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Where’s the Young Sovereign?

Lin Shuang reached Hu Sheng’s side. Looking at Hu Sheng’s caved-in chest due to Huang Xiaolong’s punch, his face looked extremely ugly, and it only turned worse when he saw the bloodied patch of Hu Sheng’s lower body… the other three, Cu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi were just as angry.

Lin Shuang turned around towards Huang Xiaolong, eyes chilling as a terrifying killing intent swept out from his body like a storm. Influenced by Lin Shuang’s strong killing intent, the surrounding air turned into a cold, biting gale.

“How, do, you want to die?” Lin Shuang emphasized every single word, sounding as if he emerged from the underworld abyss. Battle qi exploded with glaring light.

Hu Sheng, as the Young Lord of Nine Fiend Sect, was actually injured within Black Demon City! And his lower part was actually stomped into…?!

Death! Lin Shuang’s eyes glowed with a dark menacing light.

But before Lin Shuang’s surging battle qi could peak, before he managed to make a move, a figure blurred, in the next moment, powerful fists struck. Lin Shuang was startled, hands moving to block, yet a pulsating pain traveled from his chest. He stared disbelief at the pair of fists sticking to his chest. After a momentary pause, warm liquid rolled up Lin Shuang’s throat, and he spurted blood as his body staggered back until he reached the edge of the street, where he fell.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his fists, his eyes coldly observed the fallen Lin Shuang. Everyone stared dazedly at Lin Shuang’s figure slumped on the street. The Nine Fiend Sect’s number three, Lin Shuang, was injured in one move by Huang Xiaolong! Lin Shuang was a peak late-Xiantian Seventh Order warrior!

Including Xu Gai, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi, who arrived with Lin Shuang, stood frozen on the spot, whereas the two Sky Magi Sect disciples were flabbergasted.

Moments later, Xu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi recovered.

“Elder Lin!” Exclaiming in shock, all three of them swiftly rushed over to Lin Shuang’s side, helping Lin Shuang up.

However, while they were busy assisting Lin Shuang, a silhouette flickered. The three, Xu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi did not relax their vigilance, whirling around, all three were shocked to see a bright Buddha luminescence and Buddha statues. As if hit by a storm, Xu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi were sent flying; Lin Shuang who was just being helped up was sent flying as well.

Apart from Lin Shuang, amongst the Elder trio, the strongest was only an early Xiantian Seventh Order. Relying on Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, executing Phantom Shadow, his speed was comparable to an early Xiantian Eighth Order. Not to mention the three Elders, even Lin Shuang would find it hard to capture Huang Xiaolong’s movements.

With one Earthen Buddha Palm, Huang Xiaolong sent the four of them flying, slowly walking towards them after they landed. In fact, with Lin Shuang’s strength, if it weren’t due to his carelessness, he could have withstood several moves from Huang Xiaolong, but it was too late now, he was already injured and barely had any strength to resist.

Looking down at the four people, a cold light flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he summoned the Blades of Asura; seeing the ominous black blades in Huang Xiaolong’s hands, all four became ashen with obvious fear written on their faces.

“You!” Lin Shuang and the other three struggled to stand up, grasping for a chance to escape, Huang Xiaolong waved the Blades of Asura, cold lights gleamed in midair. Almost simultaneously, four different screaming voices sounded at once.

The two Sky Magi Sect disciples and the surrounding crowd were petrified to see blood gushing out from Lin Shuang and the other three Nine Fiend Sect Elder’s throats, covering the ground below them red in an instant.

Countless shocked gasps sounded from the crowd.

This Lin Shuang was the Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign Hu Han’s left and right-hand man, a confidante through and through. Xu Gao, Chen Nianhua, and Lu Yi were highly loyal to Hu Han, and since Huang Xiaolong had decided to destroy the Nine Fiend Sect, he killed these four without hesitation to weaken Hu Han’s forces.

After killing the four people, Huang Xiaolong paid no heed to the shocked eyes directed at him, he walked to where Hu Sheng was.

Even now, Hu Sheng was still clutching his lower body in excruciating pain, noticing Huang Xiaolong coming his way, the gloom of death seemed to descend on his face. Hu Sheng cried for mercy, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!” He saw clearly how Huang Xiaolong killed Lin Shuang and the other three Elders.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice sounded. Although this Hu Sheng deserved to die many times over, Huang Xiaolong has a use for him, so he could temporarily keep his life.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong said he would not kill him, Hu Sheng were half frantic with joy. In his heart, Hu Sheng breathed out in relief; in his opinion, he was the Nine Fiend Sect’s Young Lord, Huang Xiaolong must feel apprehensive, that was why he didn’t dare to kill him. Thinking through this point, a killing intent flitted across Hu Sheng’s heart; wait till his father and the other Nine Fiend Sect experts arrive, he would repay Huang Xiaolong, a thousand, ten thousand times over.

Huang Xiaolong sneered detecting the flickering lights in Hu Sheng’s eyes, guessing the thoughts in Hu Sheng’s mind, he laughed sarcastically in silence. Stepping up, Huang Xiaolong sealed Hu Sheng’s cultivation using acupuncture, then he dragged Hu Sheng back to the Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters.

Being dragged across the street’s surface, Hu Sheng’s lower body scrapped due to friction, resulting in a chain of wails and screams ringing in the air. It wasn’t until some distance far away that the two Sky Magi Sect disciples came back to their senses, and quickly chased up behind Huang Xiaolong. Both disciples wanted to stop Huang Xiaolong, yet neither was brave enough.

The Nine Fiend Sect headquarters grand hall.

Hu Han sat on the Sovereign throne, his brows were tightly locked together. It had been quite a while since Lin Shuang and the others went out, why weren’t they back yet?

Sitting on the seat a head lower than Hu Han was a charming lady with hands of marmoreal skin, but the nails on her hands were noticeably longer than normal, furthermore, they were green in color, like jade. This was the Nine Fiend Sect’s second-in-command, Su Meimei. Her strength was only weaker than Hu Han.

“Sovereign, should I go take a look?” Seeing Hu Han’s expression, Su Meimei volunteered. Lin Shuang and the other three Elders taking such a long time baffled her as well.

“Sovereign, with Elder Lin’s strength, there is only Blood Swallow School’s Jiang Tianhua that could be his opponent in the entire Black Demon City.” At this time, a Nine Fiend Sect Elder stood up, saying “Therefore, Sovereign and Deputy need not worry, I think Elder Lin and the rest will return very soon.”

Hu Han nodded in agreement. Indeed, other than himself and Su Meimei, only Blood Swallow School’s Doyen could be Lin Shuang’s opponent in the entire Black Demon City. Thinking of this point, Hu Han relaxed.

However, at this time, a Nine Fiend Sect disciple ran into the grand hall all flustered, agitated, and anxious. Seeing this disciple’s expression, Hu Han’s heart sank.

All the Nine Fiend Sect Elders turned to look at that disciple.

“Sovereign, it’s bad!” The instant the disciple ran into the grand hall, he fell to his knees, words flowing out of his mouth rapidly.

“What happened?” Hu Han’s face was gloomy, snapping at the disciple.

“Sovereign, Elder Lin, they, they, they were all killed!” That Nine Fiend Sect disciple blurted out with fear.

“What?!” it was as if a bomb exploded in the grand hall. All the Nine Fiend Sect Elders revealed astonishment and confusion. Hu Han and Su Meimei both wore grave expression.

“The Young Lord, where’s the Young Lord?!” Hu Han jumped up from his seat, hollering in anger.

“The Young Lord, he was taken away by that person!” That Nine Fiend Sect disciple stammered.

“Taken away?” Only then did Hu Han was relieved, taken away meant his son was still alive.

“But, Young Lord, he, he…” That disciple hesitated to explain further.

“Speak, what happened to the Young Lord?” Hu Han became nervous.

“The Young Lord’s lower, lower part, is crippled.” The Nine Fiend Sect disciples quickly answered.

The lower part ‘crippled’? All the Nine Fiend Sect Elders were stunned, each one showing a weird expression.

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