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The Final Battle

Spatial ripples appeared in the sky.


Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade emerged out of the void.

“We’re safe now.” Zhao Feng stopped and moved his arm away from Ancient God Origin Jade’s soft and slender waist.

“Many thanks!” Although Ancient God Origin Jade was extremely weak, her face had been blushing this entire time.

“I’ll help you suppress the poison in your body,” Zhao Feng said.

If not for the poison in Ancient God Origin Jade’s body preventing her from fighting a long battle, Zhao Feng would have been in no rush to escape. It wasn’t difficult for him to kill a half-step God Lord in his current state, and while two half-step God Lords was rather troublesome, if he used all his trump cards, he was rather confident in his ability to kill both of them.

At this moment, the clouds on the horizon suddenly changed color.


An immense pressure suddenly descended. A white gust of wind swept over the world, quashing all other kinds of strength.

An elder wearing white and gold robes appeared in the middle of this windstorm, his body exuding a crystalline white divine radiance.

At this moment, this old man seemed like a representative of the heavens, his every movement endowed with a majesty that came from the world itself.

“God Lord!” Zhao Feng stared in shock at this old man.

“Second Elder!” Ancient God Origin Jade had a look of reverence on her face.

“Why are the two of you here?” The Second Elder stared at Ancient God Origin Jade and Zhao Feng.

“Elder, I was drawn into a trap by the Blazing Gold Race and was in grave danger. Zhao Feng came alone to save me. The two of us worked together and were able to escape the danger,” Ancient God Origin Jade concisely explained.

“Oh?” The Second Elder turned his eyes to Zhao Feng. He spent most of the year in seclusion and was not very clear on Zhao Feng’s matter, only having heard bits and snatches.

Zhao Feng’s Spacetime Robe drew his attention, and he was also rather stunned by the combination of Zhao Feng’s age and cultivation. Finally, he looked at Zhao Feng’s eyes and showed a hint of confusion.

“Not bad! You’ve far exceeded my expectations,” the Second Elder finally said.

To receive a personal word of praise from a God Lord was truly an honor for those below the half-step God Lord level.

“Elder, many thanks for this praise!” Zhao Feng courteously replied.

“Although you are out of danger now, since I am here, I will not so easily return!” The Second Elder looked into the distance.

“Yes!” Ancient God Origin Jade immediately nodded. Internally, she was shocked though. The Second Elder was going to intervene in the war?

“Go!” The Second Elder waved his sleeve, and an invisible strength wrapped around Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade and brought them to his side.

“Poison?” The Second Elder once more looked at Ancient God Origin Jade.

At the same time, the power of a mysterious and unfathomable Law shrouded Ancient God Origin Jade. At this moment, Ancient God Origin Jade felt like she had become a normal person, incapable of summoning any kind of energy.

Zhao Feng used his left eye to look at Ancient God Origin Jade.

Although Ancient God Origin Jade was under the immense suppression of a Law at this time, the poison in her body was under an even stronger suppression. The poison throughout her body was soon completely extinguished by the power of this Law.

At this moment, Ancient God Origin Jade felt all the suppression on her vanish, upon which she realized that all the poison in her body had been eliminated.

“Many thanks, Elder!” Ancient God Origin Jade gratefully said.

The Second Elder said nothing, he only took Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade with him and used Spatial Shift.

The battle between the two races was in complete chaos, the sun and sky wholly obscured.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, two figures with powerful auras flew toward the battlefield.

“Ancient God Iceflame, Ancient God Dark Crow!” The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder saw these two fingers and closed his eyes, a hint of helplessness on his face.

“Could it be that Ancient God Origin Jade and that child are already…?” The white-haired old woman next to him had a somewhat unwilling expression on her face.

The vast majority of the Spiritual Race members had dejected and despairing looks.

“Heh, you’re finally back!” Elder Jin coldly chuckled, but he did not ask how they had done. In his view, Ancient God Iceflame and Ancient God Dark Crow together should have been more than enough to kill Ancient God Origin Jade and Zhao Feng.

“We…” Ancient God Iceflame looked at Elder Jin, somewhat unable to start talking.

Even if she told Elder Jin, he probably wouldn’t believe that a new Rank Nine like Zhao Feng would be able to rescue Ancient God Origin Jade from the hands of two half-step God Lords. But this was already a reality, and they needed to report it.

But at this moment:

“Retreat!” Elder Jin bellowed, interrupting Ancient God Iceflame.

Although none of the Blazing Gold Race members knew what was going on, they displayed absolute obedience to their commander’s orders. In a flash, the entire Blazing Gold Race army turned around and began to withdraw.

“What’s going on? The Blazing Gold Race is retreating!” The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder was dazed.

Down below, the members of the Spiritual Race awaited the elder’s orders. Although the Blazing Gold Race was retreating, their forces were still much stronger than the Spiritual Race’s. If they pursued, they would only be seeking trouble.

But a moment later, the Third Elder and the white-haired old woman of the Spiritual Race suddenly started in surprise.


A white gust of wind blew through the world, causing everything else to seem dim in comparison. Three figures suddenly appeared above the Spiritual Race army.

“Paying respects to Second Elder!” the Third Elder and old lady immediately spoke respectfully.

At the same time, every living being in the world seemed to bow to the Second Elder.

“Ancient God Origin Jade and Zhao Feng are both fine!” The many experts of the Spiritual Race breathed a sigh of relief.

In their view, it must have been the God Lord’s prompt arrival that had saved the pair.

“Zhao Feng, in the future, don’t do something so stupid!” the Third Elder harshly rebuked.

Zhao Feng did not try to explain himself.

“Hmph, want to run?” The Second Elder snorted, and then he vanished. A moment later, he was near the Blazing Gold Race army.

“Retreat! Ignore everything else!” Elder Jin loudly shouted.

When fighting against a God Lord, the longer one stayed, the more damage one would sustain. In addition, the Spiritual Race was the one to attack this time, so this place was very close to one of the Blazing Gold Race’s strongholds. The army would be able to use the arrays of that place to temporarily stave off the Spiritual Race’s God Lord.


The energy of the world surged, gathering around the Second Elder.

“Now that this old man is here, how can I go back empty-handed!?” The Second Elder waved a hand, forming a crystalline body. However, this crystalline body seemed to be made of liquid, constantly twisting and changing shape.


This construct of Divine Power and crystal transformed into a fierce gale that swept toward the Blazing Gold Race army.

“His target is me!? No…!” The short middle-aged man sensed the astonishing energy ripples behind and immediately screamed, his face paling.

When a God Lord took action, they naturally would not slaughter those unimportant True Gods, but the most powerful members in the army – the half-step God Lords.

The middle-aged man immediately activated his Blazing Gold Race bloodline, his body erupting with fierce golden flames.

Boom! Bang!

In the subsequent clash of energies, the world seemed to be turned upside down. Many True Gods and Ancient Gods in the vicinity were killed by the shockwaves from the collision.

“If I want you to die, you will die!” The Second Elder coldly snorted as he once more waved his hand.

“No…!” The middle-aged man cried out until his voice was hoarse. He had already used all he had to fend off the God Lord’s first attack.

Boom! Bang!

The crystalline wind swept past, and the middle-aged man’s body was no more.


“A God Lord’s power is too terrifying!”

All the soldiers of the Blazing Gold Race fled in panic.

The Blazing Gold Race soon returned to their stronghold and began to activate the arrays.

“Hmph!” The Second Elder withdrew.

The moment he appeared, the Blazing Gold Race definitely notified its own God Lords. Moreover, they still had three half-step God Lords and the arrays of the stronghold. Even if he tried to force the issue, the result would not be good.

The Spiritual Race army returned to its own base to rest.

The Spiritual Race had suffered gruesome losses in this battle. If the Second Elder hadn’t come at the end and killed a half-step God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race as well as many True Gods, the Spiritual Race would have come off much worse in this engagement.

Not long after the Spiritual Race withdrew, it learned that a God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race had arrived. But with the Second Elder presiding over them, they weren’t terribly worried.

Three days later, bad news arrived.

“Damn! The Blazing Gold Race sent another God Lord to destroy several our small bases elsewhere!” the Third Elder bellowed in fury.

This was not all. The God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race had also ambushed a Spiritual Race team on the road, killing a half-step God Lord.

“Prepare for an all-out war,” the Second Elder said, his eyes half-closed.

The Third Elder was stunned, then he nodded his head.

Later that day, the Third Elder issued an order to gather all the manpower of the Spiritual Race.

Far on the other side, the Blazing Gold Race army was also slowly getting stronger.

On the third day, two God Lords of the Spiritual Race arrived. These were the Spiritual Race’s Grand Elder and its patriarch.

The Spiritual Race Grand Elder was slightly plump and genial. Despite being a God Lord, he gave off an amiable aura. As for the Spiritual Race Patriarch, he was shrouded in a faint blue crystalline fog, his true appearance concealed.


Zhao Feng couldn’t help but use his left eye to see through this fog.

The Spiritual Race Patriarch had a tall and muscular body and an emotionless expression. His entire body was constructed from translucent light blue crystal, and his crystalline hair flowed like water.

“It’s rumored that the Spiritual Race Patriarch has reached the Second Heaven,” Zhao Feng muttered.

God Lords were divided into three Heavens, and the gap between each Heaven was truly like that between the heavens and the earth.


At this moment, the horizon turned gold and red as if it had been set aflame. Ten enormous warships cloaked in golden flames arrived.

At the top of a warship in the center floated three dazzling golden lights. One of these figures was thirty feet tall, their body of golden glass covered in strange and bizarre flame tattoos. To his left was a hunchbacked elder while to his right was an old woman who still retained her beauty.

“Today, let us bring everything to an end!” A flame shot out from the Blazing Gold Race Patriarch’s body of golden glass.

In a flash, the entire world was awash with flame. These flames would not target the Blazing Gold Race members. On the contrary, they increased their strength and boosted their will to fight.

“We should have settled things long ago,” the Spiritual Race Patriarch flatly replied.

“Zhao Feng, this is the last battle. Ancient God Origin Jade hasn’t completely recovered, so stop hiding your strength,” the Second Elder abruptly messaged Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was somewhat taken aback. It was apparent that Ancient God Origin Jade had told the Second Elder everything.

Right now, Ancient God Origin Jade was still recovering from her heavy injuries, and the Blazing Gold Race had one more half-step God Lord than the Spiritual Race. Only Zhao Feng could fill this gap.

“I will.” Zhao Feng nodded.

If the Spiritual Race won a major victory, Zhao Feng would have one less major problem on his plate. Thus, in this crucial final battle, Zhao Feng would use his full power!

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