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Chaos Heaven Void Ring

Ancient God Shadow Death and his team were all ready to rush at Zhao Feng the moment they forced him out so that they could capture him, but none of them had expected for Zhao Feng to appear before they could even strike. This sight left all of them momentarily stunned.

“Were all of you dawdling around for so long because you were looking for this Zhao?” Zhao Feng nonchalantly scanned the group of four.

In this team of four, the emaciated pitch-black elder and the tall and bulky black-clothed man were Rank Nine Ancient Gods. The black-clothed man was clearly a member of the Blazing Gold Race while the elder had a body like a shadow, almost fused with the darkness. If one wasn’t looking carefully, one would be incapable of sensing him. This was completely in line with someone who had the bloodline of the 18th ranked Shadow Race.

The black-armored old man and the gold-masked young man were peak Rank Eight.

“He noticed us beforehand?” The bulky middle-aged man’s eyes gleamed with cold light.

“No, he noticed us the moment we came inside!” Ancient God Shadow Death messaged.

In his career of assassination, this sort of thing had never before happened. Even before he had attacked, an assassination target of lower cultivation had already noticed him. And from Zhao Feng’s words just now, it was obvious that he had long ago sensed their presence.

“Hurry and capture him, and then we’ll leave!” the black-armored elder immediately ordered.

Ancient God Shadow Death was taken aback. This composed youth who had suddenly appeared in front of him felt like someone he couldn’t see through at all.

But they had two Rank Nine Ancient Gods and two peak Rank Eights on their side. For them to be afraid of Zhao Feng’s words with such an array of forces was truly rather laughable.


A gray knife appeared in Ancient God Shadow Death’s hand. Black tendrils emerged from his body and curled around the gray knife. The gray knife instantly seemed to fuse with the black tendrils, becoming almost undetectable.


Ancient God Shadow Death himself did not move, but a black tendril extended out of his hand, taking control of this knife and thrusting it at Zhao Feng.

On the other end, the black-clothed man brought his fists together, immediately unleashing a wave of golden flame.


A halo of flame spread outward, annihilating everything in its path.

The two peak Rank Eights took out high-quality divine artifacts and unleashed powerful attacks.

At this moment, the powerful attacks of two Rank Nine Ancient Gods and two peak Rank Eights hurtled toward Zhao Feng.

“I’ll use you to try out my new skill!”

A certain distance from Zhao Feng, Chaos Origin Divine Power surged out and formed a domed barrier made of turbid silver light. Before the four attacks could even land, a devouring energy appeared on that silver dome that began absorbing energy to strengthen its power. As the four attacks got closer and closer, the devouring energy got stronger and stronger.

Boom! Bang!

The attacks of the peak Rank Eight and the black-clothed man were greatly weakened after having their energy absorbed, and when they struck the silver dome of light, they scattered and produced little effect.

“How could this be? Our Divine Power attacks seemed to get weaker as they got closer to that kid!” The black-clothed man was taken aback.

Only Ancient God Shadow Death’s attack, condensed on the divine artifact, was able to pierce through the dark silver defensive barrier.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, the dark silver barrier suddenly surged, gathering into Zhao Feng’s hand in the form of a Chaos Origin Divine Sword. This Chaos Origin Divine Sword had just absorbed the attacks of the group of four and was incredibly powerful.


Zhao Feng fiercely swung the sword, knocking aside that shadow knife. Zhao Feng then cast out the Chaos Origin Divine Sword. His target was none other than the pitch-black Ancient God Shadow Death.

“Oh no!” Ancient God Shadow Death’s eyes flashed.

This sword flew far too quickly. He hadn’t expected for Zhao Feng to be able to counterattack in this situation.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Strange black streams of energy began to roil on the surface of Ancient God Shadow Death’s body. The Chaos Origin Divine Sword pierced through his chest, but it simply went straight through and out. After a burst of ripples, Ancient God Shadow Death’s body returned to normal, but his face appeared to be slightly pale.

“That kid’s Divine Power attack is rather special. Even after I transformed into my Shadow Body and let the attack pass through me, it was still able to absorb a portion of my energy!” Ancient God Shadow Death gravely regarded Zhao Feng.

His finger twitched, and then that black tendril retracted, returning the invisible knife to his hand.

The other three were rather startled. Not only had Zhao Feng emerged unharmed, but he was also even able to attack Ancient God Shadow Death.

“Not bad! This is only the basic version of the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, but it already has this sort of ability.” Zhao Feng gave a satisfied smile.

After saying this, Zhao Feng’s body flashed as he began to fly out.

Meanwhile, several powerful energies within the Celestial Net Sect were approaching Zhao Feng’s residence.

“Enemy attack!” The Celestial Net Sect Master scanned with his Divine Sense and grimaced.

He hadn’t expected for four enemies to infiltrate the sect without him noticing whatsoever. This was partially because the defensive and sensory measures damaged from the battle several days ago had not been fully repaired.

“Zhao Feng, are you okay?” the Celestial Net Sect Master immediately asked.

At this moment, Ancient God Blue Distance and his son also arrived on the scene.

“The Blazing Gold Race just suffered a defeat, so why did they send another group so quickly?” Ancient God Blue Distance was rather annoyed.

Upon scanning with his Divine Sense, his eyes went slack while his body trembled in shock.

“Two Rank Nine Ancient Gods!” Ancient God Blue Distance’s heart began to beat faster.

Ancient God Ice Origin instantly paled.

Down below:

“What do we do?” the black-clothed man asked. They were now completely exposed, their plan a complete failure.

“Capture Zhao Feng. If we can’t capture him, kill him! But all of this must be done only if we are not in danger!” Ancient God Shadow Death messaged.

“What danger can there be? There are only two peak Rank Eights.” The black-armored elder faintly smiled.

The four members sent by the Blazing Gold Race instantly began to surge with Divine Power.

“Commander, what should we do?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

Although there were only four members, their cultivations far surpassed the members of the Celestial Net Sect. Moreover, they did not seem to have any intention of fleeing.

Ancient God Blue Distance had a complicated look on his face, and he said nothing.

Zhao Feng softly chuckled and said, “Ancient God Blue Distance, why don’t you go and ‘get reinforcements!’”

Zhao Feng placed a great deal of emphasis on his last two words.

“You…!” Ancient God Blue Distance’s face twisted in anger, and he glared at Zhao Feng, but there was nothing he could say.

Ancient God Ice Origin remembered what had happened previously and blushed in shame.

“Put full efforts in defense! If we’re no match, then we’ll try for a fighting retreat!” Ancient God Blue Distance messaged all the other members.

In the last battle, he had fled, causing him to lose any dignity and prestige he had. He had come back so that this matter wouldn’t get out and so that he could reform the impression the others had of him. Thus, this time, unless it was absolutely necessary, Ancient God Blue Distance could not flee.

“Zhao Feng, you killed a Rank Eight last time, so your strength must not be bad. You’re responsible for holding down the Rank Nine Ancient God from the Blazing Gold Race!” Ancient God Blue Distance immediately ordered.

In his view, Ancient God Shadow Death was seemingly injured and was probably easier to deal with, so he left the other Rank Nine Ancient God for Zhao Feng to deal with.

“Celestial Net Sect Master, activate the sect-protecting array and join me in dealing with that emaciated elder!” Ancient God Blue Distance then gave an order to the Celestial Net Sect Master.

This time, with their opponent apparently injured, it would probably be much easier for him and the Celestial Net Sect to deal with a Rank Nine Ancient God.

Once Zhao Feng was defeated, he would call for a retreat. If there was any blame to be assigned later on, he would assign it all to Zhao Feng! In this way, he could both rid himself of Zhao Feng while also escaping any criticism for running away.

“But…” The Celestial Net Sect Master wanted to say something, but then he stopped himself.

Although Ancient God Blue Distance was clearly targeting Zhao Feng, he recalled just how mysterious and unfathomable Zhao Feng was. And Zhao Feng had killed a Rank Nine Ancient God before, so he probably wouldn’t encounter any problems this time.

“Leave the kid to me. Once I succeed, immediately withdraw!” the black-clothed man of the Blazing Gold Race said, his eyes like cold sabers.


Golden flames erupted from his body, and he charged toward Zhao Feng while shining as brightly as the sun.


Zhao Feng’s body flashed, and then he appeared behind the black-clothed man and swung the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

“Die!” The black-clothed man was not afraid. After activating his formidable physical body and using defensive skills, he punched at Zhao Feng with both fists.

Swish! Hiss!

Zhao Feng’s sword instantly cut through the black-clothed man’s defenses, releasing a shower of golden sparks. As for the black-clothed man’s attacks, Zhao Feng was able to easily avoid them.

“This kid has incredibly powerful attacks!” The man felt his wounds, and anger welled up within him. In this first exchange, Zhao Feng had emerged completely unharmed while he, a body-refining expert, had been injured.


The man fully activated his bloodline. The golden flames on his body became even more brilliant and exuded an even greater pressure. A normal person who approached would probably be rendered nigh immovable by the immense pressure exerted by this powerful bloodline energy.

“If this kid gets close to me again, he’ll be finished!” The black-clothed man charged at Zhao Feng once more, firing off fists of flame energy that exploded in the air.

Offense was the best defense for him. If Zhao Feng tried to get close to him, he would ignore his defenses and first defeat Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng did not try to avoid the black-clothed man as he got closer.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Zhao Feng once more used the defensive skill of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique and began to approach the black-clothed man.

“Seeking death!” The man instantly erupted with scorching energy and pressure in an attempt to restrain Zhao Feng. At the same time, his fists were flying, the heavens shaking as they unleashed what seemed like miniature explosive suns.

“The attacks are too fierce. If I take it all at once, the Chaos Heaven Void Ring might not be able to hold.” Zhao Feng hovered around the edge, using the Chaos Heaven Void Ring to absorb the surrounding energy.

The Chaos Heaven Void Ring’s defensive abilities gradually got stronger and stronger.

Boom! Bang!

One of the black-robed man’s explosive energy fists exploded on the barrier, but it failed to break through Zhao Feng’s defenses.

In this fashion, Zhao Feng slowly approached, constantly absorbing the energy around him to strengthen the Chaos Heaven Void Ring. This lasted until he got into close combat with the black-clothed man, and his foe was momentarily incapable of breaking through his defenses.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng condensed a broad Chaos Origin Divine Sword, which he used to hack at the man’s sturdy body, leaving wound after wound. Of course, Zhao Feng did not directly clash with the man, instead choosing to fight while retreating.

On the other end:

“What’s going on? This old man’s movement techniques are so bizarre, and he makes lethal attack after lethal attack! Could he be a member of the Shadow Race?” Ancient God Blue Distance endlessly complained.

He and the Celestial Net Sect Master were actually frightened and on edge in their battle with Ancient God Shadow Death. He did not pay attention to Zhao Feng’s battle, nor did he have the time to. This Ancient God Shadow Death was highly experienced and powerful. The slightest show of weakness would cause him to be struck by a lethal blow.

At this moment, Ancient God Blue Distance was bearing many wounds while the Celestial Net Sect Master, though exhausted from controlling the array, was unwounded.

“The situation… is not very good!” Ancient God Shadow Death glanced at Zhao Feng’s battle with the black-clothed man and growled. In his view, the crux to the outcome of this battle rested on Zhao Feng and the black-clothed man.

“This kid, how could his defense skill be so strong…? Shatter for me!”

Every fist and palm of the black-clothed man was incredibly powerful as they crashed at Zhao Feng. But Zhao Feng’s speed far surpassed his opponent, and this, together with the Chaos Heaven Void Ring, meant that he was still uninjured.

“From the situation, that Shadow Race assassin is preparing to retreat.” Zhao Feng had been paying attention to Ancient God Shadow Death this entire time. He could naturally see that Ancient God Shadow Death was the commander of this team.

“Junior, don’t run if you’ve got the guts!” the black-clothed man roared.

Zhao Feng was fast and his defenses were strong. Moreover, that strange barrier was even able to absorb his Divine Power. The black-clothed man was rather exhausted after all this battling.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng smiled as his body paused.

“He actually stopped moving?” The man was suspicious, but he began to build a powerful skill in his body so that he could severely wound Zhao Feng in a single blow.

“Heh, I’ve played with you long enough. I can get rid of you now,” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

Even with his cultivation sealed at peak Rank Eight, Zhao Feng was still capable of easily slaying this man. He was just intentionally playing around. After all, it would be far too shocking if he instantly killed his opponent.

“Blazing Gold Fury Fist!” The man’s arms thrummed with Divine Power, and the flashing golden flames on his fists exuded a dangerous aura.

The Blazing Gold Fury Fist was one of the Blazing Gold Race’s bloodline skills. It used the bloodline power of the Blazing Gold Race to instantly unleash the explosive energy of Metal and Fire.

The peak Rank Eights of the Blazing Gold Race who were battling nearby with members of the Celestial Net Sect sensed this energy and immediately drew back a certain distance.


The black-clothed man rushed up to Zhao Feng, his fists radiating a dangerous energy that was about to strike Zhao Feng.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng stood where he was, utterly unperturbed. His eyes focused on the black-clothed man’s head, and then his left eye began to pulse with Chaos Origin Divine Power and Eye Intent.


A moment later, a miniature sword of turbid silver shot out of his left eye.

Not good…! The man sensed Zhao Feng’s attack, but this eye-bloodline technique was simply too fast. He was not an expert in speed and would find it very difficult to dodge. Besides, he believed that, if he could endure this attack, he would be able to defeat Zhao Feng.

However, when that miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword approached, he suddenly sensed a dreadful Soul energy.

But it was all too late.

“Ah…!” The black-clothed man’s head was pierced straight through by the Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

Although the Chaos Origin Divine Sword was a physical attack, the eye-bloodline technique version could also damage the soul. In addition, though Zhao Feng had sealed his cultivation, he had not sealed his Soul Intent.

A moment later, the black-clothed man was dead. The world suddenly dimmed.

“Not good! He’s dead!” Ancient God Shadow Death grimaced.

Everything had happened too quickly, and he was too far away to stop anything. It was difficult to imagine that Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline technique could instantly kill a Rank Nine Ancient God.

As for the Celestial Net Sect Master and Ancient God Blue Distance, they had not been paying attention to Zhao Feng’s battle and had no idea what happened. But there was no question that Zhao Feng had killed a Rank Nine Ancient God.

“How could this be? This kid managed to kill a Rank Nine Ancient God of the Blazing Gold Race alone?” Ancient God Blue Distance found this rather hard to believe. Not even he and the Celestial Net Sect Master working together could do this!

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