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Killing Ancient God Shadow Death

The arrival of Ancient God Origin Jade from the Spiritual Race restored hope to the despairing Celestial Net Sect.

“Ancient God Iceflame?” Ancient God Origin Jade spotted Ancient God Iceflame and was at first confused, but then she sneered.

On the other side, Ancient God Iceflame stood in the middle of a world that was almost frozen solid, thick white and chilly mist curling around her body.

“It’s you?” Ancient God Iceflame stared at Ancient God Origin Jade, her icy eyes getting even colder.


A pitch-black stream of energy appeared at Ancient God Iceflame’s side.

“What’s going on? How did the Spiritual Race know that you would be coming, and they even sent a half-step God Lord!?” Ancient God Shadow Death was mentally alarmed.

He had originally believed that, with Ancient God Iceflame joining in, the problem would be easily resolved. He had not expected for a half-step God Lord of the Spiritual Race to arrive.


On two sides of the world, two breathtakingly beautiful half-step God Lords stood in the air, their vast and invisible energies constantly clashing in the air, causing the air to thunder and boom.

Everyone in the Celestial Net Sect was focused on these two half-step God Lords, not merely because of their invisible contest, but also because of their astonishing beauty. Ancient God Iceflame was like a snow fairy, beautiful and proud, while Ancient God Origin Jade was a noble and gorgeous queen carved from jade and crystal.

But both of them shared a common trait: they stood high above and were nigh unreachable.

“There’s something strange about the mood between these two half-step God Lords!”

“You don’t know? Both of them possessed outstanding talent as children and were female prodigies of the same generation. Given the conflict between the Spiritual Race and the Blazing Gold Race, the two of them have been competing against each other since they were children!”

“I didn’t think that the female prodigies of the Spiritual Race and Blazing Gold Race from back then would once more exchange blows!”

The majority of the people in the Celestial Net Sect were familiar with the history between Ancient God Origin Jade and Ancient God Iceflame.

“Our last bout was around eight hundred years ago, right? Let’s see just how much you’ve progressed!” Ancient God Origin Jade called out, and then she shot into the air.

“Today will be the day I end your life!” Ancient God Iceflame’s eyes flashed as she charged forward.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The world rumbled as astonishing waves of Divine Power and countless shards of ice swept through it.

Fortunately, the two half-step God Lords were fighting some distance away from the Celestial Net Sect. Otherwise, the battle alone would have been enough to destroy the entire sect.

“This is a half-step God Lord! The power of Level Nine Intent truly is extraordinary!” the Celestial Net Sect Master muttered in shock.

Ancient God Blue Distance and the other members of the Celestial Net Sect stared at that battle taking place on the distant horizon, but all they could see was snow, ice, and crystalline fog, within which two indistinct figures clashed.

“Why did you appear here?” Ancient God Origin Jade directly asked. The war hadn’t yet reached a stage where half-step God Lords needed to enter the battlefield.

“And why did you appear here?” Ancient God Iceflame was frigid and cold.

She had not expected such a thing to occur when she decided to personally take action. She was confident that Ancient God Origin Jade had a reason for coming here.

“Is that any of your business?” Ancient God Origin Jade appeared slightly angry as a jade-green crystal sword appeared in her hand.

Swish! Bang!

She unleashed a faint green blade of ice that cut through the world of ice and swept toward Ancient God Iceflame.

“Ice Shatter!” Ancient God Iceflame extended a delicate hand and unleashed two balls of chilling gray-white flame.

The two balls of flame collided with the massive green blade. In a flash, the massive blade and the two balls of fire froze together in the air. It took very little time for that massive blade of green energy to be completely frozen.

“Ice Shatter!”

“Crystal Explosion!”

The two women shouted at the same time.


The frozen blade immediately exploded into thousands of crystal shards that scattered throughout the world like a miraculous rain of crystal. The mountains near the Celestial Net Sect were left pockmarked with holes or frozen into mountains of ice.

“If this continues, the Celestial Net Sect’s defensive array won’t be able to hold!” The Celestial Net Sect Master had a bitter expression on his face.

Zhao Feng used his left eye to see through all obstructions and observe the battle between the two half-step God Lords.

The two of them have about the same level of strength, and they’re both using their full power to try to push their opponent into a desperate position. It’s difficult to determine the outcome, but they shouldn’t be able to keep this up for long. Their fighting strength should gradually weaken. Zhao Feng analyzed.

Ancient God Origin Jade and Ancient God Iceflame had been mortal foes since they were children and had fought against each other all the way up to the present. In this meeting, neither of them showed any mercy and used their most lethal techniques.

“Eh?” In the middle of that chaotic battlefield, Zhao Feng spotted a stream of shadowy energy.

Not good! A member of the Shadow Race! Zhao Feng grimaced.

The Shadow Race’s Ancient God Shadow Death was skilled in furtive sneak attacks, seizing his opponent’s weaknesses to deliver a fatal blow.

If these were normal circumstances, how could Ancient God Origin Jade possibly fear Ancient God Shadow Death’s sneak attacks? But Ancient God Iceflame and Ancient God Origin Jade had about the same level of strength and both were fighting with all their power. In such an extremely dangerous battle, the slightest lack of focus could prove fatal.

If Ancient God Origin Jade is defeated, I’ll be forced to reveal my true strength! Zhao Feng’s expression darkened, and he blinked forward.

“Brother Zhao, what are you doing?” the Celestial Net Sect Master called out.

“This kid, he really thinks he’s something else! He actually dares to approach a battle between half-step God Lords?” Ancient God Blue Distance couldn’t help but scornfully smile at this sight.

In the end, he still had his quarrels with Zhao Feng. If it wasn’t for the fact that Zhao Feng was too strong, he would have never bent the knee to him. If Zhao Feng was willing to send himself to his death, he was only too happy to watch.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” The Chaos Origin Divine Power in Zhao Feng’s left eye immediately coalesced into a miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword.


This small Chaos Origin Divine Sword instantly shot forward, piercing through the countless shards of crystal and ice. Ancient God Shadow Death, who was just about to enter the battle between the two half-step God Lords, suddenly sensed powerful ripples of energy.

“This scoundrel…!” Ancient God Shadow Death’s gaze dimmed. If he continued forward, he would be struck by Zhao Feng’s attack.

He had experienced this attack from Zhao Feng before and knew that it was extremely powerful.

“Damn, such a good opportunity….” Ancient God Shadow Death clenched his teeth and chose to retreat.

“There’s no need for you to go back alive this time!” Zhao Feng smiled as he pursued Ancient God Shadow Death.

Swish! Whoosh!

The two of them were in the middle of the storm created by the two half-step God Lords, so the people back in the Celestial Net Sect couldn’t get a clear view of what was going on.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Chaos Origin Divine Power surged around Zhao Feng, creating a dark silver ring of light.

The Chaos Heaven Void Ring produced a devouring energy that absorbed the energy of the surrounding attacks.

“This kid’s defensive skill can absorb other energies to strengthen itself?” Ancient God Shadow Death’s expression dimmed.


He immediately began to try and get out of the battlefield, and Zhao Feng followed close behind.

Now, your defensive skill can’t absorb other energies! Ancient God Shadow Death quietly chuckled to himself.

“Look, Zhao Feng is fighting with someone else!”

“So, that Shadow Race expert was hiding near the battlefield of the two half-step God Lords!”

Quite a few members of the Celestial Net Sect were suddenly enlightened.

But Ancient God Shadow Death and Zhao Feng quickly left their field of vision.


After escaping the chaotic half-step God Lord battlefield, Zhao Feng increased his speed and was soon able to catch up to Ancient God Shadow Death.

“Seeking death! You dare to approach me?” Ancient God Shadow Death sneered.

Although Zhao Feng had extremely powerful eye-bloodline techniques, they would find it very difficult to slay his Shadow Body in a single blow. Moreover, when using eye-bloodline techniques, Zhao Feng would reveal a flaw. If he was up close, then Ancient God Shadow Death would be able to turn around and give a lethal attack of his own.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng converted the Chaos Heaven Void Ring into a massive sword of dark silver and slashed.

“Shadow Split Assassination!” Ancient God Shadow Death’s pitch-black body suddenly split into three streams of black energy that avoided Zhao Feng’s attack and approached Zhao Feng from his left, right, and back. This was a secret bloodline art of the Shadow Race. It instantly created several clones, each clone with eighty to ninety percent of the offensive power of the original body.

A normal person who suddenly encountered this situation in close combat would undoubtedly be caught off guard.

“Die!” Each black figure produced a pitch-black needle, which they thrust out.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Zhao Feng was not at all panicked by this sight. He once more used his defensive technique, surrounding himself with a turbid silver ring of energy.

At the same time, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword in Zhao Feng’s hand slashed out at the pitch-black figure behind him.

“How could this be?” Ancient God Shadow Death was startled. Zhao Feng had managed to sense his original body.


Zhao Feng’s sword slashed at Ancient God Shadow Death’s body. Though he tried his utmost to dodge, he was still struck by the sword.

Damn! I underestimated this kid’s eye-bloodline! Ancient God Shadow Death immediately guessed that Zhao Feng had a special eye-bloodline that allowed him to determine which one was his true body.

At this moment, the attacks of his clones arrived.

Though these attacks were powerful, as they touched the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, they began to weaken. Ancient God Shadow Death’s clones had eighty to ninety percent of his offensive power, but these clones were formed from Divine Power. Thus, it was easier for the Chaos Heaven Void Ring to devour and absorb them. This made their attacks much more inferior to the attacks Ancient God Shadow Death could perform with his divine artifact and his original body.

“Retreat!” Ancient God Shadow Death was wounded, so he wanted to retreat.

“Spacetime Seal!” Zhao Feng’s left eye thrummed and began to exude Spacetime energy.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

Ancient God Shadow Death’s body was instantly engulfed by a strange and unreal power. His speed suddenly dropped, and he appeared to move like a turtle in Zhao Feng’s eyes.

Zhao Feng hadn’t even used the full extent of this eye-bloodline technique. Otherwise, Ancient God Shadow Death wouldn’t have even been able to move.

“Die!” Zhao Feng immediately approached and slashed down with the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.


Ancient God Shadow Death was cleaved in two.

Bzzz! Hisss!

The two halves of Ancient God Shadow Death’s body appeared to be made of liquid. Through some bizarre process, they began to join back together.

Ordinary attacks found it very difficult to deal lethal damage to the Shadow Race.

“Chaos Heaven Sword Vacuum!” Zhao Feng had long ago prepared a counter. The Chaos Origin Divine Sword unleashed a large number of silver sword images that fused together into a silver “Sword Vacuum.”

“Ah…!” Ancient God Shadow Death screamed as his body and soul were constantly devoured and ground down. He was swiftly devoured by the dreadful Sword Vacuum.

After killing Ancient God Shadow Death, Zhao Feng returned to the Celestial Net Sect.

The battle with Ancient God Shadow Death had taken place rather far away and had finished very quickly, so no one noticed what happened.

“Zhao Feng, it’s fortunate that you acted when you did and prevented that Shadow Race member from disrupting Ancient God Origin Jade,” the Celestial Net Sect Master immediately said.

“What happened to the Shadow Race member?” Ancient God Blue Distance immediately scanned the area with his Divine Sense, but he did not find Ancient God Shadow Death.

“He won’t be coming back,” Zhao Feng simply replied.

The others paid this statement little mind. After all, they were more concerned about the battle between the two half-step God Lords. This battle would decide whether they lived or died.


In the sky, the two half-step God Lords were still locked in their mortal struggle.

Damn! Her strength is similar to mine! If I insist on battling to the death, it will be far too dangerous! Ancient God Iceflame’s eyes coldly gleamed.

In addition, this place was the territory of the Spiritual Race. News of her arrival had almost certainly spread. It probably wouldn’t be long before even more Spiritual Race experts arrived.

“Retreat for now!” Ancient God Iceflame fired off a massive gray-white flame and then began to fall back.

Suddenly, her face froze.

“Eh? Where’s Ancient God Shadow Death?” Ancient God Iceflame scanned with her Divine Sense but found no sign of Ancient God Shadow Death.

She remembered that Ancient God Shadow Death had been preparing to sneak attack Ancient God Origin Jade when Zhao Feng interrupted him. After exchanging a few blows, the two of them swiftly left the area.

Useless Ancient God Shadow Death, you actually got pushed back by Zhao Feng!? Ancient God Iceflame had no time to worry about such things and retreated on her own.

The oppressive air hanging over the world gradually faded away.

Ancient God Origin Jade did not pursue, instead slowly descending upon the Celestial Net Sect.

The sight of this noble and beautiful fairy descending upon their sect had the hearts of many men in the Celestial Net Sect rapidly thumping.

But to everyone’s surprise:

“You’re Zhao Feng, right?!” Ancient God Origin Jade immediately set her eyes on Zhao Feng.

Everyone was greatly taken aback by these words. They remembered that Ancient God Iceflame had said almost exactly the same thing when she first appeared.

How come the female prodigies of both races had come to find Zhao Feng?

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