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Saving Origin Jade

“I will save you,” Zhao Feng flatly said in front of two half-step God Lords, his expression unperturbed. At the same moment, a profound and formidable energy began to emerge from his body.

At this moment, Zhao Feng stared right at the two half-step God Lords, his expression indifferent and fearless, his body appearing mighty and imposing.

“…peak Rank Nine?” At first, Ancient God Origin Jade didn’t know what was going on, but then her expression froze in shock. She could sense Zhao Feng’s cultivation rising all the way to peak Rank Nine.

“Oh? So this kid was hiding his cultivation!” Ancient God Dark Crow’s eyes gleamed.

Of course, this was not what surprised him. After all, a peak Rank Nine was still nothing in his eyes. What astonished him was that Zhao Feng’s method of hiding his cultivation was something that not even all these half-step God Lords could see through.

This boy can’t be left alive! Ancient God Iceflame’s gaze chilled. As she looked at Zhao Feng, she felt a sliver of fear and wanted to immediately have this person removed from her sight.

“You were tricking me this entire time…?” Ancient God Origin Jade was somewhat angry. The person she had been protecting this entire time was actually a peak Rank Nine.

A Zhao Feng with peak Rank Nine cultivation faced no danger on a battlefield of experts below the half-step God Lord level and had no need for her help, but she had not known and had helped Zhao Feng for ten-some years.

Although she was very angry, Zhao Feng had put himself against two half-step God Lords in order to save her. This somewhat touched Ancient God Origin Jade and made her feel a surge of warmth.

Suddenly, she sensed Ancient God Iceflame’s icy killing intent and immediately said, “Even if you’re a peak Rank Nine, you can’t save me. Hurry and run!”

“You want to leave now? Too late!” Ancient God Iceflame’s body surged with cold white flames, covering the surrounding area in a layer of frost.

At this time, she would even let Ancient God Origin Jade go if she could kill Zhao Feng first.

“Keke, arrogant kid, obediently accept your death!” Ancient God Dark Crow waved a palm, unleashing a dark green mist that formed into a giant skeleton that rushed at Zhao Feng.

On the other end, Ancient God Iceflame fired off a fist made of icy flames, and the chill exuded by these flames seemed capable of freezing and shattering all things.

“Get out of here…!” Ancient God Origin Jade immediately said.

If there was only one half-step God Lord, Zhao Feng might have been able to save her, but they were facing two half-step God Lords, and not even Zhao Feng’s peak Rank Nine cultivation was capable of salvaging the situation. Moreover, Ancient God Dark Crow possessed abnormal strength and was skilled in poisons, and with Ancient God Iceflame’s help, he was even stronger.

The attacks of the two half-step God Lords were about to engulf Ancient God Origin Jade and Zhao Feng, when suddenly, Zhao Feng placed a strong arm around Ancient God Origin Jade’s slender waist.

“What are you doing?” Ancient God Origin Jade blushed as she rebuked him. But given that she was injured and poisoned, she naturally did not have the strength to escape from Zhao Feng’s grip.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Chaos Origin Divine Power surged around Zhao Feng, creating a barrier of dark silver that surrounded him and Ancient God Origin Jade.

Booom! Whoosh!

The poison skeleton charged in, drowning the area in toxin. All life in the area was instantly extinguished, and even the rocks began to decay.

But within the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade were completely fine. Moreover, the Chaos Heaven Void Ring was rapidly absorbing the poisonous energy to strengthen itself.

At this moment, the fist of freezing flame descended.


In the face of these freezing flames, a part of the Chaos Heaven Void Ring was blasted to pieces, allowing the flames to rush inside.

Compared to Ancient God Dark Crow’s attack, Ancient God Iceflame’s attack was explosive in nature and was able to instantly deal immense amounts of damage. If not for the fact that the Chaos Heaven Void Ring had absorbed Ancient God Dark Crow’s energy, it would have not been able to take the brunt of Ancient God Iceflame’s attack.

“Blocked it?”

“How could this be?”

Ancient God Iceflame and Ancient God Dark Crow were both rather astonished. For a peak Rank Nine to block the attacks of two half-step God Lords was truly too shocking.

Inside the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, Ancient God Origin Jade was also flabbergasted.

At this time, she was tightly pressed against Zhao Feng, a subconscious reaction born from the thought that she was about to die to the attacks of the two half-step God Lords. When she realized what was going on, her icy face blushed even more deeply, and she hurriedly attempted to make some distance.

“Don’t get careless! Kill him now!” Ancient God Iceflame’s face was a sheet of ice.

The attacks just now were not completely serious because they thought them to be enough to kill Zhao Feng. The result, however, left them greatly surprised.

“Not good! They’re serious this time!” Ancient God Origin Jade looked worriedly at Zhao Feng, but she realized that Zhao Feng remained unperturbed, as if two half-step God Lords were not anything in his eyes.

Two half-step God Lords isn’t that easy to deal with. Zhao Feng’s mind was flying as he tried to think of countermeasures.

At Rank Nine, he killed a half-step God Lord of Ancient Soul Hall, but his opponent was wounded at the time and was also suppressed by the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom. Ancient God Jailsea and the others only had sixty percent of their peak strength during that fight. Now, Zhao Feng was not only facing a half-step God Lord at full strength, but two of them at once.

More importantly, Ancient God Origin Jade was poisoned and needed to be treated as quickly as possible.

“I’ll have you guys fight.” Zhao Feng smiled, and then his body rippled with Space energy. A dark silver robe appeared, glimmering with a dazzling silver light.

At this moment, two figures charged out of the Spacetime Robe.


A heaven-shaking and calamitous energy immediately began to spread through the area. The two half-step God Lords who were approaching Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade suddenly paused, their bloodlines trembling.

“What bloodline is this?” Ancient God Iceflame shivered.

An evil and black-scaled man had appeared, surrounded by dark red draconic flames.

On the other side, a handsome and mysterious youth had appeared in the middle of a spatial distortion. This was none other than the clone that Zhao Feng had created not too long ago, Zhao Kong.

“Destruction Dragon Race! Eye of Spacetime!” Ancient God Dark Crow’s expression darkened. Fortunately for him, neither the black-scaled man nor the mysterious youth had reached peak Rank Nine.

“He has helpers!” Ancient God Origin Jade rejoiced.

The two helpers that Zhao Feng had called out didn’t have high cultivation level, but their extremely unusual backgrounds made them stronger than usual.

“Haha, I’ll have you experience the fury of the Destruction Dragon Race!” The Black Destruction Dragon savagely smiled in excitement.


As the blood of the Destruction Dragon Race flowed in its veins, the Black Destruction Dragon always had an inclination for fighting. Spending so long in the Spacetime Robe had left the Black Destruction Dragon extremely stifled and depressed. Now that it had the chance to fight, it ignored everything else and charged straight at Ancient God Iceflame.


The Black Destruction Dragon turned into a black flame as it rushed at Ancient God Iceflame.

Zhao Kong followed the Black Destruction Dragon in attacking Ancient God Iceflame.

“We’ll deal with this person!” Zhao Feng called out.

Ancient God Origin Jade knew what he meant. A green crystal sword appeared in her hand, and she used it to fire off a powerful wave of energy at Ancient God Dark Crow.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” The Chaos Origin Divine Power in Zhao Feng’s hand immediately gathered together into a broad silver sword.

Swoosh swoosh!

Two powerful sword slashes flew toward Ancient God Dark Crow like bolts of lightning.


Ancient God Dark Crow waved a sleeve, immediately creating a thick black fog of poison around himself. The moment the attacks of Zhao Feng and Ancient God Origin Jade entered this poisonous fog, they began to weaken.


Ancient God Origin Jade’s jade sword wave instantly dimmed, and when it reached Ancient God Dark Crow, he was able to easily shatter it.

“Keke, my Black Decay Poison can also corrode Divine Power!” Ancient God Dark Crow wickedly laughed.

But at this moment, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin sword slash arrived, and it had not been weakened very much at all.

Boom! Bang!

In his carelessness, Ancient God Dark Crow was struck by the Chaos Origin Divine Sword, which left a gruesome wound on his body, from which blood flowed out.

“Damn! This kid’s Divine Power has a devouring trait that blocked most of the effects of my poison!” Ancient God Dark Crow’s expression darkened.

He suddenly realized that Zhao Feng somewhat countered him. He was skilled in poisons, and the attacks he used mostly dealt persistent damage. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power was able to constantly absorb other energies.

In contrast, Ancient God Iceflame’s explosive attacks somewhat countered Zhao Feng.

Ancient God Dark Crow used his Divine Sense to see what the situation was, and then his face froze in shock. Although the Black Destruction Dragon and Zhao Kong were not at peak Rank Nine, the two of them working together actually had the upper hand.

The Black Destruction Dragon possessed the Destruction Dragon Race bloodline and was able to suppress Ancient God Iceflame’s bloodline. Moreover, it also had incredible strength in its own right, and its Destruction Dragon Body was exceptionally cruel and vicious.

As for Zhao Kong, his Eyes of Spacetime were nearly at the Quasi God Eye level. He was responsible for suppressing and hindering Ancient God Iceflame.

“Oh no!” Ancient God Dark Crow suddenly sensed danger.


Zhao Feng suddenly appeared behind him, swinging the Chaos Origin Divine Sword down. Before the sword landed, a powerful Spacetime energy shrouded Ancient God Dark Crow, slowing down his reactions and making him incapable of dodging.

“Damn!” Ancient God Dark Crow clenched his teeth and took out a gorgeous pearl.

Boom! Bang!

The dark green pearl exploded, unleashing a five-colored fog that wrapped around Ancient God Dark Crow and Zhao Feng.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Zhao Feng immediately used his defensive kill to hold off this explosive poison.

Meanwhile, his sword continued to swing down at Ancient God Dark Crow.

At this time, the five-colored fog gathered around Ancient God Dark Crow, forming a barrier of poison.

Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Dark Crow was thrown back several li by Zhao Feng’s sword, but the defensive move just now meant that he had not suffered significant wounds.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Feng’s left eye fired off a twisted bolt of Tribulation Lightning Flame.


Ancient God Dark Crow had just paused when the Tribulation Lightning Flame exploded on his soul.

“Ah…!” Ancient God Dark Crow grabbed his head and howled.

“Go!” Zhao Feng once more grabbed Ancient God Origin Jade, then he called back the Black Destruction Dragon and Zhao Kong and fled.

“Don’t even think about it!” Ancient God Iceflame’s eyes flashed with cold light.

Ancient God Origin Jade should have been finished, but Zhao Feng had appeared and ruined their meticulous plan.

“Spacetime Barrier!” Zhao Feng activated the Spacetime Robe, creating overlapping layers of indistinct energy to block Ancient God Iceflame’s path.

Unless she passed through the Spacetime Barrier, Ancient God Iceflame would not be able to use any techniques like Spatial Blink or Instant Movement. But just as Ancient God Iceflame tried to force her way through the Spacetime Barrier, she felt the binding and obstruction of a powerful Spacetime Intent.

On the other side, Ancient God Dark Crow was covered in wounds and in miserable condition.

“Damn!” By the time Ancient God Iceflame got through, Zhao Feng was nowhere to be seen. All she could do was grind her teeth in anger.

“The Spacetime Robe… Spacetime Intent! This kid is too fast! We won’t be able to catch him!”

For a moment, the two of them simply stood around with extremely gloomy expressions. A trifling up-and-coming Rank Nine had snatched Ancient God Origin Jade from right under the eyes of two half-step God Lords, utterly humiliating them.

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