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Peak Rank Nine

“I am he.” Zhao Feng was also rather taken aback. Ancient God Origin Jade had come to find him?

“You don’t look that bad. No wonder Sister Yufei is so dead set on you!” Ancient God Origin Jade casually looked Zhao Feng over and then gave a slightly scornful smile.

“Yufei?” Zhao Feng’s expression froze in confusion.

However, Ancient God Origin Jade’s words had made Zhao Feng somewhat unhappy. It was as if Zhao Yufei had only come to like him because of his outward appearance.

“If I hadn’t made it today, this place would have been your grave!” Ancient God Origin Jade saw Zhao Feng’s dazed expression and lightly huffed.

Originally, the war had not yet reached a stage where half-step God Lords were to be mobilized. However, when Zhao Yufei learned that Zhao Feng had returned and gone to the front lines, she immediately emerged from her seclusion, anxious to follow him.

But this war had been started over Zhao Yufei. At a critical juncture like this, the Spiritual Race naturally could not permit Zhao Yufei to leave. Under Zhao Yufei’s constant request, the Spiritual Race was forced to have Ancient God Origin Jade prepare to enter the battlefield. They tasked her with the additional mission of ensuring Zhao Feng’s safety.

Ancient God Origin Jade had also not expected that, the moment she arrived to take a look, she would encounter Ancient God Iceflame of the Blazing Gold Race.

“Ancient God Origin Jade, our deepest gratitude for your prompt arrival!” Ancient God Blue Distance and the members of the Celestial Net Sect respectfully called out.

“Elder, my deepest gratitude for your assistance,” Zhao Feng smiled and said.

Although Ancient God Iceflame couldn’t have actually done anything, Zhao Feng had no wish to expose his true cultivation so early. Ancient God Origin Jade’s arrival truly had resolved this problem for him.

“A half-step God Lord of the Blazing Gold Race has already appeared on the battlefield. The battles will only get more intense from here. Try and do your best!” Ancient God Origin Jade shot a glance at Zhao Feng before leaving.

She had heard of Zhao Feng’s feats, but at this time, it was Zhao Yufei who was the heart and future of the Spiritual Race. In comparison to Zhao Yufei, Zhao Feng appeared much less radiant.

In Ancient God Origin Jade’s heart, Zhao Feng was a man who needed a woman to plead on his behalf for protection, a true incompetent.

“The war has reached a new level!” Ancient God Blue Distance was somewhat concerned. He had not expected for the war to intensify so quickly.

As expected, three months later, Ancient God Origin Jade formally entered the war.

On this day, the upper echelon members of several major factions and strongholds had gathered together. The Celestial Net Sect was represented by Ancient God Blue Distance, the Celestial Net Sect Master, and Zhao Feng.

“In the early stages of the war, the Spiritual Race was the weaker side. Now that I am personally taking command, I will lead you in taking back the occupied territory.” Ancient God Origin Jade stood high above the others, the center of the crowd’s attention, and she seemed like a goddess of victory as she spoke.

At this time, the various sects and races around the Celestial Net Sect began to gather together into a massive army. The next day, the Spiritual Race’s army assaulted Blazing Gold Race territory.

This time, it was the Spiritual Race’s sudden attack that caught the Blazing Gold Race off guard. The Spiritual Race won a major victory and was able to seize back some of the lost territory.

But the Blazing Gold Race quickly reacted, dispatching many elite experts. These quickly gathered together into a similarly powerful army led by Ancient God Iceflame.

It didn’t take long for these two armies to have their first clash. At that moment, the world seemed to change the color, the clouds and the wind blowing backward. The entire world was covered in experts of various shapes and colors, and all colors of lightning, fire, ice, and wind swept through the earth.

“Good! A fierce battle like is great for honing myself.” Zhao Feng was delighted. This sort of chaotic battlefield was precisely what he desired.

Firstly, fighting in a chaotic battlefield allowed one to temper one’s fighting abilities more.

Secondly, Zhao Feng could use this battlefield to build up merit, which he could exchange for cultivation resources. When the time came and he revealed his Rank Nine cultivation, he would attract much less attention.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng formed a dark silver energy sword in each hand.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

His body began to blink through the battlefield. With each stop, he would take one or two lives. Zhao Feng was capable of killing experts of the same rank in a single blow.

In the first clash of these two large armies, the Spiritual Race had the upper hand. In the second and third battles, the Spiritual Race still emerged victorious.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng began to build up a reputation on the battlefield. On the battlefield, Zhao Feng was like the god of death; experts of the same rank were instantly killed while even Rank Nine Ancient Gods couldn’t last for very long against him.

Of course, his unbridled slaughter had also drawn him the attention of the Blazing Gold Race.

“He’s Zhao Feng!”

“Brother, let’s work together and kill him!”

A pair of Blazing Gold Race brothers viciously stared at Zhao Feng.

Although Zhao Feng was a peak Rank Eight, killing him would grant almost the same number of contribution points as killing a peak Rank Nine Ancient God.

Both brothers were Rank Nine Ancient Gods, and they were both so strong that they were near peak Rank Nine.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two of them slowly killed their way through the battlefield, gradually creeping up to Zhao Feng. At a certain distance, both of them ignited their bloodlines and cast aside everything else to charge at Zhao Feng.

“Die!” This pair of Blazing Gold Race brothers swung their sabers, unleashing two blades of scorching flame.

“Ah…!” A Rank Eight Ancient God who failed to dodge in time was burned to cinders by these flames.

The combined attack of these two powerful Rank Nine Ancient Gods was about to engulf Zhao Feng, but at this moment:


A faint green crystalline light shot out of the horizon, carrying with it the immense pressure of the Spiritual Race bloodline, and struck the two blades of flame.

Boom! Bang!

Both of the blades were annihilated, and both of the brothers were thrown back by this energy, suffering significant injuries.

“Damn, the Spiritual Race’s half-step God Lord!” The two Blazing Gold Race brothers looked to the horizon. The attack just now was unleashed by Ancient God Origin Jade.

“Heavens! Ancient God Origin Jade is in the middle of a major battle with Ancient God Iceflame, but she still has time to pay attention Zhao Feng and save him from danger!?” a peak Rank Eight Ancient God rather close to Zhao Feng cried out in shock.

Although the current goddess of the Spiritual Race was Zhao Yufei, for the older generation, their goddess was still Ancient God Origin Jade.

Normally, Ancient God Origin Jade wouldn’t even look them in the eyes, but on this battlefield, Ancient God Origin Jade had time to pay attention to Zhao Feng while fighting and save him from any lethal danger. This sight immediately made many of the Spiritual Race Ancient Gods in the vicinity shocked and envious.

“What’s so special about that? This isn’t even the first time,” a Rank Nine Ancient God in the distance softly mumbled. Back then, he was one of the young talents of the Spiritual Race who had pursued Ancient God Origin Jade.

“Die!” Zhao Feng, wielding the Chaos Origin Divine Swords, charged at the Blazing Gold Race brothers.

Both of them had been wounded by the attack of a half-step God Lord, leaving them weakened. And Zhao Feng was much faster than them, so after a brief pursuit, he managed to kill both of them.

The war proceeded into its eighth year. Fifty to sixty battles had taken place in this time, and the Spiritual Race won the overwhelming number of them. The Spiritual Race had gradually taken back all the territory it had lost and was now beginning to invade the lands of the Blazing Gold Race.

In this war, quite a few people had become famous throughout the Spiritual Race and the Ziling Zone. The most famous of them all was naturally Zhao Feng. In every battle, Zhao Feng would obtain the most contribution points, far above even the Rank Nine Ancient Gods.

But the chatter about Zhao Feng did not concern his achievements.

“Say, do you think that there’s something going on between Ancient God Origin Jade and Zhao Feng?”

“Could Ancient God Origin Jade have taken a liking to Zhao Feng? But don’t Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei like each other…?”

“I didn’t think that the female prodigies of two different generations would end up liking the same person….”

There was gossip to be found about Ancient God Origin Jade and Zhao Feng in the garrisons of the Spiritual Race every day, and as these rumors spread, they became increasingly absurd. There was nothing that Zhao Feng could do about this, so he didn’t worry about it.

He had used all the contribution points he had accumulated in these eight years to exchange for cultivation resources. Of course, this was only a cover. Zhao Feng already had resources several times more precious than the resources he had exchanged for.

Within the Spacetime Robe, several ancient resources of extremely old age floated in front of Zhao Feng. He was circulating the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique and absorbing the energy in these resources in an orderly fashion.

Buzz! Bzzz!

A twisted and chaotic energy appeared around Zhao Feng, affecting the surrounding spacetime. At a certain moment, Zhao Feng’s body became partially unreal while a powerful spatial disturbance affected the area around him.


The distortive energy in the air was engulfed by an invisible energy and taken back into Zhao Feng’s body.

“Peak Level Eight in Space Intent!” Zhao Feng opened his eyes, which flashed with powerful Space energy.

Peak Level Eight in Space Intent also indicated that he had reached the peak of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique’s fourth level. This advance in his technique caused Zhao Feng’s cultivation to rise to the peak of Rank Nine.

“It seems that I will have to continue sealing my cultivation.” Zhao Feng helplessly smiled.

He originally planned to unseal his cultivation soon and reveal his true strength, but to his surprise, after a long period of tempering, his cultivation had broken through to peak Rank Nine.

Three months later, the two races fought another battle.

This time, Zhao Feng fought as a Rank Nine Ancient God, to the shock of both sides.

In less than twenty years, he had risen from Rank Seven to Rank Nine. This frenzied speed of improvement left even experts of the Spiritual Race bloodline in the dust. Perhaps not even Zhao Yufei with her God Martial Race legacy could compare.

“This brat can’t be left alive!” Elder Jin of the Blazing Gold Race had an extremely gloomy gaze.

By now, both races had sent two half-step God Lords into the battlefield.

“However, that Ancient God Origin Jade is constantly keeping watch on Zhao Feng while fighting. It will be rather difficult to kill him.” Ancient God Iceflame gave a slight shake of her head.

This time, the battle lasted only a little while before the Blazing Gold Race retreated, allowing the Spiritual Race to once more emerge victorious.

For the next two years of the war, the Blazing Gold Race adopted a defensive stance. However, the Spiritual Race did not drop their guard. Everyone sensed that this war was about to enter its final phase.

Within the Spacetime Robe, having just broken into peak Rank Nine, Zhao Feng required a long period of time to stabilize his strength. At the same time, he had a part of his mind cultivate other aspects.


Chaos Origin Divine Power surged, coalescing into a sword of turbid and dark silver in Zhao Feng’s hand.

Hiss! Hiss!

Gradually, arcs of electricity began to appear on the sword. This was not ordinary lightning, but the Tribulation Lightning stored in Zhao Feng’s Lightning Soul Body.

Upon his return, Zhao Feng had attempted to fuse the miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword with his Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame. However, this was far too difficult. Moreover, failure to fuse these two powerful eye-bloodline techniques together would result in a backlash.

For this reason, Zhao Feng gave up on fusing the eye-bloodline techniques together. He made a concession and instead tried to fuse just the Tribulation Lightning energy into the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

Pop! Hisss!

More and more lightning appeared on the Chaos Origin Divine Sword, and it began to radiate more and more light.

Sweat began to bead out of Zhao Feng’s forehead as he stared at the sword in his hand.

At a certain moment, the Tribulation Lightning energy on the Chaos Origin Divine Sword seemed to adopt a certain order or pattern as it covered the entirety of the sword. At a glance, it seemed like a soul-shaking Chaos Lightning Sword!

Swoosh! Swish!

Zhao Feng slightly shifted, upon which the “Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword” released gloomy lightning. The energy unleashed by this lightning was so powerful that it caused the surrounding space to distort.

“Success! I wonder just how powerful this Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword really is.” Zhao Feng had a gleeful and expectant look on his face.

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