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* Chantelle *

I woke up in a strange bed with my head pounding. I started coughing and i felt a strong masculine hand lifting me into his arms. he patted my back gently while the cough racked my body.

” Kojo” i whispered.” Thank you”

He handed me a glass of water and some aspirin. I washed the aspirin with down with the cold water. I closed my eyes, i don’t know what had set off the fire at the n*ked club. i was alone in the room that had been assigned to me when i heard the screams and pandemonium. I peeked and saw that there was no body guard at my door. I felt the heat hit me with a full force before i even stepped into the dancing hall, the club was ablaze. I saw unclad bodies trying to escape, the roof was almost caving in. I took of my top, now clad only in my panties and bra, i melted in with the crowd. I still don’t know how i was able to escape without a single burn on my body.

” Kojo there was a fire. I was so scared i won’t make it out alive”

” Shhs baby girl, you dont have to talk about it now” Kojo said soothing me.

I don’t know where Kojo was coming from last night that i almost ran into his car. But i was so glad he showed up when he did.

” Where were you coming from last night.” i asked.

He stood up. ” We will talk when you are stronger baby. Let me go get you something to eat”

He went out of the room.


* Kojo *

I was stunned when Chantelle said the n* led club was set ablaze. This is Mara’ s handiwork! how many lives has been lost because of me? what do i do with this strange girl? why did she set Don’ s club on fire? I walked into my room but she wasn’t in. I heard giggling and splashing sound coming from the bathroom. I opened the door and almost shouted in fright.

Mara was in the baththub with two other girls_ did i just say girls? all three of them were gloriously n*ked with full soft b00bies. In place of their leg was a long fish fin which was shiny and wagging in the water. Mara is a mermaid! the two strange girls vanished into thin air. Mara whirled around and fixed a deadly gaze on me. I sagged against the door post in exhaustion. What have i gotten myself into?

I went out of my room with Mara still in the tub, to fix Chantelle some breakfast. I was spoon feeding Chantelle some cereals when Mara came into the room.

” Next time knock!” She shouted at me and walked out of the room immediately.

” Who is she Kojo?” Chantelle asked.

” Don’t worry about her”.

I continued spoon feeding my daughter. We both heard a little girl crying and i excused myself to check what havoc Mara had wrecked again. Unknown to me, Chantelle had followed me downstairs. Mara stood in the middle of my living room with a cute little girl in her arms.

Chantelle gasped behind me. I wondered where Mara had gotten the child.

” Whose child is that? ” i asked my always up to no good wife.

She laughed in a melodious voice.

” I know this child!” Chantelle said.

” Dear husband am only helping you fight your battles. I will eliminate all your enemies, i said i will always make you happy didn’t i ? ”

” This is the president’ s grand child!” Chantelle informed us.

I picked up the remote to my 34 inches LED screen TV and switched it on.I scrolled through the channels until i got to a news channel. I groaned loudly when i saw the news caption : President Komla Amuzu’ s Grandchild missing. Is this what Mara meant when she said she will always make me happy? is frustration her definition of happiness?

” Why did you take the child!?” I shouted angrily.

” Darling she belongs to your enemy so i took her for you,” She explained camly.

Chantelle looked from Me to Mara back and forth perplexed about what was going on. My eyes strayed to the TV screen. Another shock in just one day, first it was Mara dangling her fish tail in the thub, now another shocker. On the television screen is a petite beautiful woman in her late twenties. She has grown more beautiful with age. There on my television screen is yet another woman i had failed to protect. Another woman i had promised i won’t hurt. My Pam had grown into a beautiful woman.

” That’s her! the child’ s mother! ” Chantelle shouted. ” Pamela Amuzu”

I snatched the cute little girl from Mara. My neice. why has my life turned out like this i wondered. Is this what the love of money does to a man’ s soul?

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