Elder and Third Elder could only helplessly watch.

“Against a God Lord, I don’t have any advantage in speed.” Zhao Feng’s eyes sank.

Seeing that God Lord Fire Cloud was about to catch up, he knew that he could no longer keep hiding his trump cards.


Suddenly, Zhao Feng’s body began to exude a layer of white Time energy.

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