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Thirty minutes later the driver pulled up in front of Jeffrey’s building, no matter how many times she has been here she can never get used to the magnificence of the house, she is always in awe of it’s architectural design. Before she could come out of the car, the driver already had the door opened for her.

“Thank you Mr Solomon”

“You’re welcome ma’am”

When she got inside the house, Jeffery was setting the dining table, he wore a black joggers, an apron was tied over his shirtless chest. He looked so incredibly sexy, he would have to put on a shirt if they were going to have this dinner in peace. He turned to see her and flashed those beautiful teeth of his as he smiled.

“And she is finally here”

“Wait, is that aroma coming from the food you prepared?”

“Yes it is, though I can’t take full credit for it I had the help of my housekeeper”

As she came closer, Jeffery perceived the feminine perfume she had on. She wore a black knee length gown and paired it with flats. Even if she wore rags she would still look beautiful to him.

The dining room was exquisite to say the least, the walls were covered in beautiful silver wall papers. The large glass table took up a large space of the room, at each space on the table were beautifully folded napkins.

He Pulled out a chair for her to sit and went ahead to place a napkin on her laps and served her a plate of fried rice and chicken with plantain by the side.

“Wow, I could get used to this”

“You should baby, you deserve to be spoilt and taken care of”

She said nothing just kept staring at his chest.

“Uhm….. Do you mind putting on a shirt?”

“Oh sorry”

He grabbed a shirt he placed one of the dining chairs, then went ahead to have a sit and served himself.

“Hummm. thanks, so tell me what made you decide to cook all of these?”

“Because I want to”

Jane took a spoon of her rice and closed her eyes as she chewed, Jeffery watched as she did this. A soft moan escaped her lips in the process, he had to resist himself from walking over and kissing her senseless.

“Hmmm this food tastes really nice”

“Thanks, You have to stop doing that”

“Stop doing what?”

“Nothing, so tell me about your day”

Jeffery listened as Jane told him everything about her day, he found himself enjoying her company and yearning for more of her, so when they were done eating he knew he had to find a way to make her stay longer. So when she offered to help him wash the dishes he willingly obliged even though he hated doing dishes.

They worked in silence, he washed the dishes, while she rinsed and dried them off. They were so close, their bodies were touching with every movement either of them made. This made Jane a bit uncomfortable so she decided to hurry up with the dishes and go home immediately after they were done.

While rushing to rinse a bowl Jeffery passed to her, water splashed on her dress, they both tried to get the napkin on the kitchen island at the same time. Her hand touched it first so Jeffrey’s hand landed on hers.

Their eyes locked, none of them said anything, just looking at each other, each daring the other to make a move. Jeffery leaned in to kiss her and just when their lips were about to touch, his phone rang. There has never been a worst timing for someone to call him than now, he ended the call without looking at the caller, but it was too late as Jane already cleaned her hands and was heading to get her handbag.

“Thanks for having me over for dinner, I really had a nice time”

“Why does the night have to be over so soon? How about I make us some popcorn while we watch a movie?”

“It’s getting late already and I need to get home early”

She was sounding like she was living with her parents and they placed a curfew on her. Well she actually placed the curfew on herself.

“How about..”

“Don’t even say it, your driver is not dropping me off”

“Actually….. what I wanted to say was how about you just spend the night?”

“Excuse me?”

“Come on it’s late already like you said and you won’t let my driver drop you off, so why not you just wait till tomorrow morning before leaving?”

“It’s just 8pm, it’s not too late for me to leave on my own”

“Please just stay the night, I promise to behave you can have my room”

“Then where will you sleep?”

“There are five extra rooms in this house I can sleep in any of them Jane”


“Please Jane”

“I don’t even have clothes to change into”

“That can be sorted”


“I can drive to the nearest boutique and get you anything you want”

“No I can’t have you do that, you’re supposed to be resting”

Jeffery didn’t know if he should be frustrated at her resistance to the solutions he provided to make her stay or at himself for wanting her to spend the night so desperately.

“Okay I have something you can put on”

“I really don’t know”

Jane really wanted nothing more than to spend the night with Jeffery, but she was scared of him taking it as an invitation to have sex which she didn’t want, at least not yet.

“Just say yes, I promise we won’t do anything you don’t want”

“Alright I will stay, but on the condition that I sleep in the guest room”

“Anything you say your majesty”

Jeffery went ahead to make them a bowl of popcorn and they sat down to watch a movie they both chose from his Netflix collection.

Two hours later the movie was over and Jane decided to call it a night.

“Point me in the direction of your guest room I need to get out of these clothes and also I need the clothes you said I can change into”

“Easy with the instructions ma’am”

This made both of them burst into laughter.

“Just show me to the guest room if you don’t want me to change my mind and be on my way back to my apartment”

“Haba it hasn’t come to that, come with me your highness”

Jane followed him into the guest room upstairs, it was a large room, if the guest room was this large she wondered how big the master’s bedroom would be. She searched for a personal touch in the room something that will give her a bit of an insight to a side of Jeffery she didn’t know, she really doesn’t know much about him save what she googled about him and the few things he talks about with her.

“You can sleep in this room, that over there is the bathroom, my room is just across Incase you need anything”

“Alright thanks”

“Let me go get you what to put on”

Few minutes later he came in with a white polo, Jane took it from him and started to laugh.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing, I’m just trying to picture myself in your shirt”

“You will look sexy”

“Alright that’s it, you can leave now good night”

He smiled and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

“Good night Jane”

Three hours later Jeffery laid in his large bed unable to sleep, the thought of having Jane in the next room made sleeping impossible for him. Was she sleeping already, or is she having difficulty sleeping just like he was? He thought of texting her to find out but decided against it, he didn’t want to freak her out.

After what seemed like enternity of him trying to sleep, He was beginning to drift into sleep when he heard a loud scream from Jane’s room.

Jane heard someone calling her name, the more she tried to get away from the voice the closer it came.

She panicked, has he finally caught up with her? There is no way she is going to allow him win this time she was definitely going to fight him, so when she felt his hand on her shoulder she slapped him hard on the face.

“Ahhh… Jane?”

That was when she realized she was dreaming and had just slapped Jeffery and not the monster in her dream. She quickly stood up from her bed and turned on the bedside lamp, she went to stand by his side. He was holding his left cheek.

“Oh my God, Jeffery I’m sorry I didn’t mean to slap you I just thought..”

” am I the person in your dreams?”

“Yes, I’m sorry are you hurt?”

“Just a little, it’s fine. That was some nightmare you were having”

“Yeah I’m sorry”

She couldn’t get herself to look at him in the face. She thought she was over those nightmares it’s been a while she had them last. She is sure Jeffery would be regretting why he asked her to spend the night.

“You don’t have to feel ashamed for having nightmares, everyone has and is still having their share of nightmares”

Jeffery noticed she was avoiding his eyes, she was crying, what could it be she dreamt about? He put his arms around her and she flinched.

“Hey, it’s fine I won’t hurt you, come here”

He led her to sit on the bed, whatever she dreamt about must have been really scary because she was shaking. He held her closer, she placed her head on his chest as she cried.

He robbed her back while he whispered some soothing words in her ears. He waited till she had calmed down and wasn’t shaking anymore then lifted her chin so he could see her face.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

She said nothing only shook her head and placed her head back on his chest, this time she wrapped her hands around him.

Jeffery could sense she was really scared. So he said nothing, just held her. They remained in that position for the next twenty minutes. When he felt her body relax, he decided to put her to bed and tuck her in, he was about to turn off the bed lamp when she called out his name.


“Yes baby?”

“Could you please stay with me? I really don’t want to be alone”


He turned off the light and climbed into bed with her, she shifted to make space for him, he laid down and drew her closer to him, she placed her head on his chest. He felt her body relax as he held her.

What could it be that she was scared of, why was she crying? Jeffery made up his mind to protect her from whatever it is.

Jane woke up feeling something hard pressing against her abdomen, she opened her eyes to see she was cuddled up against Jeffery, her head was against his chest, her left leg was thrown over his legs.

Jeffery was now lying on his side, he had his right hand wrapped around her waist like he was trying to keep her in place so she doesn’t leave.

Jane tried to free herself but he held on even tighter making her more aware of his morning erection. She felt the urge to place her hands on it but she decided against it, she chose to stare at his beautiful face instead, there were finger marks on his left cheek, those were caused by her slap last night. She raised her hands to touch them. His lips looked perfectly shaped, his beards which became overgrown when he was in coma now looked perfectly trimmed.

He stirred and his erection pressed harder against her. Jane looked down at it again trying to figure out the size, should she touch it to find out? That won’t be a good idea he could wake up.

“You know you can actually touch it, it doesn’t bite except you want it to”

Jane raised her head to see Jeffery smiling at her with those sexy sleepy eyes of his, she thought he was asleep, obviously he wasn’t because he has figured out what she was thinking.

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