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The Reappearance of the Words of Death

Unable to fight back, Elder Jin was cut in two by Zhao Feng’s sword.

“Ah…!” Elder Jin’s howl of pain resounded over the entire battlefield, causing all the Blazing Gold Race members to stop in shock, their blood freezing.

On the sub-God-Lord level battlefield, Elder Jin was their highest commander and their strongest expert, but even he had been cut in two by Zhao Feng. Of course, besides Elder Jin, Zhao Feng had also previously killed several half-step God Lords and innumerable Rank Nine and peak Rank Nine experts. The scenes from today were certain to indelibly engrave themselves into their minds.

“Damn! Zhao Feng, this old man will tear you into pieces…!” Elder Jin said in a pained and resentful voice.

He had also not expected for himself to lose to a junior. He was a mighty half-step God Lord who had even comprehended a sliver of Law, but he had lost a peak Rank Nine Ancient God.

Bzzzz! Hwoosh!

Golden flames erupted from both halves of Elder Jin’s body, and they started connecting as he tried to heal his wounds.

However, there was a stream of inextinguishable Tribulation Lightning energy that prevented the wound from being healed. Not even Elder Jin could recover from the wound inflicted by Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword in such a short amount of time.

“There’s no need to heal! Your death is assured!” Zhao Feng said in an icy voice.


Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Sword thrummed with dreadful pulses of energy. While slashing at Elder Jin, the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword had absorbed a portion of Elder Jin’s energy, further strengthening it.

“How could it be like this…!?” Elder Jin paled as he sensed death approaching.


His soul rushed out and began to flee into the distance.

“Die!” Zhao Feng focused, his left eye creating a dreamy abyss. Elder Jin wasn’t able to get far before he felt his soul being sucked in.

At this moment, Zhao Feng slashed with his Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword.


Frozen by the Gaze of the God Eye, Elder Jin’s soul was pierced through by the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword. The attacks of this sword damaged both body and soul, and the powers of Chaos Origin and Tribulation Lightning exploded on Elder Jin’s soul.

Boom! Bang!

Less than one second later, Elder Jin’s soul was completely obliterated.

“No… Elder Jin is dead!”

“This can’t be real!”

All the Blazing Gold Race members trembled, their hearts chilling and their faces in disbelief.

In contrast, the Spiritual Race was invigorated, its members charging forward.

“Kill! Kill all the Blazing Gold Race members!”

“Even the Blazing Gold Race’s Elder Jin is dead while we still have Zhao Feng! The Spiritual Race’s victory is certain!”

The Spiritual Race rallied and launched a counterattack. At this time, Zhao Feng had become the backbone of the Spiritual Race for many of its members.


After killing Elder Jin, Zhao Feng shot toward the rest of the Blazing Gold Race army.

Although Elder Jin was dead, the Spiritual Race had not obtained complete victory and the battle was not completely over. Thus, the killing spree had to continue.

“Once I kill all the half-step God Lords of the Blazing Gold Race, everything will be over,” Zhao Feng muttered.


He left a bloody path in his wake as he unstoppably pressed forward.

“No, run!”

“This person is too powerful! Even Elder Jin was killed!”

All the members of the Blazing Gold Race stared at Zhao Feng like he was a taboo existence that they needed to get away from as quickly as possible.


Zhao Feng’s figure shuttled across the battlefield.

“Die!” He immediately set his eyes on a half-step God Lord and charged.

In order to shift the tides of this battle, all he could do was kill all the half-step God Lords on the other side.

“No…!” The golden-robed elder’s face twisted in fear.

He put up a desperate struggle, but it was pointless. On this battlefield, Zhao Feng was king, and no one could stop him!

All the Blazing Gold Race’s felt their legs go soft, and they began to flee.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng easily killed a half-step God Lord. Not long after that, he killed another one.

He focused only on killing half-step God Lords! This revelation caused the few remaining half-step God Lords on the battlefield to despair, their bodies shivering in terror.

This unstoppable killing spree had caused the Blazing Gold Race’s fear of Zhao Feng to rise to a whole new level. As the slaughter continued, the entire Blazing Gold Race was on the verge of crumbling from despair.

The battlefield was filled with the sight of Blazing Gold Race members fleeing in fear.

Back on the God Lord battlefield, the Blazing Gold Race God Lords were startled.

“That junior actually killed Elder Jin…?”

“Half of the upper echelon members of my Blazing Gold Race were killed by that brat!”

Two of the Blazing Gold Race God Lords were seething with rage.

“That brat…! I’m going to slice him into little bits!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch was the most furious of all. He was ready to rush down into the battlefield to personally kill Zhao Feng. One could say that Zhao Feng alone had ruined their excellent situation.

“Heh, a mighty Second Heaven God Lord will actually attack a peak Rank Nine junior?” The Spiritual Race Patriarch jeered. With a wave of his hand, he unleashed a surge of crystalline water that obscured the skies as it swept toward the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch.

“I didn’t think that it would be Zhao Feng who would avert the crisis in this war.” The Spiritual Race’s Second Elder emotionally sighed. Although he had guessed that Zhao Feng possessed abnormal strength, he had not expected for him to be unstoppable against anyone beneath the God Lord level.


With a fierce sweep of his hand, he unleashed a white crystalline whirlwind that scattered away all the blazing flames in its path.

“Hmph!” The hunchbacked elder snorted and spread his arms apart, releasing endless golden flames. These flames formed into an endlessly revolving ring of fire that blocked the Second Elder’s attack.


The Second Elder attacked again, one whirlwind of white crystal after another howling forward, imbued with the energy of the world.

Meanwhile, the hunchbacked elder used defensive skills and golden flames to block every one of the Second Elder’s attacks.

“Only defending?” The Second Elder noticed this peculiarity about the hunchbacked elder, God Lord Fire Cloud.

In terms of fighting strength, God Lord Fire Cloud was better than him, but at this time, God Lord Fire Cloud was solely employing defensive techniques. Had the Blazing Gold Race God Lords given up on fighting a decisive battle now that the battle below was settled?

But at this moment, an elder appeared far back in the distance, his face drab and ugly, his aura sinister. His cultivation was peak Rank Nine. Even more astonishing was that this ugly elder had charged into the God Lord battlefield.

“Mm?” The three Spiritual Race God Lords appeared confused by this sight.

As God Lords, they were extremely experienced and perceptive. A peak Rank Nine charging into the God Lord battlefield was utterly suicidal, but that was what made this action so strange and suspicious.

“The outcome hasn’t been decided yet!” God Lord Fire Cloud savagely laughed, his body exploding with Flame energy.

Boom! Bang!

The energy of two God Lords clashed and neutralized each other in the air.

At this moment:

“Kekeke…” The repulsive elder seemed to not fear death, charging at the Spiritual Race’s Second Elder like a moth to the flame.

A peak Rank Nine charging at a God Lord? How was this not seeking death? Many people found this action very bizarre.

“Scram!” The Second Elder saw how peculiar this person was and did not dare to let him approach. He almost-subconsciously gathered up a whirlwind of white crystal that he sent sweeping at this ugly old man.

“Ah!” Struck by the Second Elder’s attack, the repulsive elder was obliterated.

“Suicide?” The Second Elder was stunned, but then he sensed a chill and immediately reached deep into his soul. For some reason, he had an extremely ill foreboding.

At the same time, an ancient voice seemed to penetrate through the world; “With my death as the price, kill this person, plunging him into a lethal nightmare of endless withering, endless decline…”

“This is… not good!” The other two God Lords of the Spiritual Race paled. The moment that ugly elder died, they sensed a mysterious and ancient power.

“The Cursed Words of Death! The forbidden art of the Ancient Shaman Race….” The Spiritual Race Patriarch deeply sighed.

One had to realize that the Ancient Shaman Race was ranked 2nd among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Their various strange and mysterious secret arts made even the Ancient Race feel apprehensive.

A moment later:


The Second Elder groaned as he felt an unfathomable and sinister energy wrap around his body and seep into his soul. He instantly felt his body go numb, and then ache, and then burn…

The Cursed Words of Death set down by the ugly elder was placed on the person who had killed him, and the ugly old man had delivered himself to be killed by the Second Elder. Thus, the Second Elder became the target of the Cursed Words of Death.

“How is it?” The other two Spiritual Race God Lords anxiously asked.

The Cursed Words of Death had extremely rigorous requirements. Firstly, the user had to be extremely proficient in the Soul Dao and had to have researched the secret arts of the Ancient Shaman Race. Secondly, death was the price required to activate the Cursed Words of Death. Finally, if the person who died was too weak, the Cursed Words of Death would possess mediocre strength.

The repulsive elder wasn’t of the Blazing Gold Race and his bloodline was not of a very high level. Logically speaking, the Cursed Words of Death should not have been that strong. But would the Blazing Gold Race execute a plan that they were not sure of?

The Second Elder was silent. At this moment, he could sense his soul, Divine Power, and cultivation rapidly withering. The Cursed Words of Death set down by the repulsive elder were apparently stronger than imagined.

“Haha, the Cursed Words of Death are our final move. Once used, they will be able to remove a God Lord’s fighting power for a short period of time!” The Blazing Gold Race Patriarch loudly laughed.

They did not hope for that ugly elder’s Cursed Words of Death to kill a God Lord, only temporarily make one incapable of fighting.

“The Cursed Words of Death used by that suicide soldier were strengthened by a broken Shaman Artifact of the Ancient Shaman Race!” The old woman appeared to believe that victory was in their hands.

The Spiritual Race Patriarch had an extremely nasty expression. The Cursed Words of Death were so strong because the Blazing Gold Race had used a damaged Shaman Artifact of the Ancient Shaman Race.

“Aren’t you still my opponent?” God Lord Fire Cloud wickedly chuckled.

The three God Lords of the Spiritual Race immediately turned gloomy. Although the Second Elder had not been killed by the Cursed Words of Deaths, his strength and cultivation had rapidly plunged. Right now, the Second Elder could only use seventy to eighty percent of his full strength, and his strength was continuing to drop.

God Lord battles were extremely vicious. If the Second Elder continued to fight against God Lord Fire Cloud, his defeat was certain, and the Blazing Gold Race only needed to have one extra God Lord for the outcome of this war to be decided.

In the battlefield down below, both sides still did not know what had happened with the God Lords. The Spiritual Race members were ecstatically charging forward to do battle with the Blazing Gold Race members.

“That energy just now…?” Zhao Feng turned his gaze to the God Lord battlefield. Just now, he had sensed a mysterious energy that was both familiar and repulsive.

With his see-through ability, Zhao Feng was able to see everything that was going on with the six God Lords.

“What happened to the Second Elder?” Zhao Feng noticed that the Second Elder was acting strange. Focusing his eyes, he was gradually able to see through a portion of the Second Elder’s divine body.

He instantly paled. “The Cursed Words of Death!”

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