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“You know you can actually touch it, it doesn’t bite except you want it to”

Jane raised her head to see Jeffery smiling at her with those sexy sleepy eyes of his, she thought he was asleep, obviously he wasn’t because he has figured out what she was thinking.

She was completely washed with Shame. She quickly stood up and ran into the bathroom.

How does she always end up embarrassing herself in front of this guy. She hasn’t recovered from the embarrassment of slapping him now he caught her staring at his d--k. She is definitely going to stay long in this bathroom until she feels she can face him.

Jeffery knocked softly on the bathroom door.

“Jane are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine”

“You have been there for a while now”

“I’m okay I just need some time alone”

“In the bathroom?”

There was no response.

“Come on babe, you don’t have to feel ashamed”

“I’m not ashamed”

“Then come out of the bathroom”

Still no response.

Few minutes later, Jane heard the bedroom door close so she knew Jeffery must have given up and left. She was thirsty and really needed to drink water but she decided to bear it.

Finally when she couldn’t bear it any longer she came out, tiptoeing like a child who just commited a crime and was trying to escape punishment.

She went into the kitchen and took out a bottle of water from the refrigerator and poured it into a glass. She had her back turned to the kitchen door, so she didn’t see Jeffery come in.

He stood by the door looking at her, she looked incredibly sexy wearing nothing but his white polo which only covered her butt and a small part of her thighs. He watched as her ass swayed when she moved to rinse the glass she was holding in the sink. He walked over to her and wrapped his hands around her waist.

She felt a hot breath on her neck followed by the brush of his lips. she tilted her head to the left giving him more room, he caressed her neck gently, a soft moan escaped her lips, this drove him crazy, he deepened the kiss.

He turned her around to face him and then cupped her face in his hands. He looked into her eyes searching for any hint of her wanting him to stop, but there was none instead she pulled him down and placed her lips on his.

He didn’t need any other hint, he claimed her soft and smooth lips.

Her hands worked it’s way around his body feeling his perfect physique underneath the shirt he wore.

They pulled apart, staring into each other’s eyes. He carried her to sit on the kitchen island. He leaned in and placed his forehead against hers.

“My God Jane you don’t know what you do to me”

“I’m sorry”


He raised his head to look at her, why on earth would she be apologising?

“Baby you don’t have to apologise I like what you do to me”

She said nothing just licked her lips and played with the edge of the polo she wore. If only she knew what her actions were doing to him now.



“Look at me please”

He used his finger to raise her chin so she was looking at him.

“I want this, I want us ”


Sometimes this girl just drives him crazy with the type of questions she asks of course it means he wants to date her.

“Would you be my girlfriend?”

She quickly jumped off the kitchen island and placed some distance between them.

“I’m sorry I can’t do this”

“What do you mean by you can’t do this?”

“I can’t date you”

“Why not?”

“Because I have secrets”

“Don’t we all?”

“No I have dark secrets, so dark that when you hear them you would not even want me anywhere close to you talk more of wanting to date me”

Jeffery leaned against the island and folded his hands.

“Try me”.



It’s been two weeks since Jeffery asked Jane to be his girlfriend and she declined.

She refused telling him the dark secrets which were preventing her from dating him.

Every means to get her to talk to him proved abortive. She stopped taking his calls and has not been responding to his emails either.

Jeffery knew she was scared of something but he just can’t place it yet.

He has resumed work already after his doctor cleared him, he is to resume work on the condition that he doesn’t over work himself and goes for regular check up.

He was meeting with Jane today for him to sign those documents for the contract. At least he gets to see her today probably she might finally tell him what she is scared of.

“Mr Jeffery it’s time for your meeting with High Waters Interiors”

“Is she here already?”

“Yes sir, should I send her in?”

“Yes please”

Jeffery has been thinking of what he was going to say to her, he has a speech already planned out to say so she can change her mind.

“Good morning Mr Jeffery”

Jeffery raised his head from his laptop to see a lady who was looking nothing like Jane standing in his office.

“Good afternoon, how may I help you please?”

“My name is Katherine I’m from High Waters Interiors”

“Okay how may I help you Katherine?

“I brought the documents for the contract, so you can sign them like you requested”

“Excuse me, you brought what, where is Jane?”

The lady looked like she would run any minute. Jeffrey’s reaction must have scared her, he really doesn’t care about her feelings right now. Why on Earth would they send someone else to bring the documents? Jane was supposed to be the one bringing them over and not this lady who is dressed like she is here to seduce him.

“I was asked to bring them instead”

“Alright Margaret I..”

“It’s Katherine sir”

“Well if you are not out of my office now, your name will definitely not be Katherine anymore”

The lady who became more confused, shakenly turned to leave.

“And one more thing”

She turned to look at him with an expectant smile, probably hoping he has changed his mind.

“Don’t ever interrupt me again, you may leave now”

Jeffery was beyond furious, how could Vivian send someone else with the documents? After he made himself clear he wanted to work with no one else but Jane. There is no way he is going to sign those documents if he doesn’t see Jane.

His phone rang, it was Vivian calling.


“Good afternoon Mr Jeffery how are you doing?”

“I’m doing well Vivian, but I’m very sure you didn’t call to know about my welfare so cut to the chase”

“My employee told me you sent her back, is there a problem?”

“Vivian, what was it I said at the inception of this deal?”

“That you wanted to work with Jane”

“Good I’m glad you still remember, so who was that you sent to my office? She surely doesn’t look like Jane to me”

“I’m sorry my Jeffery, Miss Jane was not available when I sent Katherine to you”

“Then we will wait till she is available then”

“How about I bring the documents to you myself?”

What does this woman have for brains, why on earth would he prefer she brings the documents and not Jane?

“Alright so I’m going to say this just once, have Jane bring those documents for me to sign or you might as well kiss the contract goodbye”

He hung up, he has had enough of this, first she blocked him on all her social media handles, then she stopped taking his calls or replying to his emails. Now she has refused to bring the documents to him all in the bid to avoid him.

Jeffery has never had any girl say no to him as a matter of fact they always fought for his attention. He was the one who avoided the ladies and not the other way round. He was going to get Jane to say yes to him, she doesn’t just know it yet.

He decided to close for the day, he had a family dinner at his parents apartment later that evening, he might as well get some rest before then.

“Sandra I’m closed for the day, have Mr Ben stand in for me, at any other meeting I have for today”

“Alright Mr Jeffery”

Jane has been trying all she could to avoid Jeffery. When he asked her to be his girlfriend and she refused, she expected him to give up and move on to the next girl like other guys before him usually does. Instead he has texted and called her non stop.

When Vivian told her she was letting the girl they just employed in the business development department, take over from where she stopped in the contract with Jeffrey’s company, she felt so relieved.

All she has to do is avoid him till they were done with the contract, then everyone will go their separate ways.


Vivian was standing at the door of her office with a frown on her face. If she needed Jane she usually used the intercom, or she would just call out her name, after all it’s just a door demarcating their offices. She only walked out of her office to call Jane only when she was pissed at something or someone.

“Yes Vivian”

“My office now!”

Jane hurried into Vivian’s office.

“Jane how long have you been working here?”

“Five months”

“Do you know why I asked you not to take those documents to Mr Jeffery’s office today?”

“You wanted the new girl to acquaint herself with the details of the contract?”

“No, it’s because you were becoming too attached to Mr Jeffery”

There was a shocked look on Jane’s face.

“Oh you thought I didn’t know those gifts that kept appearing on your desk every morning were from him?”

So she noticed them? Here she was worrying herself thinking something was bothering Vivian all these while.

“Now he has refused to sign the contract if you don’t take documents to him yourself”

“I don’t understand why he would say that”

“I don’t understand either, so you are going to take those documents to him to sign and you are going to make sure he signs them otherwise you would loose your job, this contract has taken longer than necessary”

“Vivian I ….”

“I don’t want to hear any excuse, take those documents to him and get him to sign them don’t come back if he doesn’t sign them”

“Alright Vivian”

“Go already, what are you still doing standing there?”

Jane took the documents from Vivian’s table then went ahead to pick her handbag from her desk and went on her way to Jeffrey’s office. She might as well just face him after all.

It was already past 4pm when Jane got to Jeffrey’s office all thanks to the third mainland bridge traffic.

She was told by his secretary that he had closed for the day. Her only option was to take the documents to his house.

His house is the last place she wants to be right now, but that was her last choice not that she has much of a choice any way.

Jane arrived his apartment and met his house keeper at the door she was just leaving.

“Hi dear Jane, how are you?”

“I’m fine, good evening Marther, is Mr Jeffery in?”

“No dear you just missed him, he went to his parents’ they are having a family dinner”

“Oh no”

“Is there a problem dear?”

“No it’s just that, I brought some documents for him to sign”

“Probably you should call him on phone, I need to leave now see you later Jane”

“Alright thank you Marther”

Jane decided to take Marther’s advice and call Jeffrey’s number. She called his number severally but he didn’t pick up. Probably he was paying her back in her own coins. She decided to sit out and wait for him.


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