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Self-created cultivation method

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His spirit power instantly sank into the little colorful halo, the core of his bloodline vortex. Under his will, the energy in the colored vortex was immediately drawn out. As soon as it came out, the power of the two bloodlines suddenly became slightly more pacific.

Actually, Lan Xuanyu wasn’t sure of what he should do now, he could only continue to silently give orders to decompose the bloodline’s energy into soul power.

At the same time, he tried his best to allocate a bit of his spirit power to control the soul power in his body. Now that he could mobilize his bloodline power, he naturally could also do it for his soul power. He guided his soul power to quickly move through the Mysterious Heavenly Skill’s cultivation path.

While his soul power was circulating, his bloodline power was concentrated in his chest, the two did not conflict with each other. Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu had another inspiration. He quickly blocked the absorption of the origin energy from the outside world by Mysterious Heavenly Skill, but moved the absorption direction inward.

Suddenly, a strange scene appeared. Under the influence of Mysterious Heavenly Skill, the power of his gold and silver bloodlines who were already quite wild were about to run amok. However, with the appearance of the seven-colored energy from the core, they could only obediently stay in the bloodline vortex, unable to resist.

Then Lan Xuanyu saw strands of energy being stripped from his two different bloodline powers. They were like rising water steam, quietly blending into his soul power and enhancing it.

As soon as this situation occurred, Lan Xuanyu was immediately relieved, because he immediately felt that the painful feeling in his chest was under control and was gradually alleviating.


Lan Xuanyu didn’t dare to be careless, and carefully continued to control it. He found that after his spiritual sea got that smear of green, his spirit power had a much stronger control over his energy. His total amount of spirit power had not increased, but its control power had by a lot. Even his rebellious bloodline power seemed to be lured by it and was easier to control.

Lan Xuanyu had never thought that his soul power would increase so quickly, after extracting that silky energy from his bloodline power, his soul power was strengthened at a speed that was almost discernible to the naked eye.

This feeling was really wonderful. He could see his soul power beginning to grow, running through his meridians, and its speed was becoming faster and faster. As his soul power began to feed back his body, the meridians dilated to the point of rupture were going back to their original state. His bloodline power had also calmed, and during the process of recovery, it was transforming into little bits of gold and silver, quietly blending in. It made his meridians and bones become stronger and stronger.

The pain gradually disappeared, replaced by a sense of comfort that spread throughout his body. Lan Xuanyu was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Gradually, the excess bloodline power was converted into soul power and absorbed, but Lan Xuanyu didn’t take away all of it. He kept it above his original optimum state and then absorbed about 30% of it.

His bloodline power needed life energy to grow. As long as it did not over-absorb, it still provided great benefits.

Then he cautiously reopened his senses to the outside world, guiding the life energy from outside into his body and into his blood vessels. Thanks to his previous experience, there was no doubt that this was going to be a way of training akin to a shortcut ! In just such a short while, he felt that his soul power had greatly improved.

Compared with the difficult cultivation in the past, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

However, when he restarted to absorb life energy from the environment, he suddenly found that the situation had changed. There was no longer the strong life energy that he had absorbed before.

Lan Xuanyu ended his meditation in a daze, and opened his eyes.

When he saw the metal box with the black emblem on his knees, he was shocked.

Inside the metal box, the black badge had changed. The original rich Life energy had disappeared. The jet-black emblem had turned tan, looking like a piece of ordinary wood that had been left for some years.


Lan Xuanyu clearly remembered that Tang Zhenhua told him before that this black-level emblem was made from a trunk of the Eternal Tree. Where the hell did this Life energy disappear to? Was it completely absorbed by him ? Did this still count as a black emblem ?

Suddenly, he only felt cold sweat coming out of his back. That was a black emblem ! Although he didn’t know what a black rank emblem could be exchanged for, when he thought of the preciousness of a purple rank emblem and that it was something equivalent to ten of those, he could not pay it back even by selling himself !

He hurriedly and carefully picked up the black rank emblem from the metal box, and carefully observed it.

Suddenly, Lan Xuanyu discovered some changes. Although this black rank emblem had lost its luster and previous rich life energy, it was now like a sponge, silently absorbing the meditation room’s Life aura.

Lan Xuanyu felt that the Life aura instantly faded when he planned to continue practicing. Part of the reason was that it was being absorbed by the emblem and himself. Now that the emblem was no longer releasing but absorbing Life energy, Lan Xuanyu’s harvest naturally became poorer.

That was already something akin to a spiritual existence! In other words, given enough time, it should be able to recover to its original state.

Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu put it back in the metal box and closed the metal box.

Suddenly, the suction disappeared, and the Life energy in the meditation room began to gradually recover, back to its original density.

Taking a long breath, Lan Xuanyu first carefully felt the changes in his body without rushing back to meditating.

With his bloodline crisis gone, he was now fully operational.

His soul power had increased a lot, and the bloodline vortex in his chest had become bigger. Lan Xuanyu also discovered that the seven-colored light spot inside the core of his bloodline vortex was slightly larger. As it was only slightly, he was not particularly sure, but from what he could feel, it was probably stronger.

In other words, without using his Martial Soul Fusion Technique, it could also be strengthened through the energy conversion process just now? Was this because when the power of the two bloodlines was transformed into soul power, they slightly fusioned during the process ?

Lan Xuanyu knew very well that using his Martial Soul Fusion technique to strengthen his seven-colored energy was actually a huge waste. He had to burst out a large amount of energy, and only a small part of it was truly kept absorbed. But he had never found a way to accelerate the fusion and cultivation of this seven-colored energy. That was a consumption equivalent to a whole rank of soul power! Honestly, he was a little bit reluctant.

But now, this problem seemed to have a solution. If he could cultivate in this way, then the separated bloodline energy would go through a fusion process, and his soul power would also be improved. The premise was to have enough Life energy. Under these circumstances, his cultivation speed…

Thinking of this, Lan Xuanyu became uncontrollably excited, as he finally found the most suitable cultivation method for his physical condition.

After summarizing the entire previous cultivation process again in his head, he started to meditate again.

His cultivation method was fine, but he soon discovered that it was not so easy for the Life energy to go back to its previous saturation state.

Without the rich and extreme life energy from the black rank emblem, it was just the life energy from the meditation room that could indeed increase his bloodline’s speed of absorption. At the same time, his soul power could also reach a normal cultivation speed as there was no more bloodline trying to wrestle the life energy. But the life energy absorbed by his blood vessels was far from enough to feed back to his soul power. It was obviously impossible to achieve his previous high-speed cultivation.

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