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A Half-Step God Lord Arrives

“How could this be? This kid managed to kill a Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race alone?” Ancient God Blue Distance was in disbelief.

In the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, it was not rare for someone to kill a person above their level, but this usually happened with a person of a higher bloodline killing someone of a lower bloodline. It rarely happened with such highly-ranked races like the Spiritual Race and Blazing Gold Race. For this reason, Zhao Feng’s feat left everyone stunned and solemn.

Alas, only a few people had witnessed the entire process of Zhao Feng killing the black-clothed man. Ancient God Blue Distance and the Celestial Net Sect Master were far inferior to Ancient God Shadow Death, and they needed to put all their focus on the battle, so they naturally had not seen it. As for the other members of the Celestial Net Sect, they were busy dealing with the two peak Rank Eight experts. If it wasn’t for their advantage in numbers, they would have been long ago annihilated. Thus, very few people had been watching.

The only people who could clearly see it were Ancient God Shadow Death and the two peak Rank Eights from the Blazing Gold Race.

“This can’t be real… he actually killed a Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race!?” The two peak Rank Eights had seen everything, but they didn’t dare to believe it.

Zhao Feng had reached peak Rank Eight in less than ten years. His foundation should have been incredibly unstable, so how could he possess such strength?

This kid… is hiding something! Ancient God Shadow Death was mentally alarmed.

From the time they had infiltrated and prepared for their sneak attack to this current fierce battle, Zhao Feng’s face was largely unperturbed. And just when Ancient God Shadow Death was preparing to retreat, Zhao Feng slew the black-clothed man in a single blow. Although it was only one technique, Ancient God Shadow Death had vaguely sensed Zhao Feng’s powerful Soul energy.

“Retreat!” Ancient God Shadow Death roared, and then he began to fall back.

Zhao Feng was simply too powerful, and they had already lost one Rank Nine Ancient God. If this continued, they would probably be completely wiped out.

“Retreat?” Ancient God Blue Distance was stunned.

He and the Celestial Net Sect working together to fight Ancient God Shadow Death had to constantly be on their guard for fear that their foe might find some weakness, but at this moment, Ancient God Shadow Death chose to flee? All this was because Zhao Feng had killed a Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race.

“Wonderful!” The Celestial Net Sect Master gleefully smiled.

The Celestial Net Sect had once more averted the crisis and pushed back their foe. All the members of the Celestial Net Sect breathed a sigh of relief.

“Want to leave?” Zhao Feng suddenly smiled.


Zhao Feng suddenly shot toward the black-armored elder.

“No…!” The elder immediately paled. Zhao Feng could casually kill Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race, so wouldn’t he be even easier to kill?

He immediately used a secret art and burned Divine Power, his entire body erupting with flames.


The black-armored elder’s speed momentarily reached that of a Rank Nine Ancient God, and he shot into the distance as a streak of golden light.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng’s left eye once more pulsed, and the Chaos Origin Divine Power rapidly formed a miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword.


A moment later, a miniature sword of turbid silver shot out of his left eye. The fleeing black-armored elder in the distance was pierced through by the Chaos Origin Divine Sword. His body was pulverized, and his soul was destroyed.

Zhao Feng had no need to display his powerful Soul Intent and could still easily slay a peak Rank Eight. Since he had already killed a Rank Nine, there wouldn’t be anything too suspicious about him killing a peak Rank Eight.

“How terrifying….” The fleeing golden-masked youth couldn’t help but shiver in fear at this sight.

“You stay as well!” Zhao Feng’s eyes locked onto him.

“No…!” The youth felt like the god of death had locked its gaze on him and immediately began to burn Divine Power so that he could escape.

In the blink of an eye, the golden-masked youth had fled out of everyone’s vision.

At this moment:


A miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword shot out of Zhao Feng’s left eye and into the distance. A moment later, everyone could hear a terrible scream and sense the vanishing of a soul.

“Go!” Ancient God Shadow Death shot a profound glance at Zhao Feng before fusing into the dark night.

In just a few short moments, three of the four Blazing Gold Race experts had been slain.

“This… he instantly killed a peak Rank Eight!” Ancient God Blue Distance trembled as he stared at Zhao Feng like he was a monster.

Zhao Feng only needed a glance to take care of a peak Rank Eight Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race. In other words, he also could be taken care of with a single glance from Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Ancient God Blue Distance recalled how he had intentionally targeted Zhao Feng and suddenly felt like he was walking alongside death. With the strength Zhao Feng had displayed, even if he killed Ancient God Blue Distance, the Spiritual Race wouldn’t levy any heavy punishment.

“To think that he would be this powerful!” The Celestial Net Sect Master was stunned.

He had earlier found Zhao Feng to be unfathomable and mysterious, but he had never expected that his true strength would be so dreadful. He could kill Rank Nine Ancient Gods and slay experts of the same rank with just a glance.

The disciples of the Celestial Net Sect were also stunned, their admiring eyes fixed on Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve made a major contribution this time! I will report this to the Spiritual Race and make sure that you are richly rewarded!” Ancient God Blue Distance flew over and smiled.

He never would’ve imagined that Zhao Feng had been hiding his strength this entire time. At this time, he only hoped that Zhao Feng would not take to heart the grudge he felt against him and his son.

And if he could form a good relationship with Zhao Feng, that would naturally be wonderful. Zhao Feng had the potential to become a God Lord with very little problem.

“That’s not necessary. We were able to win because of everyone’s efforts.” Zhao Feng had a nonchalant look on his face.

After saying this, he returned to his residence.

“Ice Origin, remember, in the future, you must not provoke him. In fact, you should try your best to form a good relationship with him!” Ancient God Blue Distance quietly messaged Ancient God Ice Origin.

“Yes!” Ancient God Ice Origin messaged back in reply, though internally, he felt sick.

In an underground palace, secluded and cold:


A black stream suddenly shot out, transforming into an emaciated elder.

In front of Ancient God Shadow Death was a bed of icy jade, and lying upon this bed was a graceful woman with her back to Ancient God Shadow Death. But even with her back to him, her body still exuded an alluring aura. Her fair and slender legs seemed to be carved from white jade and were utterly flawless.

“Failed?” Ancient God Iceflame’s cold and clear voice sounded out.

“Zhao Feng was hiding his true strength. The other three members with me were all killed!” Ancient God Shadow Death lowered his head and clenched his teeth.


The jade bed was suddenly awash with chilling flames, and Ancient God Iceflame’s body slowly faded away.

But a moment later, she appeared next to Ancient God Shadow Death. Ancient God Shadow Death was instantly covered in a layer of ice that nearly froze the blood in his body.

“It seems that I will have to make a personal appearance!” A faint smile appeared on Ancient God Iceflame’s peerlessly beautiful face.

The Blazing Gold Race had sent two Rank Nine Ancient Gods this time, but they still failed. This array of forces was certain to arouse the attention of the Spiritual Race, and it would probably send reinforcements to the Celestial Net Sect. Ancient God Iceflame would not permit herself to fail, so this time, she would go herself.

Ancient God Shadow Death was shocked. Ancient God Iceflame was actually planning to personally take action against a peak Rank Eight? But he did not dare to question Ancient God Iceflame’s will.

“Yes… yes!” Ancient God Shadow Death repeatedly nodded.

A few days later, the Celestial Net Sect returned to normal.

All the members of the Celestial Net Sect were conserving their strength and recuperating. The two consecutive battles had caused them grievous casualties, but the fighting had also sharpened them.

Within the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng was in the middle of cultivating many Intents.

The further one cultivated an Intent, the more difficult the process became. Even with many precious resources and incredible comprehension abilities, Zhao Feng still needed to spend an enormous amount of time in cultivation.

Besides cultivating Intents, Zhao Feng would occasionally cultivate the Chaos Heaven Void Ring.

Suddenly, Zhao Feng opened his eyes and left the Spacetime Robe.

A moment later, the temperature outside suddenly plunged and the world was immersed in an icy fog.

Many of the members of the Celestial Net Sect were alarmed by this sudden cold. Moreover, the cold was only getting worse, and many places of the Celestial Net Sect had been frozen solid.

“Oh no!” The Celestial Net Sect Master noticed that something was wrong and shot up into the sky.

In the distance, the world seemed to have frozen, and a figure was slowly walking through the air.

Her every step covered tens of thousands of li. In the blink of an eye, she reached the Celestial Net Sect.

At this moment, Ancient God Iceflame appeared like a frosty ice goddess. Her face was gorgeous, but it exuded a chill that made everyone not dare to approach.

A freezing chill began to encroach upon the Celestial Net Sect. If not for the defensive array, the disciples of the Celestial Net Sect below Ancient God Iceflame would have been instantly killed by this cold.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Ancient God Blue Distance and his son appeared outside.

“Half-step… God Lord!” Ancient God Blue Distance murmured in shock as he sensed Ancient God Iceflame’s aura.

At this moment, he wanted to run. But would he be able to run?

Ancient God Blue Distance felt depressed. Ever since Zhao Feng had arrived, the Blazing Gold Race sent attack after attack, each one stronger than the last. First it was one Rank Nine Ancient God, then two, and now, it was a half-step God Lord!

“How could this be? A half-step God Lord is actually taking part in a battle!?” Ancient God Ice Origin shivered. He sensed that his Divine Power and blood had seemingly been frozen, and he found it difficult to circulate them.

“How could this be?” All the disciples of the Celestial Net Sect had looks of stunned despair.

This time, there was truly no hope. A half-step God Lord could exterminate the Celestial Net Sect with a wave of their hand.

“Truly… a half-step God Lord.” Zhao Feng’s eyes sank.

“You’re Zhao Feng, right?” An interested smile appeared on Ancient God Iceflame’s cold face.

Do I have to reveal my true strength? Zhao Feng ignored Ancient God Iceflame and fell into thought.

Suddenly, his eyes flashed, and his expression relaxed.


The distant horizon trembled, and then a fog of white ice crystals accompanied by immense pressure descended.

“This is…?” Ancient God Blue Distance and all the members of the Celestial Net Sect turned to look behind them.

In that crystalline mist, they saw a gorgeous woman dressed in azure descending. Her posture was dignified and graceful, her face pure and beautiful. Her black brows, clear eyes, and waterfall of black hair caused her to exude the indescribable grace and nobility of a fairy.

“Ancient God Origin Jade!” Ancient God Blue Distance rejoiced.

“The Celestial Net Sect welcomes Elder Origin Jade of the Spiritual Race!” the Celestial Net Sect Master immediately said.

All the members of the Celestial Net Sect immediately cheered. This was because Ancient God Origin Jade was also a half-step God Lord. Moreover, she was the youngest half-step God Lord of the Spiritual Race, the Ancient God Origin Jade who had once been hailed as the number one female prodigy of the Spiritual Race.

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