How network spoil my relationship - S01 E25

1 year ago

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And then……

The next thing we saw was Chike dashing towards Rexxie and


Chike landed him a very big thunderous slap.

Rexxie who did not see the slap coming got blind for a seconds.

”You dey mad!?,who do you think you are.”

Chike said and gave him another big slap.

”oh my god!!!.”

The second slap bring Rexxie back to his sense.He quickly kneel down and started begging.

”please pardon me,i dont know you were in the class.Am very sorry.” he pleaded

” you get mind just dey oppress my boss.

You dis manchi!,we dey talk of my boss bae wey you wan collect from him and you dey here dey form james bond for us.”


Skilo said and gave him another slap.

i start to dey pity my guy sef,if na me i don passed out be dat.

”baba make we take dis manchi to unit na how you see am.” Kiddi said to Chike

”you don buy market. let’s take him to unit.” Chike said.

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