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Bing Tianliang said hesitantly: “I don’t think I can accept…”

“It’s decided.” Lan Mengqin said without hesitation. There were a total of three teams, and two had expressed their views, so naturally there was no problem. The spoils were evenly divided in the end.

Lan Xuanyu opened the metal box, and a Purple Emblem that was obviously larger than the White and Yellow Emblems appeared in front of him.

The Emblems were all round. The purple ones’ material looked slightly different, similar to wood, with a purple halo on them. The carved patterns were still the same. The wood grain was delicate and moist, and it was lukewarm at the touch. There seemed to be a strong aura of life inside, just by holding it in his hand, Lan Xuanyu felt unspeakably comfortable.

A Purple Emblem was really different! Even if one didn’t use it for exchanging something, just staying around and using it for your own cultivation seemed to have lots of benefits.

The two Yellow Emblems were given to Qian Lei and Liu Feng, and Lan Xuanyu kept the purple one with him. He did not need to be polite with his brothers, and anyway he would never let them suffer a loss.

The crystal cores that other teams took out in exchange for rewards were much less than theirs, and boss rank crystal cores were rare. After all, Yuan En Huihui and Lan Mengqin were both outstanding individuals in this batch of candidates. Lan Xuanyu and Dong Qianqiu’s Deep Blue Gaze, Bing Tianliang’s Descent of the Thunder God were also powerful abilities. Qian Lei’s Emerald Demon Bird also didn’t lose out in terms of power.

Overall, Lan Xuanyu and the others had gained quite a lot from this assessment, especially Qian Lei. After discovering that he could fusion with his summon, his overall ability was definitely going to increase. What was lacking was how to use this ability and make sure it was easy to use.

For example, could he fusion with the Emerald Demon Bird? What would he transform into ? Fat Emerald Demon Bird? Where was the speed ?

After distributing the rewards, Xiao Qi immediately ordered everyone to return to the spaceship and prepare to return to Shrek Academy.

However, when Lan Xuanyu and the others boarded the spaceship, they discovered that the candidates who ended the exam early were not on the spaceship. No one knew if they were really killed or were sent off first.

Looking at the scenery outside through the window, everyone felt an indescribable sense of relaxation. It was a battle of life and death! A true life and death situation was indeed completely different from the simulation pod. They could no longer act without a care in the world, they had to focus on any danger that could arise at any time. This feeling had nothing wonderful.

Finally they could return. Especially for everyone who was basically sure to be admitted to Shrek, all were in a good mood.

Lan Xuanyu held the box containing the Purple Emblem and narrowed his eyes, as if he was feeling something, thinking about something.

Dong Qianqiu was sitting beside him, looking at his flickering eyes, and whispered : “What kind of bad ideas are you pondering on again ?”

Lan Xuanyu glanced at her and said, “Why a bad idea? Am I a bad person in your heart?”

Dong Qianqiu laughed, “Should I give you a good person card?”

Lan Xuanyu smiled and said, “No thaks. Do you want to know what I was thinking?” While talking, he looked up and down at her mischievously.

Dong Qianqiu said in a slightly angry tone: “Don’t wanna know.”

“Yeah, okay.” Lan Xuanyu collected his smile, and sat down.

“Aren’t you supposed to speak out now ?” Dong Qianqiu said, fuming.

Lan Xuanyu said in amazement: “Why should I say it? Didn’t you say that you don’t want to know anymore? You didn’t mean it? You girls really are incomprehensible.”

“You.., I can’t win against you.” Dong Qianqiu looked to the side angrily and ignored him.

“I also think you will definitely lose. This guy is just too cunning. It would be better to stay away from him in the future. Otherwise, one day we could get sold, and we wouldn’t even know that we were counting the money for him.” Lan Mengqin, who was on the other side of Dong Qianqiu, added oil to the fire while looking at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu said: “How am I cunning? I call this having wits and wisdom.”

“Che…” Lan Mengqin twitched her lips, “You are cunning, just like a fox.”

Lan Xuanyu said: “Then next time we have to act during an assessment, don’t come in my team. Just having Qianqiu is enough for me.”

Lan Mengqin hugged Dong Qianqiu’s neck, “Stop dreaming, we are the Ice Snow duo. Who said Qianqiu was going to be in your group. If you don’t believe me, ask her. Qianqiu, who would you choose, me or he?”

Dong Qianqiu rolled her eyes, “Are you two children ?”

Lan Mengqin said without hesitation: “I’m still a baby, what’s wrong with that? Lan Xuanyu, do you dare to say that?”

Lan Xuanyu immediately shook his head, and then righteously said: “I’m still a little baby, I need Qianqiu’s care.”

“You really are…” Dong Qianqiu’s face was speechless, and she felt that she was getting goosebumps.

“You won.” Looking at Lan Xuanyu’s serious nonsense, Lan Mengqin couldn’t help but retreat.

Lan Xuanyu immediately said triumphantly: “Then Qianqiu will be mine in the future. Didn’t you say that I won?”

Lan Mengqin said: “Qianqiu, let’s change seats. I can’t let you be next to him anymore, or he will have a bad influence on you.”

“Big Sister Mengqin, I was wrong.” Lan Xuanyu grabbed Dong Qianqiu, who was about to stand up, and looked at her pitifully.

“Don’t get fooled by his tricks.” Lan Mengqin looked at Lan Xuanyu with a smile.

“Everyone buckle up your seatbelt, we are about to take off.” Xiao Qi’s voice came.

Lan Xuanyu hurriedly pulled Dong Qianqiu to sit down, and helped her buckle her safety buckle. Dong Qianqiu rolled her eyes and stopped speaking.

Amidst a deep “rumbling” roar, the spacecraft slowly took off and left the unknown planet they had been fighting in for three days.

The scenery on the ground began to shrink, and Lan Xuanyu resumed his state of squinting his eyes and thinking silently.

He calmed down, but Dong Qianqiu and Lan Mengqin were a little caught off guard, and the two girls looked at him from time to time. Qian Lei and Liu Feng, who were sitting on the other side of Lan Xuanyu, were also very quiet. Both seemed to be in a meditation state.

Being admitted to Shrek didn’t mean they could graduate smoothly, they still felt plenty endangered in their hearts now. Even if Qian Lei could fusion with his summon, the strength of the soul beast he could summon was still quite limited. He had not even reached three rings, the fusion was not that strong, but his spiritual power had broken through the Spiritual Sea Realm. He also had a new understanding of his martial soul, and he didn’t want to miss any time to feel his Martial Soul. Since his Martial Soul awakened at the age of six, this was the first time he could find pleasure in cultivation.

Once out of the atmosphere, the spacecraft gradually stabilized and continued to accelerate.

“We are about to enter a wormhole, everyone get ready to go to sleep.”

At this moment, Lan Xuanyu suddenly opened his eyes, the light in his eyes flickered, barriers rose up in the surrounding, and a smile suddenly appeared on his face.

Confirmed, at this moment, he had completely confirmed his guess.

In the next instant, the spaceship shook suddenly, and if a mist appeared, Lan Xuanyu’s bright eyes gradually became sleepy, and soon lost consciousness.

When everyone’s consciousness returned, the spacecraft was gradually descending and landed slowly. At least the scene outside the window was like this.

“It’s so fast! I feel like I’m back after a nap. Shrek’s spaceship is really good.” Qian Lei stretched out and said with a comfortable face.

The spacecraft landed, and everyone went out orderly. Everyone had different expressions because of whether they had been admitted to Shrek.

The assessment was finished, the next step was to finally decide on the admission list for this batch of students.

All of the students were sent back to the Shrek Hotel to rest, and the admission was to be announced tomorrow. Among all the students who had returned together, except for the top 30 students in the comprehensive assessment, others still more or less had expectations in their hearts. After all, Xiao Qi said earlier that among them, some would be specially approved for admission.

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