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(Final Episode)

Sade couldn’t believe what she was seeing but she just have to believe it because that was what she was seeing.

“Modupeola mi, IAM sooooooo sorry I don’t know what i was doing please IAM sorry” she pleaded

” Aunty if you would have treated me nicely I don’t know if I would have been here,but you just pushed me to my greatness unknowingly” Dupe said as she looked at her with face full of smiles.

There comes a knock. It was time for the program.

“Sorry beloved aunty I got to go now as you can see iam a busy person” Dupe told her aunty and she walked out.

The program was really successful.

Dupe have become speaker and encourager particularly to the orphans and the helpless.

“Iam a living testimony” she always end her message with this statement.

Something strange happened a night to their their departure.

Raymond confronted Dupe about the children.

“You and I know that these children are mine, princess Dupe” Raymond said with head up immediately he saw her.

” Excuse me sir which children are you talking about” she was confused.

“Your children” he said putting his hands in his pocket.

“Oooooohhhhhh you were in your right sense that day that you raped me????how could you be so wicked to take advantage of poor orphan to satisfy your selfish desire?” Dupe fired.

” Dupe,IAM sorry that was really a mistake I have ever made but I have to claim my children now and resume my responsibility” RAYMOND insisted

” How do you know they are your kids,how many years did you abandoned me,what do you think have been happening all this while? Infact it is time I take my stand” Dupe was stirred.

She couldn’t believe how Mr Raymond could be Soo shameless to face her after Soo many years of abandoning her.

She specifically wanted to do DNA test for confirmation.

Their flight was cancelled as the issue was beyond management.

The result was and it was confirmed that the kids are not his, even though they happen to his The Hendricks family are not going to release for any reason.

They promised to send him to Jail if he try anything funny.

…..Dupe called her aunty and Raymond.

Raymond went on his kneels and confessed his downfall,how he forced himself into dupe that night.

Dupe told her aunty how she was raped and she didn’t even care to ask her.

Her aunty didn’t give her proper attention.

Sade ever regretted treating Sade badly.

Bisi, died out of misery,she didn’t even live to see Dupe’s success.

Dupe found out that Nuella was staying with Aunty Sade she decided to carry her to UK and school her over there.

..Two months after their returned,Gerald proposed to Dupe and dupe accepted it gladly.

Some months later,the two lovers decided to tie the knot,Their wedding was the talk of the Town.

The Hendricks family being the most honored and revered family, for their kindnesses and humility.

Dupe walked down the aisle joyfully as she cement her relationship officially with the Hendricks.

They live happily ever after….

It was then Dupe understood what Isaiah 55:8 (My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts” Says the lord . ” And my ways are far beyond anything you can imagine”.NLT)

She understood the suffering she went through was to push her forward and give her better future…..

Dupe became a voice to the voiceless and giving hope to those who think they are hopeless.

She urge anyone that she come across with one challenge or other never to give up in their struggle.Just be determine and focus,for he know the plans he have you.The view at the top is very beautiful,but claiming it,is where the problem lays.Though it may tarry,but it must sure come to pass,for what will be, will be.



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