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Origin Jade in Danger

Another year passed in the war between the two races. Now, all the half-step God Lords of the two races had been deployed.

But both sides only had three half-step God Lords each. Even if there were minor differences in strength between them, they were not enough to decide the outcome.

Only a few figures were present in the secret conference hall of the Spiritual Race. These people were all extremely senior members of the Spiritual Race’s upper echelon, all of them absolutely loyal to its cause. From this, one could see just how important this conference was.

Three balls of crystalline divine light floated at the very front.

“We are in the middle of talks with the half-step God Lords of Divine Tree Ocean. If we succeed, we will have a powerful half-step God Lord of the Medicine Dao on our side, which will cause our entire race to experience a quintessential leap in power!” The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder announced some good news.

“I heard that the Blazing Gold Race is in talks with the Heaven-Shaking Alliance, though there’s been no news on how they’ve been going,” a white-haired old woman of the Spiritual Race said.

Divine Tree Ocean and the Heaven-Shaking Alliance were the other two five-star factions of the Ziling Zone.

“There’s no need to worry about that. The Blazing Gold Race and Heaven-Shaking Alliance haven’t come to an arrangement yet,” Ancient God Origin Jade confidently said.

Perhaps because of the Life Sacred Land’s suppression, these two five-star factions had been rather reluctant to intervene in this war. But they could not give up on negotiations. If Divine Tree Ocean was willing to endure the Sacred Land’s pressure and assist the Spiritual Race, the outcome of the war would be decided.

“We’ll rest for a month and then attack again. This time, we have to put on a good show so that Divine Tree Ocean knows that the Spiritual Race has an extremely high chance of victory!” The Third Elder’s eyes darkened as he called out.

The surrounding Spiritual Race Elders all nodded.

One month later, the Third Elder suddenly announced that the army would be going into battle. The experts of various races and experts immediately formed up, boarding massive and savage warships that flew off into the distance.

Upon arriving at the Blazing Gold Race garrison:

“Kill!” the Third Elder ordered, upon which a vast army charged forward.

At the same time, the three half-step God Lords flew into the even vaster battlefield of the sky to press the attack.


In the palace down below, both scorching and chilling energies shot into the air. The three half-step God Lords of the Blazing Gold Race had emerged.

“Hmph, the Blazing Gold Race’s time is over!” The Third Elder stared at the three half-step God Lords.

In the recent campaigns, the Blazing Gold Race was constantly on the defensive. And just now, he had learned through his Divine Sense that, if one excluded the half-step God Lords, the Blazing Gold Race’s forces were much weaker than the Spiritual Race’s.

“The outcome hasn’t been decided just yet!” Elder Jin’s eyes flashed with a strange light.

A moment later, the six half-step God Lords began to battle.


The ripples of Divine Power produced at this moment caused all the people down below to tremble in fear.


In this war, Zhao Feng had only one goal: to hone himself in a state where his cultivation was suppressed. This was an extremely common method of self-tempering. Many factions had special training rooms that placed restrictions on the user, like extra gravity or restrained speed or Intents, allowing the user to obtain more progress from their training.


Zhao Feng’s body blinked away, and when he next appeared, he killed a peak Rank Eight with lightning-fast speed. The peak Rank Eight died without even knowing how.

Right, let’s try the Chaos Origin Lightning Tribulation Sword!

With this thought, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword in Zhao Feng’s left gradually began to crackle with lightning. But at this moment, he suddenly sensed a powerful energy rapidly approaching him.

“Peak Rank Nine.” Zhao Feng raised his head and saw a scorching golden flame rumbling toward him.

“Seeking death!” Zhao Feng’s gaze chilled.

To outsiders, he had only recently broken into Rank Nine, so he did not go out to kill peak Rank Nines. But if a peak Rank Nine came to attack him, he wouldn’t be polite.

But a moment later, Zhao Feng sighed.

Boom! Swish!

A faint green sword light shot out from the distance, imbued with the immense pressure of the Spiritual Race bloodline.

“Ancient God Origin Jade has helped Zhao Feng again!”

Many experts in the vicinity were either stunned or regretful. Had the goddess of the last generation really taken a liking to Zhao Feng?

Sensing the attack of a half-step God Lord, the peak Rank Nine of the Blazing Gold Race immediately retreated.

“Something’s wrong!” Seeing his opponent retreat, Zhao Feng grimaced.

Ancient God Origin Jade was in the middle of a fierce battle, and this was only a casual attack of hers. A peak Rank Nine should have been able to deal with it. But this person had chosen to retreat. This made Zhao Feng feel uneasy.

He suddenly raised his head, using his left eye to observe the half-step God Lord battlefield.

“Die!” Ancient God Iceflame’s eyes erupted with cold light. She waved her left hand, upon which a shriveled elder wearing a black and green robe suddenly appeared.


The moment this elder appeared, he unleashed a massive palm formed from green mist.

“Half-step God Lord, Ancient God Dark Crow!” Ancient God Origin Jade paled as she hurriedly circulated her Divine Power. A thin layer of crystal formed on her skin.

Boom! Bang!

Ancient God Dark Crow’s palm of roiling green mist collided against Ancient God Origin Jade.

“Poison!” Ancient God Origin Jade grimaced.

The poison used by Ancient God Dark Crow was extremely unique in that it was capable of piercing through her defenses and entering her Spiritual Race body. It was obvious that this was a poison specifically created to be used against the Spiritual Race.

At the same time, Ancient God Iceflame’s frigid palm descended.

Boom! Bang!

The defensive layer on Ancient God Origin Jade’s body froze and cracked apart. The cold and the poison began to frenziedly encroach into Ancient God Origin Jade’s body.

“Ancient God Origin Jade!”

“It’s Ancient God Dark Crow! This is a problem!”

The other two half-step God Lords of the Spiritual Race had extremely grim expressions.

Ancient God Dark Crow had some reputation in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. He was extremely talented and had a particular interest in poisons. It was rumored that five half-step God Lords had died to Ancient God Dark Crow’s poison, and one of them had been killed by Ancient God Dark Crow himself.

“Heh, we appeared to be negotiating with the Heaven-Shaking Alliance, but we actually recruited Ancient God Dark Crow some time ago!” Elder Jin loudly laughed.

“Heheh, in this battle, your Spiritual Race will have to pay a heavy price in blood!” The short middle-aged man of the Blazing Gold Race wickedly laughed. He was the one to think of this plan.

Originally, they wanted to deal with Zhao Feng, but Ancient God Origin Jade’s constant attention made it very difficult for them to succeed. But when they thought about it, they began to wonder if they could use Zhao Feng against Ancient God Origin Jade.

However, this was a half-step God Lord. Even if they seized her weakness, they would find it very hard to heavily injure or kill her. Thus, the Blazing Gold Race had Ancient God Dark Crow hide near Ancient God Iceflame. Just now, while Ancient God Origin Jade helped Zhao Feng, Ancient God Dark Crow suddenly appeared and joined with Ancient God Iceflame to launch an attack that left Ancient God Origin Jade heavily injured. Now, Ancient God Dark Crow’s poison had already seeped into Ancient God Origin Jade’s divine body.

In this battle, they even had a chance to kill the Spiritual Race’s Ancient God Origin Jade!

“Ancient God Origin Jade!” The Spiritual Race’s Third Elder sensed the gravity of the matter and wanted to go to Ancient God Origin Jade’s assistance, but the Blazing Gold Race’s Elder Jin would never give him this chance.

“Damn! Despicable and shameless!” Ancient God Origin Jade wiped the blood from her lips as she frostily stared at Ancient God Iceflame and Ancient God Dark Crow.


Her body flashed as she began to flee into the distance.

She was heavily injured and poisoned. She naturally could not fight against these two half-step God Lords. Once she died, the outcome of this battle would basically be decided.

For this reason, she immediately messaged their race’s God Lord. If she could last until the God Lord arrived, the Spiritual Race would still have some hope.

“Ancient God Origin Jade, it’s about time the battle between us came to an end!” Ancient God Iceflame coldly snorted as she pursued.

“Tsk, tsk, to kill such a beauty is really a great pity.” A dark green light gleamed in Ancient God Dark Crow’s eyes, and he spoke in a rather regretful tone.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The three half-step God Lords departed the vast and dreadful battlefield, flying into the distance.

“Ancient God Origin Jade!”

“How could this be? Ancient God Origin Jade was ambushed and heavily injured by two half-step God Lords!”

The Spiritual Race members down below witnessed this sight and immediately suffered a blow to their morale. Quite a few of them were admirers of Ancient God Origin Jade and were incredibly worried, wanting nothing more than to chase after her.

But a battle between half-step God Lords was not something they were capable of intervening in. Moreover, the Spiritual Race was now the weaker side, so they could not leave the battle.

“Damn, it’s all because of that kid! Ancient God Origin Jade only fell into danger because she saved him!”

“You’ve hurt the entire Spiritual Race!”

Many people shot resentful looks at Zhao Feng.

“Defensive retreat!” the Spiritual Race’s Third Elder immediately called out.

If this situation continued, the Spiritual Race would suffer grievous damage. If they withdrew back into their own territory, they might be able to use the terrain to salvage the situation.

“To think that it would turn out like this.” Zhao Feng sighed.

Although Ancient God Origin Jade had helped Zhao Feng of her own will, in the end, she had been taking care of Zhao Feng this entire time. And this time, it was precisely because of Zhao Feng that she was in such desperate straits and was at risk of dying.


Zhao Feng’s body blinked away as he headed in the direction of the three half-step God Lords.

“Heh, this kid has some conscience. He knows that he harmed Ancient God Origin Jade and has gone off to save her!” The short half-step God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race took on an even more wicked smile.

If Ancient God Iceflame and Ancient God Dark Crow worked together, they could easily kill Ancient God Origin Jade. By going over now, Zhao Feng was just sending himself to his death.

This time, the Blazing Gold Race had made an enormous profit!

“Zhao Feng!” the Third Elder called out in alarm, his face taut.

But Zhao Feng pretended like he couldn’t hear and got farther and farther away.

This made the Third Elder turn even grimmer, his face contorted with shock and anger, but there was nothing he could do.

“Arctic Flame!” Ancient God Iceflame’s palm unleashed a massive ball of gray-white flame.

“Keke, stop struggling!” Ancient God Dark Crow gave a sinister smile, his claw-like hands releasing black stream of energy.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ancient God Origin Jade fled while also dodging and defending herself, but she was already wounded and poisoned, leaving her in mediocre condition.


A portion of the power in these attacks struck Ancient God Origin Jade’s body, throwing her back several li.

“Ancient God Origin Jade, give up this resistance and you’ll be able to die a more pleasant death!” Ancient God Iceflame coldly yelled.

The two half-step God Lord rapidly approached Ancient God Origin Jade.

“Damn!” Ancient God Origin Jade was slightly pale, her crystalline body dim and lightless. There were many wounds on her body, like cracks appearing on a flawless treasure.

“Keke! I’ll just use you to test my poisons on.” Ancient God Dark Crow wickedly chuckled as he flew closer to Ancient God Origin Jade.

But at this moment, a spatial ripple appeared behind him. In a flash, Zhao Feng reached Ancient God Origin Jade’s side.

“Keke, are you her boyfriend?” Ancient God Dark Crow asked with an amused smile.

For a Rank Nine Ancient God to run over at a time like this truly left him rather shocked.

“Hmph, truly idiots!” Ancient God Iceflame sneered.

She had previously tried to kill Zhao Feng but was thwarted in every attempt. Unexpectedly, after using Zhao Feng to heavily injure Ancient God Origin Jade, Zhao Feng had run over to send himself to his death. This was truly shooting down two hawks with a single arrow.

“What are you doing here!?” Ancient God Origin Jade was stunned and first, and then she yelled.

Although she had hoped that someone would come and save her, Zhao Feng was just a Rank Nine Ancient God. What could he do in this situation? He was just sending himself to his death.

“I will save you,” Zhao Feng flatly said in front of two half-step God Lords, his expression unperturbed. At the same moment, a profound and formidable energy began to emerge from his body.

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